15 Pretty Picture Frame Ideas

Easy and Inspiring Picture Frame Craft Ideas to Try

After seeing all these different picture frame ideas for repurposing and reusing old picture frames, I won’t ever look at them the same again. I think you will love these trash to treasure picture frame upcycles.

For myself I spent a couple of very happy evenings looking at picture frame ideas.  I have included a fiften frame craft ideas including some of my own.  I included one of each type of DIY picture frame craft, bulletin board, gallery, wall art, and even a garden.  Of course now I want to create several more, they are so handy and pretty.  Enjoy!

A DIY Bulletin Board Using an Old Picture Frame

Bulletin boards are always handy, like this one they can be pretty hanging just as they are, or an easy way to display a collection of personal treasures.

Pretty upcycled picture frame bulletin board idea.

Repurposed Thrift Store Frame to Bulletin Board | by Confessions of a Serial DIYer

A Picture Frame becomes Yard Art

This next idea is mine.  I trimmed off the corners of an old frame, and used them as predone angles for DIY Spring Wall Art.  So much easier than fiddling with matching corners on trim.

How to use an old frame to make a bird house artwork for outdoors

DIY Birdhouse Inspired Yard Art using an Thrift Store Frame | by Pretty DIY Home (that’s me)

DIY Picture Frame Pin Cushions

Whenever I am able to browse the dollar stores I often get frustrated because I see really cute items that are too small the project I am day dreaming about.  Not these tiny frames.  Unfortunately these adorable pin cushion kits are no longer available for sale, but a teeny tiny cute frame, some paint and Craftaholics tutorial has you covered.

Picture frame craft idea using small frames to make pin cushions.

Adorable Pin Cushion Tutorial Kits | by Craftaholics Anonymous

An Old Picture Frame becomes a Coordinating Ironing Board Hanger

Our laundry room got a coordinated ironing board hanger using leftover fabric from the curtains and an old wood picture frame.

A DIY picture frame craft that upcycles an old picture frame into a coordinating ironing board hangar for the laundry room.

Make a Coordinated Ironing Board Hanger | Pretty Diy Home

Using an Old Picture Frame Glass as a Canvas for Art

Jeanie from Create and Babble used the glass from an old frame and Chalk Couture stencils to make this pretty mason jar craft for her kitchen.

A thrift store DIY picture frame craft idea with a thrift store frame and stenciled artwork on glass.

Thrift Store Picture Frame Craft Upcycle  | by Create and Babble 

An Old Frame Upcycle to Pretty Coastal Tray

This perfect little coastal themed tray in all those pretty blues started out as an old frame.  The little rope handles are such a fun and casual final touch.  Its just so darn cute, and a great summer home decor idea.

A picture frame craft idea that turns an thrift store frame into a coastal farmhouse tray.

Repurposed Picture Frame Coastal Serving Tray | by The Interior Frugalista

Make a Vertical Garden using Succulents

My friend Michelle at A Crafty Mix lives in South Africa and her projects reflect all that natural beauty.  She shows you how to make a vertical garden an old frame and succulent plants.  I can’t help but think this would be amazing in an apartment or on the deck.

How to update an old picture frame craft into a vertical succulent garden.

Repurpose a Plastic Frame to Make a Vertical Garden | by A Crafty Mix

Use an Old Frame to make a Gorgeous Farmhouse Backdrop

Our home has several DIY backdrops using shiplap and wood and I use them constantly.  I included this picture frame upcycle from Snazzy Little Things because its so brilliantly easy to do.  No powder tools required.

DIY Farmhouse Picture Frame update from an old thrifted frame

Repurposed Wall Art  | by Snazzy Little Things

Shabby Chic Vintage Key Art

This vintage picture frame upcycle doesn’t have a tutorial included, but it looks really easy to do. Paint and old frame white, add some burlap and tie a vintage key to it. So pretty, especially if you had a key with sentimental value.

A small vintage frame painted white and used as a backdrop for a vintage key.

So Doable | Bella Pinque Cottage

Old Frame Turns into a Gorgeous Farmhouse Sign

You see Milk and Cream trays and artwork at gift shops all the time.  This farmhouse picture frame craft has been around for awhile and I wonder if its the idea that created that trend we see at home decor stores?

Farmhouse Tray made using an old thrifted frame.

Repurposed Picture Frame Serving Tray | by Anastasia Vintage

Use an Old Pretty Frame as Inspiration for a Unique Wreath

This picture frame craft idea beautiful, unique, and so easy to do.  I bet you can find a wood oval frame for less than the average large wreath form.  This is definitely on my list of must do crafts.

Unique DIY front door wreath made from a picture frame idea upcycle.

Repurposed Thrift Store Frame Wreath | by DIY Inspired

Turn a Picture Frame into a Shelf Shadow Box

Shadow boxes can be incredibly expensive to purchase so I was very happy to find this repurposed picture frame into a shelf shadow box project from Prodical Pieces. It has so many uses especially when you think of collections of small items like nail polish, LOL dolls and such, matchbox cars, or small seasonal decor items in your stash at home.

An picture frame turned into a small shelf with dark blue paint, and a brilliant gilded frame finish.

Repurposed Picture Frame | by Prodical Pieces

Decorating with an Empty Frame

This post from Anderson and Grant outlines all the different ways you can utilize old wood frames by leaving them empty. There are lots of pretty examples in her post.

A farmhouse vignette created with two thrifted frames a tall brown one, and a smaller white frame. They are a backdrop to potted plants

10 Ways to Decorate with Empty Thrift Store Frames | Anderson and Grant

Make an Art Gallery Using Old Frames Painted in a Cohesive Colour

Book page butterflies and an assortment of white painted vintage frames make such an elegant statement.  My preferred colour is always white, but let your imagination guide you when doing something similar.  Lovely.

A DIY wall art idea using paper butterflies and upcycled picture frame.

My Girls Room | by Home Before and Afters

Old Art with Frame makes an Easy Chalkboard Project

Earlier I mentioned my love of large backdrops using old thrifted artwork.  This chalkboard was originally a really ugly bulk painted 70s picture.

An old picture frame becomes a large chalkboard

DIY Buffalo Check Chalkboard Using an Old Picture Frame | by Pretty DIY Home

My hope is that these picture frame ideas inspire you to grab some old unwanted artwork and try one of these picture frame crafts.  I know its quite the shortcut, but so much easier than fiddling with a buffalo check stencil.

Let me know if you try any of these [oicture frame crafts, or if you have found a different and unique purpose for old frames.

Hugs Leanna

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Three images showing pretty picture frame upcycling craft ideas, a bird house wall art for outdoor, an ironing board hanger with a framed background, and a DIY bulletin board.


  1. You are too sweet, thanks so much for sharing my art from a few years ago. 🙂 ~ Jeanette @ Snazzy Little Things

    1. You are very welcome talented lady. Everything about Snazzy Little Things is beautiful.

  2. I just put some picture frames in my donation box. Perhaps I should take them out, and do something crafty with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Absolutely you should. After writing this post I am pumped to try a few new ideas myself.

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