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Its finally time to start planning for the Christmas holidays with inspiring Christmas DIY ideas, crafts and Christmas decor. This year I am adding lots of new Christmas baking recipes as well. Its an exciting time of the year and fun to start creating that magic!


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A dining room decorated for Christmas in soft neutral colours like cream, sage and white. The feature is a beautiful tin can craft Christmas centerpiece with pinecones and greenery.

Tin Can Christmas Craft

Last Minute DIY Christmas Centerpiece This tin can Christmas craft using upcycled tomato cans turned out so well. I actually made it for last year as last minute Christmas decor just before Christmas day. It turned out much nicer than I hoped and cost me nothing to make. It may cost you a couple of…

Three pieces of chocolate fudge recipe sitting on a white plate surrounded by shelled walnut halves and Christmas decorations in white and green. There is a white pitcher in the background with a velvet christmas ornament in the background.

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Easy Chocolate Fudge with Condensed Milk and Chocolate Chips My mother showed me how to make this chocolate fudge recipe decades ago. Its so much easier than cooked fudge its the only chocolate fudge I ever make. Now with a microwave its even quicker and easier than ever. This chocolate fudge is thick, creamy and…

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