Faerie instead of fairy

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Let me  explain why I use the term  Faerie instead of Fairy.  The two spellings are pretty generic after all and fairy is the more common term.

In short, I am studying faeries; I believe they may actually exist.

Fairy is the more modern term coming from Grimm’s type fairy tales; Tinkerbell, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty,  fairy god mother, and the tooth fairy are all wonderful fairy characters.  They are sweet, sparkly and magical, but as adult we know they are fictional.

But what about the fae that come from Irish, English,  Newfoundland folklore.  These guardians of nature come in a wide variety of beings, and world wide backgrounds. The belief in faeries is ancient, older than christianity.

Newfoundland Canada has a long history of faeries.   Faeries appear along the encroachment of man on nature.   I think of faeries in natural areas, in our flower gardens, in our forests, even in our houseplants.  Believers say faeries sightings are rare because the Fae are busy fighting the environmental demands man has put on the earth.  They certainly could be very busy.

As I am making faerie doors and other various faerie items, I want to be respectful of faerie folklore.  Real or not I can respect the idea of faeries, especially as guardians of the natural world.

Currently I am not certain if faeries are actually real. I haven’t seen one,  I would love to see  a faerie.  I will continually try to attract one, try to see one, look for signs of their existence.

As I learn about faeries from various resources I will share the information. Here is a terrific blog about Newfoundland’s faeries.  doodledaddle blogspot


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  1. Neil Radke says:

    Been following your site for awhile. Your very talented Leanna, and its nice to see that awakening in that fast witted mind of yours. Great to see you successful, at something you obviously love. Good luck to you

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