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Spring Decor – bring the outside in

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Before I decided to blog, I would get up with visions of coffee and then wake up to enjoy Pinterest for the first half hour of the day.  Empty nesting has some advantages.

I still get up longing for that first cup, but now I sit down to write my blog post.  I never quite  know what I am going to write about, but I always think of something.

My best friend is Bonnie; she lives on the west coast of Vancouver Island, looking right out on the Pacific Ocean.  I am counting the days until we go visit her in June.  It seems like forever before we will be able to move there.

Anyways Bonnie knows all about my long fascination with trees, and new fascination with faeries.     On our last visit we went to cathedral grove, this year we are going to Avatar Grove, and the fairy tree of fairy lake.  I am so very excited.  Oh how I miss the smell of the mature forest.

For now I need to be content with bringing the tree and outdoor themes into our urban home.

faeries front door

I have enjoyed this artwork for several years; and no matter where I live it sits by the front door, where I can enjoy its simple beauty several times a day.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaFor this year’s spring decor, I purchased some bright green moss  and made some simple arrangements in my apothecary jars and lanterns. I lined the bottoms with moss, and circled it with pussy willows or long artificial twigs with yellow flowers.  I finished the arrangements with some simple spring characters.  Expensive flowers are not necessary, add any florals that you enjoy.

For now I am satisfied to lift the jar lid to inhale the moss; the smell reminds me of home.

I move various lanterns around my home for different seasons. At Christmas I found a good deal on two floor sized lanterns. These two are the largest and by far my favorite.  I like the little drawers in the bottom, I use them to store battery operated mini lights so I can find them when I need them.  I added little flowers and animals to follow my spring theme.

spring lanterns

For less than $20 dollars I was able to add spring decor around the house.  I changed the towels to light colours, swapped out cushions, added dollar store birds in the bedrooms, free prints of trees to the walls.

Spring comes very late to northern Canada.  I need to add colour to our environment, helps with the long wait to mother day when we can start planting flowers and looking for tree blossoms.

Cannot wait for spring planting though.





Sharing is caring!

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