Black Cat Halloween Cake
A simple Black Cat Halloween cake that takes no special skills or tools to decorate. Perfect for a stay in Halloween (2020) or a special cat lover’s birthday.
  1. Mix and bake your cake mixes in two 8 inch pans. Let cool.
  2. Once you cake is cooled and the icing is made, layer the cake with the black icing and place a thin crumb coat over the cake. Let sit until the icing of the crumb coat hardens.
  3. Place a thick layer of icing over the cake, use a spatula to smooth out the sides of the cake as much as possible. Make nice big swirls of icing on the top of the cake to resemble fur.
Black Cat Face
  1. Take a large gumball sized piece of fondant and form it into a tongue shape with your fingers. Lay aside.
  2. Cut the candy end off of a licorice cigar and using scissors make two slices towards the middle. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Place the “whiskers” on the side of the cake. Add the pink candy on top, and the little pink tongue underneath.
Make the Cat Ears
  1. Roll a small piece of fondant (about 1/2 cup) until its 1/3 inch thick. Cut out a two inch high triangle. Use the first triangle as a template and cut out the second ear.
  2. Place the fondant on the top of the cake. Let the top of the ears flop over. Hold the ears up using toothpicks . Place your cake in the fridge for about an hour until the fondant hardens.
  3. Once the fondant ears are hardened remove the toothpicks and ice the back and edges of the ears.
  4. Your cake is ready for cutting as soon as you ice the hardened fondant ears.