Farmhouse DIY Wall Decor with Printable

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I am super excited to share today’s post about Farmhouse DIY wall decor with you. This easy to make DIY farmhouse hanger and printable is so cheerful and bright. If you’ve been wanting a farmhouse she shed, this should help with the wait.

A poster hanger with watercolour farmhouse printable scene. The frame is brown and looks like a cottage roof.

Instead of a normal square frame, I livened it up a bit with a cottage roof. Its perfect for either farmhouse or cottage decor and I think you could place it in your livingroom, bedroom, or even a covered porch.

Waste Not Wednesday for Sam and Leanna 600

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Welcome back to Waste Not Wednesday! For those who have been following along for a while, you’ll know Waste Not Wednesday as a linky party. But Sam and I have change things up a bit. Each Wednesday we will be bringing you fun projects not only from us but some of our favourite bloggers. This week’s theme is Furniture Makeovers!

Supplies Needed

Free garden shed printable

Flash Drive

1 length of 1″ by 2″ lumber

Walnut stain

Wood glue

Sponge brush

120 grit sandpaper

Staple Gun

1 1/8″ eyelets

Cording or twine to hang

Create the Printable

Download the printable onto a flashdrive just as it is. The file is large enough to ensure the print quality is good. Take the file to your local printers. I used Staples and had them print out the printable in poster quality 24″ by 36″.

Have the printer company open the file and place the printable shed picture an inch from the bottom edge of the poster.

The Cottage Frame

Take the 1″ by 2″ lumber and cut out the following lengths.

1 length 24″ long with two 90 degree straight end cuts. This will be the hanger bottom.

2 lengths each 15″ long with two 22.5 degree angle cuts. To form the cottage roof line.

1 length 3″ long with one 22.5 degree angle cut and a 90 degree straight cut. This will be the chimney.

Wood lumber cut in different lengths for making a hanging frame for farmhouse wall art.

Once cut, sand with 150 grit paper. Using either a sponge brush or a rag dipped in walnut stain, stain the wood.

Place the wood onto a clean surface. Wearing gloves to protect your hands, paint the stain onto the three sides you can see. Let sit 5 minutes, then wipe off with a clean cloth. Leave to dry. Flip over, then repeat the process on the one unstained side and the ends.

Next add the screw eyes. Place them six inches from the edge, measuring from the longest end of the angle. I suggest placing the first screw eye in one side, then lining up the second piece to replicate the placement.

Placing screw eyes into a wooden poster frame, showing six inches from the end.

Using wood glue or E6000, take the two piece of woods for the cottage roof and glue the end together to form the peak. Set aside and let dry while you add the bottom frame.

Apply glue to the entire 24″ length of wood, be extra careful to ensure there is glue along the edge that will be the top edge of your frame. Once the glue has been applied, line up the lower edge with the bottom edge of your poster. I placed two cans of beans on mine for weight and let dry.

Adding glue to the back side of a wooden frame for making DIY farmhouse wall decor.

Attaching the Wood Frame to the Poster

Mark center on your poster at 12 inches from the edge.

Take the cottage roofline and apply glue all along the backside of the wood. Flip over and line the center peak up to the center mark, placing it on the white portion as high as you like above the printable area.

Lining up a frame so that its even on the top portion of a farmhouse hangar poster artwork.

As soon as you have the frame attached measure to make sure the two sides are even. My sides are 9″ from thje edge of the poster. If you chose to have yours higher or lower just make sure its even on both sides. Apply weight on top of the wood until dry. About an hour.

Placing a wooden poster frame on the top of a printed poster.

Using a staple gun stapke the paper to the wood on the backside, especially at the upper peak. Mak sure the staples cross over the seam in the middle. Flip over.

Apply glue to the angled end of the faux chimey. Let dry.

Attach cord or twine to the hanger using the eye hooks.

A large DIY farmhouse poster print of a outdoor potting shed surrounded by watercolour painted trees, scrubs and flowers.

Vintage Farmhouse Door Sign Wall Art

Sam shares this pretty Gather sign using a vintage door. Black adds just the right amount of drama don’t you think? Make sure to check out her tutorial and her round up of different Wall Art ideas.

DIY Gather sign with black cursive lettering and red peony flowers.  The door is clear .

Vintage Farmhouse Door Sign Wall Art

Looking for some other Wall Decor Ideas?

The symetry of this gallery wall is so appealing. This DIY art rail creates a beautiful large gallery wall with none of the clutter. And the printables are includedprintable in png form onto a flash drive for copying.

A hanging rail rack diy wall art idea. A wood strip is attached to the wall and then a collection of six different blue botanical prints hanging from it in frames.

Easy Framed Art Rail Hack | Renovated Faith

These simple plaid signs are a beatutiful backdrop, I love how quaint this layered sign arrangement is.

Two DIY plaid art frames with wood frames, and a chalkboard background. The artwork is arranged on top of a grey dresser.

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Wall decor made with DIY scrabble pieces, the scrabble letters spell out the families names

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A handmade cathedral window for DIY farmhouse wall decor

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A handmade poster hanging over a desk that has plants a

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