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Organizing Craft Room Shelves

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Organizing Craft Room Shelves

Those of you who read my blog regularly  know  I am constantly battling with clutter and too much stuff.  Today I am sharing my craft room shelves and some hacks and tips I am using for my craft room organization.Dollar store craft room organization, with free printable labels for craft organization.

The shelves are all from Ikea two of them are several years old and bless IKEA they kept the Hemnes shelves the same style, so we recently purchased the third one.

One of the shelves was dark espresso so I painted all three shelves to match.    The back of each shelf was painted with Breath of Fresh Air and the sides with White Dove both from Benjamin Moore.  The espresso shelves needed three coats and happy Lea the white ones only needed one coat.

Purge Before you Sort

That sounds pretty ridiculous coming from a woman with three shelves of craft stuff, but as a DIY blogger I use so much of this stuff all the time.    If you have any half completed projects, but them in a bin.  Give yourself one month to start them again.  After a month if you haven’t started on them donate or toss them.   I tossed out quite a bit of stuff that I stored half done  and even more leftover tidbits from past projects.  Free space has more value to me because I need to be able to find what I already have.  I even have one open shelf.

Choose Containers

What kind of containers you use is a personal choice.  I  have quite a few wooden boxes but  they don’t have lids.   Then pretty boxes with lids (some are on top of the shelves.)  I like that they are pretty but its really hard to get enough of them that match.

Finally I decided on plain clear plastic dollar store containers in two sizes.  They are inexpensive enough that I could afford them.   They are clear which makes them a little less pretty but I can see whats inside (and I can afford them).  They are light and don’t add much weight when I am pulling them on and off the shelves.

Take a look at your craft stash and estimate how many containers you need.   I recommend getting a few extra.  If you need them great and if you don’t its nice to have them  handy for new supplies.

Dollar store DIY organization for a craft room, with dollar store containers and free printable labels.


Label The Containers

I am including this label pattern.  It is a Word document and the labels are Avery 24489 labels.    Admittedly my label design is a bit girlish to match my craft room theme.     If you don’t like them, designing your own is easy.  Alternatively chalkboard labels work very well and I still use them in my pantry.

Here are some of the label categories that I am using.


Chalk Supplies

Craft Tools


Dark Ribbon





Buttons & Beads


Girls Craft Paper

Girls Crayons


Girls Colouring

Glue Gun



Light Ribbon


Paint & Brushes

Rope, Wood, Burlap


Silhouette Vinyl

Silhouette Tools

The girls categories are for boxes that I stash the children supplies in,  play dough, googly eyes, craft glue, sparkles, crayons etc.  The girls love this room we spend hours down here together.

Dollar store storage for craft supplies on a pretty shelf.

The Curtained Shelves

Some things you just have to hide.  things like a bright red tool box that is from Hubs high school years but I haven’t painted yet, a box of extension cords, a collection of paint cans and photo props.How to hide and organize a craft room for odds and ends.

My solution is to keep the stuff sorted and hidden behind some yid curtains.  I love this fabric and had sewn some chairs covers and curtains for the basement with it.  The Fabricland stores in Edmonton had ran out of it but I stumbled across more of it in a Joanns in Auburn, WA.    Pinch me I was so surprised.

Sewing the Curtains

Sewing  the curtains is super easy the bookcase is 37 inches wide so cut your fabric about 55 inches to leave a tiny bit of gathering.  Measure from your shelves deciding how many you want to cover.  Mine are 43 inches long and then add 4 inches for the top  and bottom seams.

Hang your little curtain net expanding wire rod at the height you want on the book shelf. Here is an example from Amazon Canada.

Side Hems

Make sure to start with the side hems or you will close the slot for the rod.  With the good side down fold the sides over half an inch, fold it once more to hide the fabric edge.  Press, pin  and then sew along the edge.  Do this on both sides of the fabric.

Top Seams

The top of the curtain will have two seems to make a slot for a little curtain wire coil cable rod.   Fold your material over half an inch and  press.

organizing crafts, organizing craft room shelves, craft room organization ideasa
Fold the material over another inch and a half.  Sew one seam at the edge and the second seam 1/2 inch from the top, this gives you a little frill on top of the curtain and a slot to feed the tiny curtain rod through.)

A hook and eye fastener for hanging a curtain to shelves for craft room organization.

Bottom Hem

For the bottom hem, double check the length you need for your curtain.  Measure from the top of your material on both sides.  Fold the bottom of the material over to the correct length and press the bottom.  Then tuck in the cut edge of the material into the seam and press.

IKEA book shelves used for craft room organization.


Hang the curtain on your wire rods and start filling the shelves with your craft stash.

Hubs has a large utility light which I am using until I get  photography lights.  I apologize for the glare, but these lights certainly brighten the room up until we replace them.

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Happy Crafting




organizing crafts, organizing craft room shelves, craft room organization ideas

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  1. This is just great! I have a lot of my supplies in the photo boxes that are not see-through, and I kind of regret it. I actually like the dollar store see-through boxes you have, and the labels are so cute!

  2. I sooooooo need to do this to our craft cupboard. We have a whole bunch of non see through boxes stacked on top of each other and I keep on forgetting what’s inside so they just get shoved to the back of the cupboard every time I look for something. There’s probably a ton of stuff inside that I’ve forgotten about too. Time to get my butt into gear and purge or make something with what I’ve got

  3. Hi Leanna, I also have a bin for partially-completed projects, and it’s overflowing! I love your idea of setting a 1-month deadline to either complete the project or get rid of it. I’ll keep that deadline in mind when choosing projects, too. That way, I’ll only start projects that I love enough to finish. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gentle Joy Photography says:

    Wow! What a beautiful way to store your supplies! 🙂

  5. I am seriously loving this right now. I found a organizer on youtube that I am quickly becoming obsessed with and last night I got a bug in my ear…..after watching an hour of her videos. I was purging my linen closet at ten o clock at night…LOL So this is definitely appealing to me right now!

  6. Oh I wish I had a designated area for all of my craft stuff. Not that I have that much, but I have it all over because we just don´t have the space. But I´m working on it. I love the idea of the shelves and the little cute curtains on the bottom are great to hide the not so pretty stuff!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Katrin: We can only be organized to a point. Some items just don’t fit into a container so the curtains were my answer. Glad you like them. Thank you,

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Debra. I am enjoying having all of my stuff in one area. I need to find more time in a day and keeping everything in one place labelled it starting to save me some time. Thanks for the feedback.

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