wisdom begins in wonder

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I did a lot of writing and pondering searching for the perfect tag line.  It had to be wise. It had to be about faeries and nature.   I wanted it to flow nicely and be catchy.  For the life of me I couldn’t find the right words starting with the letter F, or rhyming with faerie, not in song lyrics, or favorite poems.

After three months I came across “Wisdom begins in wonder.” It is the perfect tagline for my blog.  It was first penned by Edith Hamilton, in The Greek Way.  She took it as an excerpt of a larger Socrates quote.

When reading the tagline I imagine a two year pointing at the moon, a bug, a cow and asking “What’s that?”  Or asking to play pretend; to become a character like a fox, a faerie (of course), or a whale.

It’s very easy to experience wonder with my granddaughters, all I need to do it tag along and be accepting.

faerie world
in her magical place of wonder

They were the ones who taught me about faerie gardening. To encourage them I built a ladder using twigs, added glittery beads and called them to say I had found it cranberry picking.  Describing it to my eldest granddaughter she assured me that is was definitely a fairy ladder.  For Halloween that year we made a faerie pumpkin lantern, using the ladder and adding orange sparkles of course.  This fall I will share the diy tutorials.

Because of those simple conversations I developed a fascination for faeries.  Maybe they are real, maybe I can look for them. That I do not know.  But thanks to my girls lessons on wonder, I am aware of the possibility.

Nature gives most of us a sense of wonder; I feel wonder looking at a tree, seeing a whale break the surface.  A simple walk through the woods watching blue water turn into white froth when it hits a rock.  The smell of cedar tree needles, or drying leaves, or how Gunter’s great pyrenees butt waddles exactly like Amelia and Abigail on Disney’s Aristocats. These little moments give me a sense of wonder and pull me away from mundane thoughts of my never ending to do lists.

As an adult I learn by asking the question “I wonder if I could do that?”  If I try, I know I will experience something new.  Any experience good or bad, develops skill or better yet wisdom.  As this is my third blog post, the learning curve is pretty high right now.  Hope you enjoyed my reflections.

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