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Homemade Bookmarks for Valentine’s Day

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Homemade Bookmarks Valentine’s Gift for Friends

Valentines Day is coming up right away.  We don’t tend to do anything large for Valentines but I love the cheerfulness of the day in the middle of the long winter.  Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to make some pink paper heart crafts, break your New Years diet resolution, and share some small thoughtful gifts with loved ones, like these homemade bookmarks.


Easy DIY Valentine Gift ideas.


An Easy Valentine’s Craft to Share

These bookmarks are very feminine and so inexpensive to make.  You can pair them with a book for a really simple Valentine’s gift.  In case your friend isn’t a reader I used the same template to make an easy printable to place in a frame.

Handmade Bookmark Supplies

To make these handmade bookmarks you will need a printer, cardstock, a sheet of tissue paper, gluestick paste, coordinating ribbon, hole punch, a ruler and the flower printable.

How to Make the Handmade Bookmarks

You may choose to print out directly onto cardstock if you like, but my printer will not print on thick cardstock paper.  The motif will not be as soft as if you do it on the tissue paper, but the choice is yours.  I know my silly printer refuses to print out on thick cardstock, so I didn’t even try, I printed my flower out onto tissue paper.

A simple handmade gift for Valentines Day.


How to Print onto Tissue Paper

To print on tissue paper without jamming the printer cut your tissue paper a little smaller than your regular printer paper.  Then adhere the tissue paper to the printer paper by taping it on all sides.  Once the tissue is secured well run it through the printer, then remove the tissue paper.  Remove the tape.

My tissue paper wouldn’t rip along a straight line, just set the tissue paper aside for now.

Making the Bookmarks

Print out a second floral pattern onto regular printer paper.


The paper templates and card stock for making handmade bookmarks


Lay the printer paper pattern on top of the cardstock, lay a ruler along the outline marks and gently rip both the print paper and the cardstock. Push down on the ruler while you gentle rip back.

You can’t see the markings for the templates in the photo, but they are present on the templates I promise.


Ripping the paper edges of handmade booksmarks.


Rip it on all edges making sure to pull on the edges that aren’t the bookmarks.

Assembling the Handmade Bookmarks

Add gluestick paste to the top of your cardstock,  add the printed tissue paper on top of it.  Press in place.

The printable has light marks to outline where the tears should be.  Place a ruler along the marks and slowly rip the cardstock.  Once the cardstock is ripped you can adjust the edges of the tissue paper if necessary.


Two feminine DIY bookmarks with pink ribbons.


Make a hole with a hole puncher, attach some ribbon.  You can pair it with a simple book for gift giving.


A simple DIY Valentine's Gift idea for her.



Valentines Bookmark a simple gift idea


Paper printables are perfect for Valentines,  what can I say, the price is right. Here are some other paper crafts I have made for Valentines.


Valentine gift idea for him with printable Valentines card

Valentines Gift for Boyfriend or Husband

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