DIY Farmhouse Drawer Liners for Cheap

Easy Craft Room Organizing Idea

Having all sorts of craft supplies is a dream come true, until I look around at the clutter and try and find something. This easy craft room organizing idea is especially helpful for sorting small items in small craft room drawers. Recently I upcycled a delapitated wood toolbox into a DIY craft room organizer I love it, but I wanted a pretty way to sort and label my small craft supplies.

furniture makeover, turning an old toolbox into a craft room organizer.

With so many I wants for my craft room I needed a really cheap way to keep my craft drawers clean and organized. Since I made the shelf unit all pretty with DIY floral knobs I did not want to label the outside of the drawers,so instead I decided to label the inside. Now I can sort all my little tidbits of craft supplies into labeled drawers so I return everything to the right place. Nothing makes crafting more fun than having what you need where you need it and when you need it. 

DIY Farmhouse Drawer Liners inside a craft room organizer.

Craft Room Drawer Organizer Supplies

These craft storage drawer idea will work for all sorts of craft storage cart cabinets, enclosed rolling carts, or IKEA MOPPE mini drawer chest

Brown lunch bags (dollar store), or brown wrapping paper

Free Label Printable

8.5 by 11 paper

Scotch or painters tape

Iron (optional)

Printing Craft Room Labels on Brown Paper Bags

It’s always a bit daunting to print anything but regular paper through a home printer.  I look at it this way, the worst that can happen is a nightmare of a paper jam.  On the other hand I have printed tissue paper, thinner card stock, and wax paper successfully so I went with it.  It worked perfectly every single time and I printed ten of them.  The first one is daunting after that its a breeze,  so create one to test your printer first.

Start by figuring out which side the paper your printer prints on.  I take a piece of paper write UP on one side and pop it that side up into the printer.  Run  a test and then see which side the print comes out on.  My printer prints on the underside, so when placing the lunch bag into the printer I put it face down.

The free label printable is designed to be in the center, and I left it blank to write in whatever I wanted.

Preparing the Paper Drawer Liner

If using a paper bag orientate it so the the flat seamless side is up, otherwise when you cut the bag at the end you will ruin the label. If the bottom of the bag is folded up onto the seamless side of the bag, just fold it under so that its orientated on the seamed side.

If using plain brown paper fold it so the open side is facing down and the flat surface is up.

Papering paper bags for printing on a home printer to add labels.

Place the bag (or paper) onto a normal 8 by 10 inch piece of letter paper. I centered my bag onto the letter paper by eye. Tape the bottom folded edge very well, making sure the bottom edge is  well sealed.   Then tape along the two side edges.

To do it with brown paper fold your paper so that the open seam is on the underside and make sure the paper is narrow enough that you can tape down the edges onto the letter paper.

Place the prepared paper bag (or paper) into the printer and print. Remove the tape from the paper and iron flat.

Opening the Paper Bag

Once printed, cut off the bottom of the paper bag  by inserting the scissors in a fold and snipping along the four edges.  You will end up with a paper tube.

How to make cheap drawer liners using brown paper lunch bags

Open the tube by cutting along the glued back seam.

Cutting a paper lunch bag for cheap DIY Farmhouse Drawer Liners

Open the paper bag, you can smooth it by hand before you use it, but I actually ironed mine.

Free printable labels on a brown paper drawer liners.

Lining the Drawers

Each paper bag opens into a flat piece of paper about 17  by 11 inches, how great is that considering you printed on 8..5 by 11.  You may need to tape more than one opened paper together if you have a large drawer.  Just print on one bag and tape plain ironed paper bags if you need it wider.

The drawers I were working with are smaller so I was able to use just one per drawer.

The first step is to fold the front edge of the paper, near the label, under so that the edge if neat and tidy.

Then measure the width of your drawer.

Measuring the width of a drawer for fitting DIIY lunchbag cheap dollar store drawer liners.

Divide the drawer width measurement in half.  Use that measurement to measure the distance from the center of the label toward the right. I decided the center of the label by eye only.

Folding brown paper drawer liner to fit a drawer.

Once measured fold that edge under and crease.

Now measure from the front to the back of the drawer. Measure from the front folded seam to the back and crease.

Measuring the depth of a drawer for paper drawer liner

You should now have three sides fit and folded over. with just the right side left to fit in..

Place the liner into the drawer, fit the lunch bag paper into the right edge creasing it upwards.

Remove the paper liner and fold along the last fold, place back in the drawer.

A pretty craft room organizer with DIY Farmhouse Drawer Liners

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These drawer liners were made for this craft room organizer furniture makeover post.  The drawer liners give the drawers a farmhouse feel, protect them from messy craft supplies, and the labels will help me organize what supplies I want in each drawer.

furniture makeover, turning an old toolbox into a craft room organizer.

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  2. What a fantastic idea, Leanna! Love that it costs nothing to make and the possibilities for the style of label is endless. Pinned 🙂

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