DIY Faux Grain Sack Drapes Using Drop Cloth

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How to Make Drapes with Drop Cloth and Paint

These DIY Drop Cloth Drapes were made for the dining area at Christmas, but I like them so much instead of taking them down, I moved them to the family room for Valentine’s day.  They are great looking drapes, they would look gorgeous with dove grey stripes for year around.  Maybe I will make another set with yellow stripes for Spring.  Anyways let me share with you how I made them and share some pointers I learned along the way.



Living room chair with drop cloth curtains and DIY cushion cover.



Paint Drop Cloth Drapes to Resemble Farmhouse Grain Sack Fabric

To make the two drapes you will need to purchase one 12′ by 8′ piece of dropcloth, bleach and wash them ahead of time.  This post on bleaching drop cloth without a top loading washer will guide you through that part.

Once your done prepping your drop cloth we can start sewing.

Making the DIY Curtain Side Seams

For these drapes I folded the fabric in half lengthwise, made a small cut and ripped the drop cloth in half, giving me two 4 by 12 pieces of fabric.  For one side of your fabric, you will have the commercial seam. Fold the edge of your fabric over one inch, press and sew along the edge.


Sewing the Edges of Drop Cloth for drapes.


For the opposite side fold over your fabric 1/2 inch, press to crease it, and then fold the fabric over one inch. press and sew along the edge.

Although the drop cloth has a commercial seam running down one end of the fabric, it isn’t wide enough to hold the fabric shape.  The fabric curls and just doesn’t hang properly if you skip the side seams.


Hand made drapes with matching cushions using drop cloth.


Painting the Grainsack Style Stripes on the Curtains

You will paint the fabric before you sew the top and the bottom of the fabric.

To do this you will need:

Good quality painters tape, a roll 1 1/2 inches wide, and a roll 2 inches wide.

Red latex paint (sample size is lots I only used a few tbsp,  and fabric medium (I like Martha Stewart brand).

Small Paintbrush and paper towel.

Start by taping the fabric, measure at the top and run a ruler along the fabric as you place your tape, making it as straight as possible.

The following picture shows the measurements I used for my stripes, but you can make them wider or narrower if you like.  Remember when taping the stripes to but the wider ones on the outside of both edges, and the narrower stripe towards the inside.  Otherwise, the stripes won’t match when you hang them.


Taping stripes on drop cloth to paint stripes for drapes or curtains.

Repeat this process for both stripes AND on both long seams on both drapes.  (I did this on my long table one evening and painted the drapes the next day).

To paint the stripes, dab a small paintbrush into the edge of your paint and dab most of it off.  Always start by placing your paintbrush on the taped portion and pulling it towards the center of the area for striping.  This will prevent bleeding and having a little paint on your brush will prevent drips from accidentally getting on your fabric.


How to paint stripes onto drop cloth for grain sack pattern.


Sewing the Top for a Curtain Rod

Measure the diameter of your curtain rod.   The diameter of my curtain rod is one inch, so I need to sew a 2-inch tube for it to slide through.  If your rod is larger just adjust it accordingly.

Just like the side seams if you have a commercial edge you can skip a step.  If you don’t have the presewn edge, fold the edge of your fabric over 1/2 inch twice and press to crease.

Fold the top of the curtain over 3 inches and press to crease.  Sew a seam 1/2 inch down from the crease.

Sew a second seam 2 1/2 inches down from the crease.  This will give you the two-inch pocket you need.


Sewing the pocket rod on the top of handmade drapes made with drop cloth.


Hemming the Curtains

To hem the curtains cut to the length you like and then hem like you did the sides.    You will likely have some fabric left over because of the length of the drapes.  I used that fabric to make an easy matching cushion cover.


Faux Grain sack fabric painted drapes.







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    1. Grainsack fabric is impossible to find locally, so making our own is the best solution, and much cheaper.

  1. Leanna they are beautiful. You know I have lots of drop cloth curtains in my home, but I really like the way you have added the stripes. A little worn looking to give it that extra special farmhouse touch.

    1. Thanks, Mary, I really love the homespun look of faded drop cloth and was able to make the stripes as faded as I wanted them to be.

  2. Beautifully done. I love grain sack and they’re almost impossible to find here in South Africa., but I do have loads of drop cloth ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you stay warm my friend. My son says it’s freezing cold up there

    1. Your lucky son lives in the warmest part of Canada. We are -34C or -30F plus wind chill. I am crafting from my stash these days. Want to visit lol

    1. Great stuff Tarah, and the price is amazing. These ones are from Lowes but I heard the Walmart brand ones are good as well.

  3. Drop cloth is always my to go material when sewing any projects for the house. The drapes came out fantastic. And what a great idea to make a spring pair of drapes.

    1. Hi Debra. It’s nice to be blogging and visiting online again. The texture of drop cloth really appeals to me and I am really enjoying how they block out the cold winter weather as well.

  4. They look fantastic and love the pillow too ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job and hope you’re surviving that cold weather you’re having.

    1. Hi Chas. Thank you for feeling my pain. Its a balmy -27F or -32C here today. Even my Great Pyrenees is keeping his outside trips short.

  5. These curtains are just gorgeous Leanna! I would never take them down. Great tutorial as well. I so wish I could sew! Pinned!

    1. Thank you Michelle. I am loving the dropcloth fabric, and although late at using it I can see why it is so popular.

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