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Festive Fall Home Tour

This is my first home tour, first one of any type ever.  I really want to thank Debbie from Chathamhillonthelake and Karen  from Dragonflyandlilypads for organizing the fall home tour and allowing me to participate.

When planning the post,  I decided to have the tour follow the path of visitors who stop by.    This is my tiny loved front porch, if you look carefully you will see our  always on guard Great Pyrenees waiting to bark, leap, jump and say hello.

Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor


Our porch is small, but its the first one I have ever had and I love it.  I change it for every season.   We made the pumpkins and the Harvest sign ourselves.  There is decor on both sides of the front door  sometime I add small lanterns to the stairs, but any more  could become a  tripping hazard.

Starting last year I began transitioning from traditional fall colours to neutral fall colours, you will see little pops of colour throughout my decor.  as I still want to use what is usable.  On the porch I just added the orange Mums.

DIY, home tour, yard, home decor


The little owl is a dollar store find.  Next year he will be painted and added to some sort of floral arrangement I am sure.  This year though I liked him as a welcome mascot and put him in service just as he was.

I try to keep our home as bright as possible, all kinds of natural light.  I like whites, metals soft grey and mirrors.  I like how they reflect the light, reduce shadow and generally brighten the room. The mirror and the decorations are a couple of years old now.  The little leaf tray serves to gather whatever we have in our hands coming in.  I often mix different metallics in my decor arrangements.  I used a copper pumpkin, silver leaf tray and gold candle sticks  in this one.

Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor

Please come on in coffee is this way!


Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor

The main floor has one large multipurpose room.  It’s where I spend most of my waking hours.  The shortest days of winter here have only about six hours of daylight.  When we were house hunting as soon as I  saw all those huge bright windows I knew we had found our new home.

Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor

There is a very nice deck out the back of the house,  but by fall I tend to avoid it.   I prefer the warm indoors and fireplace.

There are two baskets of thick throws beside the fireplace, I use them all.

I made the thankful, blessed and pumpkin cushions  this year.

Home Decor, Cotton Bolls,

Here is another example of mixed metallics.  The gold frame of the artwork with the silvery cake plates and metallic glass pumpkins.  I got this painting three years ago at Home Sense.   I keep it stored away most of the year so every fall it’s like getting something new.

DIY, Home Decor, Pumpkins

Herman made me this sofa table two years ago,  I often have this big mirror above the fireplace but we moved it here for fall.  I made the stuffed pumpkins and   to give the items behind the couch extra  height I covered some old books with material and tied them closed with ribbon.

Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor


Pumpkins, DIY, Home Decor

No fancy table settings this year  Thankfully I am not doing the big dinner this year.  I just added little bits of fall decor to the dining area including these stuffed pumpkins that I placed inside the china cabinet.


The table is where most of the living happens  around  here, the wood chairs are showing age so  I added some padding and sewed the chair covers.  I like the white of course, but if I had to do them again I would choose a darker colour.  It’s just too much washing, ironing and starching.

DIY, Home Decor, Home Tour


Home Tour, Fall, Porch, Home Decor

I like bare counters,  I usually keep my 25 year old  Kitchenaid mixer on the counter, one coffee maker and one focal point decor item.

Pumpkins, 3 Tier Tray, Fall, Home Decor


This fall its this three tier stand.


Because of the farmhouse trend  I added a coffee tray area to one of the counter tops this year.  I am going to keep it out for fall, but doubt it will be a permanent fixture.  I do love those glass enamel looking mugs though.

Home tour, Home decor, DIY

Fall, Home Decor, DIY, Home Tour

I much  prefer cupboards that go right to the ceiling, but you have to love what you have sometimes.  This type of cupboard gives me loads of room for seasonal decor.  This season it’s a pumpkin patch.    I made the pumpkin patch sign, the stuffed pumpkins and the little mini chalk paint pumpkins. The remaining glass pumpkins are a gathered collection.

I  considered ending the tour at this point.  Our home is two storey and most guests never see upstairs.  On the top floor we have the bedrooms of course and Herman’s  large man cave.   He has his big television up there so it’s not used very often.

It is a masculine room and we own a plush blue high back lazyboy couch that Herman loves to prove it.  Its cozy and casual and because it’s basically Herman’s domain I don’t add alot of decorative touches in this room.

Herman owns and loves his thoroughbred race horses, its his passion, so horses are always reflected in the decor of this room.

Farmhouse, Pumpkin, Cotton Bolls

I am making the cotton bolls stems.  The vase will slowly get fuller as I finish off more.

This little bowl of sweater pumpkins are nestled on top of a wooden tray Herman made.  It’s rustic with a slatted bottom,  I left the pumpkins plain without any embellishments.  No ribbons, no lace, no sparkly anything.


I finish this room with big fuzzy cushions on the floor and throws.

I hope you enjoyed your walk through.  Thank you for stopping by.

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    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Michelle. Thank you for the kind feedback. I have not participated in the #HomeMatterParty, but I will going forward. I have added it to my link party page. Thanks for the invite.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Oh that is AMAZING!! This was the first tour and I was overwhelmed trying to take photos. This is proof that effort and persistence pay off. Thank you very much.

  1. Your home is so cozy with all the white fall decor! Love it and it has a very airy feel as well!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Katrin: Thanks, the days start to shorten and I like to brighten up the house as much as I possibly can over the fall and winter seasons. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  2. Leanna, the whole feel of your home looks inviting and effortless, and I know that indeed it takes attention to detail, and discipline to pull that off. I LOVE the Pumpkin Patch sign, and add my voice to the chorus of delight over those sweater pumpkins! Your home is clearly well-loved, and looks well-lived in as well. Thank you for sharing it with us !

  3. Love this home tour, so many pretty fall ideas, love the white pumpkins and glass ones.

  4. What a beautiful home! My very favorite vignette was actually the one you would not have if your had your wish and your cabinets went to the ceiling. LOVE that. The colors of your home and decor are very peaceful and soft. It must be a very relaxing place to be!

  5. Leanna, you have a lovely home. I feel welcome from the front porch and throughout. I love the white, it’s so clean and effortless looking. Although we know that it’s not effortless to achieve! LOL

    I am a huge fan of making holiday decor match my decor, not the typical colors of the season, so I am in love with your style!

    That horse painting in the entry is a favorite, so pretty, original and eye-catching. Love your home!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Nikki: As you can tell from my post, I really do love White. I don’t find it any harder to keep clean than coloured decor, with the exception of those chair covers.

      I try to make the decor reflect Herman as well. It fun now because he reads my blog and never realized I was trying to incorporate things for him as well. I got big bonus points for that. Thanks for the kind feedback.

  6. Oh, this is so lovely! I love all of the white, and that gather sign is SO adorable!

    1. Thank you. I am not sure how long neutrals will be in style but I love white decor.

  7. Absolutely beautiful all your pictures and homedecor. Never tried combining different metallics, but something to consider for the future for sure. And the sweater pumpkins are precious. Thanks for sharing your home!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Marjan: I had a sweater that never fit me correctly so I put it to use as sweater pumpkins. I appreciate you taking the time to provide me feedback on my first tour. Thank you Leanna

  8. Your home is just beautiful! The fall decor is rustic and elegant. Amazing!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Heather: This is my first home tour as a blogger. I am working on my photography skills, so thanks for the thumbs up. Leanna

  9. Leanna you have such a lovely home and it looks just like your blog. Light filled and airy. You did an amazing job for a first time home tour. Those little sweater pumpkins at the end have captivated me. How do you get the twine to twirl like that?

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Mary: Thank you for the feedback, it was daunting to do my first home tour, but I survived and learned. You can make the little twines twirl using fabric stiffener and a pencil. I used a curling iron and hairspray lol.

  10. I absolutely love the white decor with the pops of color. I also love all the little owls! I also really like the use of carrying the decor theme through the entire house. It makes everything look cohesive and elegant. I am totally stealing these ideas!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Brittany: Thank you for the kind comment. I made alot of the decor myself to keep the costs down. The stuffed pumpkins stuck everywhere are a really inexpensive way to add fall throughout the house. The little owls I found at Home Sense I think. Enjoy your decorating.

  11. Everything is so pretty! I’m with you on the kitchen counters…in fact, I keep mine just as you described. 🙂

    Happy Thoughts of Home. Pinning.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Stacey: I am a hurricane when I cook. I work hard at not making a mess when I cook, but it seems to be a person gift. I need counter space. This is my very first home tour post so I really appreciate the positive feedback.

  12. I am officially jealous of your home! It is so beautiful and looks so cozy!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for your generous comment. I enjoy putting my home together for all the different seasons. This was my first ever home tour so the positive feedback is very encouraging for me. Leanna

  13. I love all of the fall decor. It’s simple and elegant. Gave me some great ideas to get started on. Thanks an beautiful pictures!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Jessica. I hope you try some of the tutorials, the stuffed pumpkins are especially easy to make, no special tools required. Thank you for commenting. Leanna

  14. LeannaForsythe says:

    Hi Marie: Up here it is so hard to find cotton bolls, they are time consuming to make but very inexpensive. I could make a tutorial on how I put them together, I still have a few to make for Christmas time.

    This was my first home tour and a bit nerve wracking to put together. Thanks for commenting. Leanna

  15. Leanna, your home is beautiful! You definitely have an eye for design. Love all the DIY elements around your home and all so tastefully done. Your pillows on the arm chairs are lovely and all those pretty pumpkins. I am keeping my finger’s crossed that you share a tutorial on how to make the cotton stems. I’ve had some branches in a tall vase waiting for some cotton!

  16. Wow, your home is so beautiful! I love the farmhouse look, can’t get enough of it. Your decor is just perfect, I love all the pumpkins that are so unexpected. Your first home tour is lovely!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Terryn: Thank you. I worked really hard on the photography for the home tour, started taking photos in manual. I wasn’t sure my decor showed well online., so thank you for the thumbs up. Much appreciated lady. Leanna

  17. I must have a tutorial on the cotton stems! I simply adore your neutral home. I love how bright and warm it is. The neutral colors are perfect. Can I just sit and have some coffee in the family room? BEAUTIFUL home!!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Melissa: Thank you for commenting. With the long winters it really helps me to have the house as bright as possible. I have loved doing this fall tour, its a huge learning curve for me but worth it.

    2. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have learned in the past month! It was so worth all the learning, not to mention the friendships! I have LOVED seeing everyone’s home. 🙂

  18. What a light and bright home you have! I love the fall neutrals throughout your home. There are so many great projects…the sweater pumpkins, the cotton ball stems…so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thanks Lynne: With the short days up north, the brighter I can make it the better I like it.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am very glad I joined the blog hop.

  19. Leanna, your home is absolutely gorgeous! I am drooling over all of the white pumpkins and that horse painting. I’m pretty much speechless. So much inspiration here!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Alycia: I am confident sharing my decor tastes and my crafts. I suffer trying to show it through photographs. I really glad you found it pretty online. Thank you for letting me know. Leanna

  20. This is just lovely, I love the A Horse… chalkboard and the cotton. The rooms are just so wonderful with the metallics and whites.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Pam: I will have to tell Herman you liked the horses. I work at making the home suit both of us. Thank you for providing feedback, especially since this is my first tour. Leanna

  21. Diva Kreszl says:

    What a lovely home you have!!! Thank you for sharing it with us, just delightful!!!

  22. Your white fall decor is beautiful!!! I have pinned so many neutral fall decor ideas, but I knew I couldn’t do it justice….your’s is wonderful!!!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      I use to go all out and change all my decor for every season including the drapes, carpets, etc. It just got to feel like too much. When we moved in here I decided to make it all greys and try keep it that way. Not sure how long it will last, but for now it means I have to store a whole lot less stuff lol. Thank you very much for providing feedback, the pictures were a challenge for me. Leanna

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