Classic Homemade Dill Pickle Recipe
Homemade classic dill pickles without chemical alum and food coloring.
Servings Prep Time
4quarts 30min
Servings Prep Time
4quarts 30min
  1. Sterilize your jars, I used a dishwasher, but choose whatever method your prefer.
  2. Wash and trim the cucumbers. Poke each one with a fork a couple of times. Cover with a clean towel and set aside.
Make the Brine
  1. Place all ingredients into a large saucepan. Heat over medium high heat stirring to dissolve the salt and sugar. Let cook until boiling. Turn down and keep the brine simmering as you prepare the jars with cucumbers.
Filling the Jars
  1. Fill each jar with as many small pickling cucumbers as you can stuff into the jar, while allowing the top ring area to remain clear.
  2. Add a sprig of dill to each jar. Add a clove of garlic if using (optional, I don’t use garlic in my dill pickles)