Canning and Preserving Recipes

This is the time of year when mother earth’s bounty is the best. Whether you garden, enjoy farmers markets or both here are some old school time honours recipes for pickles, syrups, and relishes. I love knowing exactly what is in the preserves we eat, including the freshness of the water.


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A pumpkin spice printable in a white frame. The printable is on a kitchen counter with a white backsplash and there are green pumpkins on both sides.

Free Fall Kitchen Printables

One of the fun inexpensive home decor ideas I love are free fall kitchen printables. This free fall printable collection features pumpkin spice kitchen printable with a pumpkin pie, Rise and Shine coffee bar printable and soft fall coloured plaid for candles. To use them just print and frame switching the printables out for different…

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