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Black Cat Halloween Table Runner

Black Cat  Table Runner – An Easy  Homemade Halloween Decoration

A Homemade Halloween decoration is just so much fun to create, they can be elegant or super casual.    Its just fun to create something fun, playful and not too scary.

I have never seen any kind of linens about cats walking in your path.  So this one is different and the quality is much nicer than the super mass produced kind you see at Halloween stores.


A DIY Halloween decoration idea on a coffee table.


This project is made using 2 dollar store handkerchiefs, leftover drop cloth, and paint.  You can use any  Halloween themed fabric you like.

Making a Simple Table Runner

Cut your table runner fabric  24 by 48 inches.  Roll the edge of every side of the fabric over 1/4 inch and then  1/2 inch.  Press all the rolled hems very well.  Sew the two long seams, and leave the two short seams unsewn. You will sew the short seams when you add the ruffle ends.


Sewing a small hem on a DIY table runner for Halloween decorating.

Make the End Ruffles

To use the 22″ handkerchief I cut the handkerchief into 4 -5″  by 22 strips. Place the fabric good sides together and sew along the short edge. Open the seam and iron flat.  (You might be able to skip this step if your fabric is wide enough. )

Create narrow hems along the top and bottom of your strip.  Fold your fabric over 1/4 inch, press and then repeat.  Sew along the edge creating a narrow seam.  Make a second seam along the other long edge.

To gather the ruffle, sew along the top of the fabric with a needle and thread making your stitches about 1/4 inch wide.  Pull on to the thread to gather the fabric and pin into place.

Repeat for the second ruffle.


A sewn buffalo check table runner for Halloween. A pretty Halloween craft project.

Make the  Fabric Strips

Lay the strip of fabric face down and fold over the two edges so that your strip is about two inches wide.  Press.

Place the first strip an inch above the frilled edge (see pic above).  Pin in place.  Repeat on the other end, then sew both sides of each strip.

Not Scary Halloween craft. Paint and sew a black cat buffalo check table runner.

Add the Black Cat Motif

Print out the black cat crossing your path printable template.

Line up the edge of the printable with the strip of fabric.   Central the printable horizontally on the runner.  Measure to make sure it’s centered.  Mine was 6 1/2 inches on each side measuring from the cat’s noise and the small footprint.  Pin in place.

Adding Black Cat to Halloween Decoratioin



Take a piece of carbon paper and lay it under the pattern.  Trace out all the lines.  Repeat at the other end.

Mix your black paint and fabric medium.  I used Martha Stewart brand.  Mix 1/3 of the fabric medium to 2/3 of the black paint.  You only need a couple of tables spoons.

With a very tiny brush,  paint the outside edges of the cat, and the footprints.  Basically, your footprints are just little hearts with four ovals on the end to look like toe pads.  Try to make them as perfect as possible, but the point is that they look like a black cat is crossing your path and paw prints aren’t usually perfect.  This is a homemade Halloween decoration and although quality is always important, Halloween projects can be a little bit more rustic and rough around the edges.


Painting the outline of a DIY Halloween decoration.


Fill in the remainder of the cat, being very careful   It would be a serious shame to ruin the table runner with a drip of paint.  It’s black so very hard to get rid of.  Paint both ends and let dry for at least 24 hours.

Check if you need a second coat of paint.  When the paint is done press to seal the paint.  Place a rag over the motif and dry press for 20 seconds.


Handmade Halloween decoration idea. A homemade table runner with pretty buffalo print fabric and a painted black cat.


As a final comment, Hubs came home and having coffee this morning he asked me about the table runner.  By asking I mean he said, “You didn’t make that did you?”  I replied, “Hell yeah”.  He said, “It looks really really good.”   He is usually quiet about my latest project, so I know this one stands out.  I hope you like it as much as he does.

He liked it even better when I told him it was done with on hand products and cost less than $5.00.

This cat crossing the road table runner is pretty and elegant especially with some fancy decor.  I like the simple white pumpkin vignette for a coffee table, but for a side table, you can go higher and more dramatic with another easy homemade Halloween decoration like these Halloween Apothecary Jars I posted.

Like it?  Pin Me for Later!

Buffalo Check Halloween Decoration, with black cat stencil


Happy Halloween Decorating



  1. I love this Leanna – my first cat was a black one! This will be one of my features this Saturday at the Snickerdoodle link party!

  2. Love your table runner and the black cat. They’re the best. We have one too. A big, fluffy , cuddly one called Merlin. I actually really enjoy it when you mention the cost. It helps me figure out whether it will fit into our budget

  3. What a sweet Halloween Tablerunner!! I wish I had waited one more day before I bought mine!! I would so have preferred to make this!! The cute lil paw prints are so sweet and I love the black and white check!

  4. No, I think it’s good to mention how much something cost once in a while. Funny, I rarely think about doing that except when I go on HomeTalk. 😉 Really cute runner!!! Definitely pinned. <3

    Have a great day and enjoy your fall,
    Barb 🙂

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Barbara. I actually wrote you a couple of days ago and it didn’t send. Argh, technology is always a challenge for me.

      I am glad you like the runner, it is a bit different I think. I appreciate the pin.

  5. Lovely table runner for Halloween Leanna. I have so much fun adding bits of black decor here and there when it’s almost Halloween, my girls enjoy it too. We don’t have a cat, but i could add bunny prints, haha.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Katrin. You could always draw him with fangs. My dust bunnies get big and mean like that lol

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      I didn’t know you had a black cat, they are so beautiful and dignified.

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