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Miniature Valentine Bouquet for Your Galentines

A Galentine Valentine Rose Bouquet

 Hubs is away for Valentine’s Day so I am planning  to have a girlfriend for a visit, once I get motivated to entertain.  My fellow introverts understand, we love love love all the preparations, do it all with care and loving intentions, and then stress out over everyone coming.  So my Galentine’s party is only for two friends.  These little Valentine rose bouquets will be pretty on the place settings and also act as my small l gift for a friend.

Miniature valentines bouquets with roses.

The flower bouquets are small to fit nicely in the table setting.  These Valentine bouquets are about eight inches long and perfect for a friend or daughter.  I love how feminine and sweet they are, and they are pretty easy to make.  Let me share how to make them.

For each Individual Valentine rose bouquet, you will need:


3 miniature roses

sprig of babies breath

1\2 sheet of paper towel dampened very well

1 small plastic sandwich bag


2- 12″ square pieces of tissue paper

1 – flower wrapper printable

3 feet of wide satin ribbon

Supplies for wrapping a miniature floral bouquet.

Prepping the Roses

The first step is to prepare the flowers, I chose some mini roses (3 for $3.99) but you can do the same thing with any flowers you like.  Fill a kitchen sink with warm water and add your flowers, so that the stem end of your flowers are under the water.  Prepare each flower by removing any lower leaves and thorns if there are any left.

Place the stem under the water and cut the stem on an angle at about five or six inches.  Leave the cut stems in the water while you do the remaining flowers.

Arranging  the Valentines Rose Bouquet Florals

To arrange the flowers start by laying the babies breath down first.  Then add one tall flower, then two flowers at the back and the last flower on top and an inch or so lower.  Finally, add any of the extra floral leaves you have from trimming.

Arranging fresh cut flowers for a miniature rosebud bouquet

Once you have the flowers arranged the way you like them, hold them in one hand and fold the wet paper towel over the end of the bundle.  Wrap the paper towel neatly and tightly around the base of the arrangement.  This wet towel doesn’t replace a vase of water but it will keep your flowers for a little while so your friend can take them home.

Take a small sandwich bag and cut off the bottom two inches.

Place the end of your bouquet into the cut end of the plastic bag and wrap it around the bouquet tightly.  This prevents the wet paper towel from ruining your outer wrappings.

A mini floral bouquet for Valentines Day. Wrapped to keep the flowers fresh

The Valentine’s Flower Wrapper Printable

The Valentine’s French Wrapper printable says “two hearts in love need no words” in both English and French.  Of course, it can be taken romantically, but have you ever enjoyed those moments with a friend as well?  I most certainly have.

Two hearts in love printable in French and English

1. Print out the printable and lay it good side down with one point at the top.  Add two layers of crepe paper making sure there is paper showing above the flowers. I left the top triangle as it was, but you can fold it over if you prefer.

2.  Fold over the right-hand side as shown, and then fold the bottom upwards, being careful not to wrinkle the paper.

3. Tuck the left-hand side in and under the flowers.

4.  Take the bottom right-hand corner and wrap it over the flowers, creating a bundle.

Tutorial on making a DIY Valentine Rose bouquet bundle for Galentines

The final step is to tie a large pretty ribbon around the bouquet.  Make sure that it’s not wrapped too tight as you don’t want to crinkle the wrapper.

A tutorial on how to wrap a Valentine flower with roses, babies breath and free Valentine printable romantic wrapper.

Miniature Valentine Table Setting

Here is a pretend place setting I created as an example. To create the place setting I used my everyday white dishes and linens.

The floral bouquet is such a simple little addition but it adds a really soft sweet touch to our everyday dinnerware.

Free printable floral wrapper for valentines day bouquets

A small Valentine rose bouquet bundle that can be used for Galentines table settings.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is special.

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