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Sweet and Adorable Easter Cupcake Recipes

Cute Easter Cupcake Recipes

Easter cupcake recipes have certainly evolved over the last few years.  Instead of plain chocolate and vanilla recipes, we now have countless variations. Besides the different flavours, cupcakes can be filled or not, thinly iced or covered in a mountain of amazing icing.  This collection is just so much fun, and writing it certainly has me in the mood for Spring.

A collage of Easter cupcakes for the whole family. A birdnest cupcake, an easter basket cupcake, a bunny cupcake, a cadbury egg cupcake and others.

Each of these Easter cupcakes is adorable and fun.  Better yet, they are all relatively easy to do and don’t require a high level of cake decorating ability.

Simple dollops of icing with mini eggs and a various soft pastel coloured paper cups. Often simple means elegant and these cupcakes are pretty enough to serve as Easter dessert.

A collection of Easter cupcakes with round dollops of icing, shaves of chocolate and three chocolate candy covered Easter eggs on top.

White Chocolate Easter Cupcakes | Garnish and Glaze

Make a cupcake in a little clay pot, add crushed Oreo cookies and a pretty free printable seed packet.  How easy and cute is this?  I love the idea of these garden cupcakes for Easter or Mother’s Day.

Spring garden cupcake idea with free printable seed packages.

Easy Spring Garden Cupcake Tutorial  | from Tikkido

I have no idea who first came up with the idea of bunny butts, I wish I could thank them.  Just looking at these little cute cupcakes makes me smile. Such a sweet treat for the holidays.

Cute bunny but Easter cupcakes.  A chocolate cupcake covered with green icing and a bunny bum with cute bunny tail on top.

Bunny Butt Cupcakes | Amanda’s Cookin

These Bunny ears Easter cupcakes are made of moist vanilla cake and a homemade buttercream frostingm thats topped with cut marshmallow ears and sugar sprinkles.

Carrot cak cupcakes with a thick swirl of buttercream icing with two icing bunny ears, that are covered in gold sprinkles.

Bunny Ears Easter Cupcakes | Ahead of Thyme

These Easter egg chocolate cupcakes are beyond delightful because of those little green grass nests of frosting.

Large moist chocolate Easter cupcakes with icing nests made with green icing and then chocolate swirl of luscious chocolate icing. The final topping is four cadbury eggs settled into the swirl of icing.

Easter Egg Chocolate Cupcakes | Live Love Sugar

A moist chocolate cupcake filled with Cadbury eggs and topped with a sweet and delicious caramel frosting.

Chocolate Easter cupcakes with white icing topped with a cadbury cream Easter egg.

Cadbury Easter Egg Cupcakes | I Heart Naptime

Adorable Easter bunny cupcake that are easy to make an absolutely delicious. A cute cupcake idea for the holidays.

Adorable bunny cupcakes with pink ears, and big pink noses. There are three Easter bunny cupcakes each sitting in a blue and white stripped cupcake wrapper.

Bunny Ear Cupcakes | Preppy Kitchen

The men in my life will devour these, chocolate cupcakes and a Cadbury Easter Creme snuck inside.

Easter cupcake recipe stuffed with an Cadbury Easter egg center.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes | My Gorgeous Recipes

These speckled Easter cupcakes are so full of pretty Spring pastel shades. So simple to make and so pretty. I love the speckled frosting.

Seven Easter cupcakes with large dollops of different pastel coloured icing tops. Icy soft pink, green, yellow, and blue topped cupcakes, and sprinkles of miniature coloured Easter eggs around them.

Speckled Easter Cupcakes | Urban Bakes

A cake mix, some marshmallows and candy whiskers.   You wouldn’t guess anything this cute and adorable could be easy to achieve.

How to make an Easter cupcake recipe that looks like the Easter bunny

Easter Bunny Cupcakes | Thrifty Jinxy

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with toasted coconut nests.  Throw on some Easter eggs and you have a sweet little Easter dessert idea.

Homemade Cupcake Recipe for Spring or Easter with Easter eggs and pretty pink icing.

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes  | 5 Minutes for Mom

These adorable bunny butt cupcakes from Spend with Pennies are frosted and dipped into cookie crumbs before adding the coconut covered bunnies. So cute.

Six cupcakes with coconut covered bunny butt decorations on top. They have white feet with pink pads and dark chocolate cookie cupcake tops to resemble dirty.

Bunny Butt Cupcakes | Spend With Pennies

These very pretty pink bunny cupcakes feature purchased sugar bunnies. Add some sweet soft pink frosting and chocolate egg and dessert is ready.

Two pretty pink bunny Easter cupcakes with sugar candy heads and ears. The icing is a very soft pink there are pastel coloured chocolate Easter eggs, and soft green cupcake holders.

Sugar Bunny Easter Cupcakes | A Spoonful of Sugar

Cute little sheep cupcakes made so simple using a chocolate cake mix and marshmallows.

Four Easter Sheep Cupcakes in green bottoms with adorable chocolate sheep faces, and really fun marshmallow topping.

Sheep Easter Cupcakes | Cincyshopper

Orange cake covered with creamcheese frosting, candied Easter eggs and a fun chocolate handle.

A Easter cupcake covered with white buttercream, miniature Easter eggs and a licorice handle so iut resembled an Easter basket.

Cupcake Easter Baskets | Taste of Home

These oh too sweet little chick Easter cupakes are very easy to put together and take only a few minutes to decorate.

An Easter treat of little ducking Easter Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes  | Amanda’s Cooking

The cute Easter bunny ears on these cupcakes are cookies, which are then decorated and added to you cupcake.

Three pink and white Easter bunny cupcakes with pink cookie ears and candy noses. On the back side the little white frosted bunny cupcakes have mini marshmallows attached to resemble bunny tails.

Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers | Sweet Sugar Belle

These little chirpy Easter cupcakes are so cute. When I look at the picture I can almost here them chirping in their sweet coconut nests.

A cute idea for Easter themed cupcakes covered in toasted coconut nexts and with three round little birds with beaks.

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes | Cooking Classy

Who could resist this adorable face. These cute little chick cupcakes are sure to be a hit for Easter.

Four yellow chick cupcakes with swirls of yellow icing. The icing is topped with a yellow cookie and decorated with a sweet duck face.

Cute Little Chick Cupcakes | Sweet Sugarbelle

A match made in heaven, bunny ears and carrot cake. A simply and delicious idea for Easter, carrot cake is so popular especially with delicious cream cheese icing.

Carrot cake cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing and coconut, then decorate with pink felt bunny ears. There are six pretty Easter bunny cupcakes sitting on a white pedestal plate with a soft pink towel and white flowers as a backdrop.

Carrot Cake Easter Cupcakes with Felt Bunny Ears | The Blondie Locks

These Easter cupcakes are quick to decorate, the secret is using Russian tips.

Easy Cupcake Bouquet with Russian Piping Tips Tutorial 

Little chick peeps are a tradition in our home as my eldest was allergic to chocolate. These peeps look so fun nestled on the green frosting nests.

Simple iced Easter cupcakes with green icing and yellow chick peeps

Easter Nest Cupcakes with Peeps | Outnumbered 3 to 1

Anything so sweet and adorable should be harder to make. The fun easy to decorate bunny cupcakes use black jelly beans, marshmallows, sprinkles and candy.

An Easter cupcake recipe featuring an Adorable Easter bunny with Marshmallow ears

Easter Bunny Cupcakes| Press Print Party

A Spring or Easter cupcake recipe with strawberry carrots , looks like a carrot garden.

Carrot Patch Easter Chocolate Cupcakes| Easy Family Recipe Ideas

Simple swirls of perfectly piped pink icing make these bird’s nest cupcake irresistable. So pretty,

Pink buttercream icing cupcakes with Marshmallow Easter eggs

Mini Egg Cupcakes| Crumbs Corks Screws

No sure which cupcake you want to bake? Pin it to decide later.

A collection of 9 one of a kind cupcake decoration ideas, from swirled icing with easter eggs, eEaster egg basket, bunny candy on picking icing, orange candy covered strawberries to look like carrots and planted in a chocolate crumb icing top.

Cadbury flakes and Cadbury chocolae eggs arranged on top of moist chocolate cupcakes. Sure sound good, the texture of these cupcakes will be fantastic.

Chocolate cupcakes with Cadbury Easter eggs and Cadbury chocolate bits on top.

Easter Chocolate Cupcakes | Neys Kitchen Official

Sweet fun and adorable Easter basket cupcakes that you can frost and then let children decorate as an activity. Such a fun Easter dessert or school party idea.

A Easter basket cupcake recipe topped with frosting, jelly beans and a peep Easter bunny.

Easy Easter Basket Cupcakes with Peeps | She Saved

Vegan organic cupcakes.

A healthy alternative cupcake recipe that looks like an Easter bunny.

My Melody Vegan Cupcakes| Vegan Dollhouse

Easter egg nests made with cotton candy. The kids loved these.

Homemade Strawberry Cupcakes with Cotton Candy Nests for Easter

Strawberry Cupcakes with Cotton Candy Nests | Pretty DIY Home

These Easter cupcake recipes are so sweet and adorable, but we will all happily see them disappear.  I hope you make a couple of these recipes to enjoy.

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