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No Sew Fabric Pouch Tutorial

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Sew and No Sew Tutorials for an Easy Fabric Pouch

This little fabric pouch is so easy to put together I made a no sew version.  I sew things like this for our home, but realize not everyone has access to a sewing machine so I created a no sew version for you.  The sewn bag is a little more durable but the non sewn one will work for you, as a little hanging bag filled with flowers it shouldn’t need much washing or receive much wear and tear. 

 In this particular post I am showing the no sew tutorial.  If you want to sew one instead here is the link to the How to Sew a Fabric Pouch post.  

DIY No Sew Fabric Pouch

This easy pouch is so cute and whips up in a few minutes.  Hang it wherever you want a little fresh scent or a pretty accessory.  Hang one on any door knob, closet knob, ladder, bathroom hook or even the back of a chair are great choices.  

A simple farmhouse pouch sewing craft.

I am just loving mine, the scent is wonderful in the guest room.

No sew farmhouse craft idea with Fall leaves and flowers

To make one of your own you will need.


A square foot of scrap fabric

Iron on stitch and fix

Piece of paper to protect iron

Large eyed needle


Small strong cord, like jewelry cord. 

Cotton balls, and essential oil 

A few Faux Flowers


No Stitch Fabric Pouch Tutorial

Cut two pieces of fabric 6″ by 12″.  Iron your fabric smooth.

Lets start by making hems at the top of each piece of fabric. 

Lay the first piece of fabric good side down, fold over top 1/2″. Press to create a crease.

Cut the a piece of small twine 36″ long, and lay it inside the crease of the hem.

Place the iron on stitch and seam along the edge of the fabric, so it doesn’t touch the cording.  To protect your iron and ironing board from melting glue, fold a piece of paper and wrap the hem, press with a hot iron to melt the glue. create a hem, making sure not to attach the small twine.

Lay the second piece of fabric good side up. Fold over top 1 1/2″ press to crease, do not hem.

Place the two pieces of fabric good sides together, add stitch fix between each the three sides, leaving the folded hem side open.  Start the stitch fix 1/4″ from the bottom of the folded hem. This allows the front edge to gap and fold over a little bit.  Pin everything in place.

Pinning fabric for an easy to make DIY fabric pouch

Because  the top of the fabric pieces are aligned unevenly , it causes uneven edges at the bottom seam.  Trim the fabric with scissors so they match.

trimming seam on fabric pouch

Attaching the Fabric Together

Place each seam inside a paper to protect your iron.  Iron each section for 15 seconds.

Pressing fabric with stitch fix

Turn right side out and press.  If for any reason your seams give away, just place a touch of the press and stitch between the open gaps and press again.  

Adding a Little Cord Bow

Take a large eyed needle and thread it with the small twine. Push the needle down through the fabric, it maybe a bit tough to pull through the fabric. Just twist and pull on the needle, the fabric fibres will loosen allowing the twine to push through. Push the needle up 1/4 inch from the first hole and pull the needle through again.

Tie a knot and then a bow.

No Sew Fabric Pouch with essential oils and flowers.

Adding Flowers and Scent

To hold the back of the fabric pouch cut a piece of cardboard or foam board and place inside the pouch.

To add scent I used four cotton balls, added essential oils and placed them in the bag. Then I added some dollar store faux gerbera daisies.

Hang your pouch where you like and tie the hanging twine as long as you like.

A small farmhouse pouch with flowers hanging on a ladder for farmhouse decor.

This fabric pouch is made to decorate a  little shelf in our guest room year around.   The lavender essential oils are really nice in the room.  

A handmade fabric pouch craft hanging on a shelf for farmhouse decor.

These little fabric pouches are so handy to scenting a room.  I need to make more in different styles for the bathrooms.  Maybe add the scented cotton and fill the bag with little soaps.  Not sure at this point.  Please comment and let me know any other fillers you can think of for the little scented pouches.

A new sew fabric bag pouch with flowers and essential oils.
Large messy bow for decorating

How to Make a Messy Bow

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