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Ikea Flower Arrangement for Valentines and Spring

This Ikea flower arrangement is so simple to make, and I love how it looks hanging in our front entry. I first hung it up for Valentine’s Day, but it will be staying up well into Spring, or at least until tulips arrive in Canada.

Basicially your take a pretty tea towel or piece of fabric and wrap it around faux flowers, anything I love this much is typically much more work. Don’t you love it when you find something quick an easy to fill a space that just needs “something?”

I am seriously hooked on the SMYCKA Ikea flowers, they are so realistic, inexpensive and gorgeous, I love using them to add little bits of color to light and bright as possible home decor.

Pink Valentines floral arrangement.

To make your own farmhouse flower wrapping you will need the faux SMYCKA IKEA flowers, an IKEA Hildegun tea towel (I got mine for 99 cents), your choice of greenery, some elastics or twist ties, and a couple of feet of twine.

I love theseHildegun tea towels because they are thin enough to look vintage and the little red stripes remind me of grain sack stripes.

Pink IKEA flower in a pretty towel wrapper with lots of greenery and tied with twine into a pretty flower bundle arrangement.

As you can see I have the flower wrap hanging as part of my Valentines decor, but the soft pinks can work well into Spring.

Make the Flower Bundle

Start by placing the greenery in the back of your arrangement then add your flowers starting with a tall central flower and then pairing the flowers as you work your way downward.

Arranging IKEA flowers into a pretty wrap for Valentines and Spring decor.

Once you have your bundle of flowers the way you like, hold them together using a twist tie, or a large elastic band. Set aside.

Attaching the Twine

Adding twine inside the fold of a tea towel for making a farmhouse flower bundle.

Lay your tea towel flat, place a two foot length of twine about 1/4 the distance down from the edge. Pin the center of the twine in place. (see arrow). Once the twine is attached fold the top of the towel over to create a large flap.

Flip your towel so the fold is laying down.

Place the flowers with the greenery facing upwards.

Fold the bottom of the towel over the end of the flowers.

Inserting a bouquet of faux flowers into a flower wrapper.

Fold the right hand side of the tea towel over about a third, tucking the end in under the bundle of flowers.

Making a farmhouse flower arrangement by wrapping an IKEA towel around SYMCKA Ikea flowers

Turn over an inch edge along the left side of your towel. Then wrap the towel over the back of the arrangement so that the open edge is located to the back of the flowers. Make sure the twine does not get wrapped inside the towel while closing the wrapping.

Making a Valentine flower bundle using IKEA flowers and a pretty farmhouse tea towel.

Once you have the towel wrapped neatly around the flower bouquet pin it in place using pins.

Flip the flower bouquet flower side up. Wrap the twine around the towel twice, and then tie with a pretty bow.

A pink Ikea Flower arrangement with greenery, wrapped in a bundle and tied with twine. A pretty farmhouse flower arrangment you can use for Valentines day or into Spring.

I chose to hang my flowers from the farmhouse hall tree in our front foyer as Valentine decor. I love how it added just a little bit of interest to the hall tree.

Pink IKEA flower in a pretty towel wrapper with lots of greenery and tied with twine into a pretty flower bundle arrangement.

Adding Scent with Essential Oils

I hope you enjoy using this little wrapping technique throughout your home. I love adding little bundles of flowers, and sometimes add cotton balls with essential oils for the scent.

A little bit of dropcloth, tulips and lace will be so pretty. Or even sprigs of dried lavendar. Let me know if you think you’ll try making something like this. I love hearing your feedback.

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The IKEA flower arrangement is part of my Valentines display in the front foyer. I also included some simple dollar store signs. It really looked liked it was missing something until I added the simple flower wrap bouquet.

Two wood Valentines with white background, and natural wood frame. One sign says Love the other one has a layered brown Valentine. Both pictures are draped with pretty felt ball garland.

DIY Valentine Wooden Signs

I also created a scented fabric pouch using ticking fabric. I really love them, the wrapped version is very similar but this one is sewn, and a big smaller.

A small farmhouse pouch with flowers hanging on a ladder for farmhouse decor.

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  1. I didn’t even know they had flowers like this at IKEA! That is so cool! I love the way this came together and how you can use it throughout the year too. It’s such a great idea. Loving, pinning and hoping you’re having a great week, CoCo

    1. Thank you for the kind words coco. We built that entrance hall with hooks and its enjoyable figuring out cheap ways to decorate it. Ikea flowers are one of my favorite things there.

  2. This looks so pretty! I love going to IKEA but the closest one to me is over 3 hours away. When I have the opportunity to go, I have so much fun browsing there. The flowers you purchased look so realistic!

  3. I love this! It is so pretty! I’ll be looking forward to a trip to IKEA soon. Thank you for the inspiration!

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