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Floral Watercolour Easter Egg Painting

Watercolour Easter Egg Decorating Idea for Adults & Families

Watercolour art is my favourite, the softness of watercolour paint is so feminine and calm looking.  When I first saw watercolour Easter eggs on Pinterest it made me a bit sad because I really wanted them and I am not an artist.    Last year I attempted to copy the look with clear watercolour looking labels, and they weren’t the best because the plastic was too stiff and hard to work with.  This year I was determined to try again.  As I don’t watercolour, I came up with an easier method for Easter egg decorating using Tombow dual brush pens.

The brush pens allow you to colour the watercolour, it was a game changer for me.  I am just loving doodling and playing with these pens.

A basket of DIY watercolor floral Easter eggs.

Supplies for the Floral Watercolour Easter Eggs

To make the floral watercolour Easter eggs I suggest using old fashioned hard-boiled eggs, especially for families.  The eggshells work well to hold the paint and because they are boiled instead of blown out the shells are strong.  The strong shells allow you to erase any drawing mistakes.  If your Easter egg painting for adults and comfortable working with the pens, go ahead and blow out the eggs.

I used the set of Tombow pastel dual brush pens (not an affiliate link) and a separate dark green pen

A small watercolour brush

Pencil and good quality eraser

One dozen hard-boiled eggs

Doodle on a Simple Flower

Start by drawing a circle and then the outline of the flower petals.  I doodled two square petals on top and then three round petals below.  If you need to fix the flower the pencil erases off with a good quality eraser.  If your wanting to see the video of painting a flower instead of the step by step tutorial, you can locate it at the bottom of this post.

Easy drawing for floral watercolor Easter egg. Doing some Easter egg watercolor painting

Decide what side you want to apply a shadow to.  Start by applying the shadow with the dark pink pen.  My flower petals are all shaded on the right-hand edge. The picture shows where I shadowed each petal, but you want to make sure to do one petal at a time.

Adding shadow with a dark tombow dual brush pen, before spreading the watercolour with water. Doing some DIY watercolor Easter eggs.

Make sure your small brush is damp, then starting with the dark pink pen, colour in about 1/4 of each petal.   Using the wet brush, quickly swipe the ink over to the left, filling in each petal. You can add more ink using the dark pink pen if needed.

Filling in a floral watercolor Easter egg petal using water. Making some DIY watercolor Easter Eggs with florals.

Colouring the Flower Petals

Now paint the flower with the light pink pen.  This time colour in each petal on the left-hand side, and using a wet brush quickly pull the soft pink ink to the right filling in the petal.

The watercolour doesn’t need to stay within the lines, these eggs are fun because they are anything but precise.   Some flowers are done by painting a blob of paint on the egg first and then adding a pencil outline.

An easy way to paint Easter eggs for adults or families. How to do Easter egg watercolor painting.

If you like to finish your flower by adding some darker pink to the central portion of your blossoms with little lines, but it’s not necessary.

Set the egg aside and let it dry.  Letting the flower dry between stages reduces the chances of the paint running. If the watercolours do run, use an eraser and a wet rag to scrub it off.

Decorating the Easter Egg with Watercolour Leaves

Start by drawing your leaves I wanted mine to resemble pansies, so that’s what I drew.  By all means, make simple round or pointed leaves if you like them better.

Outline the leaves, and make a central mark with a dark green pen.  Using the water and the small brush fill the leaves in.

Painting leaves on Watercolour egg florals. Making DIY watercolor Easter eggs with flowers.

Completing the Center of the Flower

For the center, I didn’t use the paintbrush.  You can just paint the center in with a yellow pen, or stipple the paint on to make the center look rougher.

A bowl of watercolour floral Easter eggs craft. How to make DIY watercolor Easter eggs.

Finishing the Easter Eggs

To finish my eggs I put at least two flowers on each egg.  Some have three.

Clean off any spots you have on the eggs using the eraser and a washcloth.

You can soften the grey outline of the flowers if you like.  Just softly erase out the lines, I left mine as they were.

Watercolour florals painted onto Easter eggs using Tombow pens for paint. How to make Easter eggs by watercolor painting.

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Floral Easter eggs for adults made using Watercolour Tombow Pens. An easy and beautiful way to decorate DIY watercolor Easter eggs.
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