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Gnome Scroll Valentines Craft for Kids and Families

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids and Families

This gnome Valentines craft for kids was hard to name.  Young teens can do it on their own, younger kids will need some help to get started.   This gnome colouring project is perfect if you kids already have a scroll art board.  If not they are easy to make and I have included links for two different scroll roll tutorials at the end of the post.

Valentines can be as difficult for both singles, and people on strict budgets. For many years I was in both categories, so I like to write Valentine posts that are more loving than romantic.  This Gnome Valentine’s day craft for kids, can be made by the whole family as an activity, or as a gift from kids.  If you don’t want to do it on scroll art, I think its would make a really fun Giant Valentines card using a construction poster board from the dollar store.

DIY Gnome Valentine Craft Tutorial


The supplies depends on what you choose to draw it on.  I suggest a 24″ wide paper scroll with hangar (see related posts for tutorials), or a large piece of construction poster board from the dollar store.

The Gnome printable outline

Carbon paper

Pencil crayons and an eraser

Scotch tape

Print and Transfer the Gnome Pattern

The full sized gnome pattern prints out on four letter sized sheets.  Once printed just line them up and tape to attach.

A free printable Valentines Day gnome printable.

Once you have the outline printed transfer it to the paper scroll using carbon paper.  I attached my pattern using scotch tape at the two top corners.  That way I could move the carbon paper as needed without having to realign the pattern.  Trace the outline with a pencil, and carefully remove the tape once done.   I think older children could do this portion on their own, by following the tutorial.  Little ones may need help doing the tracing.

Using carbon paper to transfer gnome printables.

This is what the traced out outline looks like.

Traced patterns using carbon paper. A gnome Valentine craft for kids with gnomes.

Colour in the Gnomes

Start by outlining and then colour the gnomes in bright cheerful colours.  Colour in everything but the whiskers.

How to colour in a gnome valentine's day craft for kids to give or share.

To do the whiskers repeatedly draw the whiskers in a pattern so that you see little lines.  I chose to not add whiskers to my central gnome, but you can add them if you like.  I place whiskers around the nose to the top of the valentine, and then around the bottom of the valentines.

Adding colouring detail to a Valentine's Day craft.

Shading the Gnomes

Using a lightly darker crayon colour a half inch shadow around the outside of the gnome.  Then add some white crayon in the middle.

Coloured gnome valentine's day craft for kids

Outlining the Gnomes

The final step using using a white crayon, colour around the outline of the heart on your gnomes.  This helps them to stand out.

You can then decorate them anyway you like.  Give them patches on their clothes, or valentines if you like.

A DIY scroll art for Valentines.
A trace a colour Gnome Valentines day craft for kids.

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Paper scroll are is a wonderful inexpensive way to add casual art to your decor.  Its especially suited to Farmhouse style and Kids play areas.  Here are two tutorials for how to make a scroll sign holder.  The first one the large wood one I used for my Valentines Gnome craft, the second one is a simple hung version.

A handmade Farmhouse Scroll Art for Christmas Craft

DIY Wooden Farmhouse Paper Scroll Holder Tutorial

How to make a brown paper scroll sign using a printable pattern for Christmas.

Simple Scroll Sign Tutorial


  1. This is adorable!!! I love gnomes and scrolls. The kids would have so much fun coloring this.

  2. This is so very cute Leanna. I love the sweet pastel colours that you used and love that this can be a fun project for the whole family to share!

  3. These are stinking adorable and I love your colors. The light pastels seem so sweet. I think I have a scroll in my craft room too!

  4. Those little gnomes are so ADORABLE, Leanna! I’m with you on the more affordable and meaningful Valentine option, single or otherwise. A handmade gift or thoughtful sentiment is much more meaningful than a box of chocolates or roses. Pinned your cute gnomes

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