Pretty Weekly Wall Calendar from Refurbished Frame

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Pretty Wall Calendar in Blush Pink

It has been a long week for me this week.  Nothing really wrong just everything seems to be a little bit of a harder climb than usual.

Our basement is like most other basements too dark and its cold.  When we purchased our home it was bare concrete and we have built a laundry room, storage room and craft room ourselves.  The plan was to spoil myself with a beautiful wall calendar as a personal reward.  As usual Leanna has champagne taste on a beer budget, so my dream calendar was several hundred dollars, aak.

So now this DIY pretty wall calendar is the first post about my craft room.

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The Before

I went and found a Ikea picture frame  (they are my favorite frames) but it wasn’t large enough so I put it in the stash and chose to recycle this one instead.  This picture originally cost me $3.00 at the thrift store.  This was my very first silhouette project and hung in our bedroom until Christmas.

Before photo of large DIY wall calender

For this calendar I am working on the back side of the good morning gorgeous picture, I painted it with three coats of blush  chalk paint letting every layer dry.  Paint the back ground of your calendar with any pretty pastel colour you like.

Make the Columns

You can use vinyl or ribbon to mark your columns if you have it available, but I used some pretty washi tape to make the columns.   I started by measuring in 3/4″ in from each end to accommodate the frame.  Then measure the width between those two marks and divide by 7.  On this frame each column ended up 3 7/8 inches.

With a ruler and a pencil, mark each column top and bottom.  Eyeball this mark to the center of the washi tape.  Starting at the top attach the washi tape and pull it down to the bottom securing both ends. Make sure to press the washi tape down very well, the brand I have is not very adhesive.

After the washi tape is attached, working on the back side of the calendar attach a regular piece of adhesive tape along the entire width of the frame.  This provides more adhesion for the washi tape.

Add the Days of the Week Column Headings

For the headings you can buy letter stickers, I used vinyl and my silhouette.  The columns on this calendar are 3  7/8 inches, Thursday is the widest word  so the lettering was made to fit five letters within the 3 7/8″.  Use the squares on the silhouette designer graph as a guide.  I was not very concerned about the height  but wanted the letters to be less than 2″ high.  For this calendar the font is Cooper Black and text size is 92.

aDIY, Wall Calendar, DIY Home Decor, Woman's office decor, Pretty office decor, pretty wall calendar.

As the words are various widths cut them into individual words,  weed the excess vinyl, cover each word with transfer paper and remove the paper backing from the transfer paper.   Here is a tutorial from Silhouette.

Make a pencil mark 4″ inches from the top of the calendar. Using  a ruler as a guide keep the bottom of the letters straight and even.  Individually center each word between the washa tape strips.  Attach the vinyl by rubbing it and carefully pull away the transfer paper.  Repeat the process with the next word.

DIY, Wall Calendar, DIY Home Decor, Woman's office decor, Pretty office decor, pretty wall calendar.

Floral Stickers

The clipart for the stickers is courtesy of Angie Makes.  You can use them for personal use for free or online with the proper credit given.   I have some oval labels so I printed the flowers out on those.  Unfortunately I neglected to notice the black lettering so I needed to print out two sheets.

DIY, Wall Calendar, Refurbish, DIY Home Decoraa

There are two reasons for the pretty stickers.  One is to make the calendar prettier and more feminine.  The stickers also help hold the washa tape down and covered any blemishes from the paper backing on the original artwork.

These pictures are taken in the living room upstairs as there is still insufficient light downstairs for good photos.  This calendar and the desk will be going down stairs right away though.  I am dreaming of having my work space all in one area to save time getting and putting away supplies and to corral the mess in one area.

Pretty Wall Calendar, DIY Home Decor, DIY Wall Calendar, Refurbished Frame, Craft Room Artwork,

The calendar is to remind me of the weekly things that come every week.  I will attach the activities using pretty post it notes.  You can use wipe off pens on the calendar if you like but I prefer the stickies.

The desk and chair in the picture are both DIY projects and I will be posting the tutorials next week.

In case your wondering my entire craft room is not blush pink, but is being done in soft pastels.

Pretty Wall Calendar, DIY Home Decor, DIY Wall Calendar, Refurbished Frame, Craft Room Artwork,

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  1. Cute project! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  2. I love customizing calendars! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMAttersParty

  3. Happy Pink Saturday! Your cool calendar fits in perfectly. Happy Easter and Happy weekend. Stop by soon. HUGS

  4. I love this! So creative. I will try this actually. Thanks! I didn’t even think to use an old picture or an old frame.

  5. How cute and it looks simple to make. Every time I visit your blog it makes me wish I was more crafty lol- I am always so busy with the kids and my own blog I never really have time to dive into creative projects. But I love seeing what you do each week!

  6. So pretty and such a great idea! Thank you for sharing :).

  7. Leanna, I love the calendar idea. Really easy to customize to what I like. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      It will help me plan my priorities for each week. Thank you for commenting I really appreciate it.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you very much Claire. I am slowly building a pretty office in the basement and am looking forward to it being finished soon.

  8. Leanna- – I love how pretty and soft this is – you really did beautiful and creative job! It’s such a great idea to keep priorities, tasks and goals front and center. I am pinning this on to my Organization board.

    1. Hi Kristine. You must be an organized lady. Those are the exact reasons I created this calendar. Thanks for the thumbs up

  9. Oh, how lucky to have a dedicated craft room. Or is my garage mine? Anyway, the calendar looks great and will keep you organized which is half the battle.

    1. Hi Deb. There is just so many things to remember. eriting things down in a visual way helps me prioritize. Have a great weekend lady

  10. Very sweet calendar! I like the blank canvas to stick to-do notes all over it. Such a pretty color too.

    1. I had to choose between blush or soft blue. I had blush paint left over. So blush won out. Thank you for commenting

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