Book Page Wreath Craft with DIY All Black Chalkboard

Farmhouse DIY Book Page Wreath and Chalkboard Backdrop

Little pops of black are so dramatic and striking, especially when paired with white. So when I learned this month’s topic for the Int’l bloggers is black and white, I was excited.   So many ideas came to mind but given the current situation I decided to make a book page wreath as the supplies are super simple and easily available. 

Once a month I am collaborate with the Int’l Bloggers, we are a group of bloggers from the far corners of the world.  Each month we have a new topic and it always great to see how my fellow blogging friends interpret the monthly theme.  You will see their beautiful posts linked up at the end of mine.  Enjoy!

DIY Book page wreath and DIY chalkboard wreath tutorial.

To add drama to my little DIY farmhouse wreath I dug out an old thrift store picture and painted the entire thing black using black chalkboard paint.  I washed the whole thing off  very well first, and then painted it with three coats of black chalkboard paint. Letting it dry an hour between coats.    Let’s continue with the actual book page wreath tutorial.

DIY Farmhouse Book Page Wreath Supplies

12″ Wreath form or  cut cardboard for DIY form

Wire for hanger

Simple drawn magnolia leaf pattern

50 book pages

Scissors and hot glue gun

You will need either a 12 inch  wreath form, or you can cut one out using cardboard.  Cut a circle about twelve inches across,  it doesn’t need to be exact, just trace out the circle from a large bowl.  Then draw a second circle two inches narrower.  You will end up with a cardboard ring very similar to the wreath form you see in the picture.

Materials needed for making a book page wreath, a cheap craft idea for adults.

Rip the pages out of a book. (I am using old encyclopedias,  I need to throw out some leaves if they have photos.)

Cut out a simple oblong leave shape with a little tail.

Layer two book pages together.

Fold your paper in half, and then in half again.

Lay the leaf pattern along the fold, cut out.  Snip off the end.  Apply pressure along the fold to create a leave, set aside. 

Each set of folded pages creates four leaves.

Repeat until you have about 100  leaves.

A wreath form with precut paper leaves for making a DIY farmhouse book page for cheap.

Cut off four inches of wire, thread through the wreath and wrap to form a wire loop.

Adding wire to a DIY book page farmhouse wreath craft.

Making the First  Wreath Layer

Lay out the first layer of leaves angling them so they feather out towards the inside and outside of the wreath.  

Starting at the hanger, attach each leaf to the wreath form with hot glue.

Once you got the first two leaves glued in, place the next set of leaves underneath the previous set. Repeat with the next pair of leaves.

Work your way around the wreath gluing the leaves in pairs until you reach the wire hanger.  Continue gluing the leaves over top of the hanger to camouflage it.

Making a DIY book page wreath.

Check your wreath over quickly adding extra glue where you think its needed.

Making the Second Wreath Layer

On the second layer place your leaves less fanned out then the previous row.  Don’t place them straight but at a smaller outwards angle.  Like the first row add your leaves by gluing them underneath the previous leaves.  Start and finish at the hanger, working your way all around the wreath.  Using the glue gun, add some extra glue underneath some of the leaves as needed.

Making a DIY book page wreath for DIY farmhouse decor.

Making the Third Wreath Layer

For the third layer take a look at your wreath,  you may find some portions are a little bit thinner than others, fill in those areas. 

Gently fluff out any leaves that you want.  

A DIY farmhouse wreath made using book pages mounted onto a DIY black chalkboard.

Tying the Wreath to the Chalkboard

Decide which way your want your chalkboard, portrait or landscape.  Depending on the size of your chalkboard cut a piece of twine long enough to hang the  wreath plus six inches. 

I  always protect my backdrops by attaching wreaths to the back.  I don’t like to hang them using a nail etc, as I know I will use the background for something else eventually. 

Tie the twine to the hanger with a simple knot, then place over the top of the frame.  Tape the remaining twine to the back of the frame using packing tape.

Cut a second piece of twine and tie a simple bow around the hanging knot.  

A large black and white book page wreath made by cutting out the leaves. A pretty and cheap craft idea for adults to use for home decor

International Bloggers

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  1. I agree with Marie, the colors complement so well. White on black. I will be making this very soon! Love the simplicity and the price fits my budget too!

  2. Your wreath is really lovely, I love how you used pages from a book. It looks very unique. There are way to many books ending up in the tip, good to see them recycled. Pinned

  3. Oh, that’s lovely Leanna. It’s such a classic, timeless kinda wreath if that makes any kind of sense and the fact that you used old book pages adds to its charm. We have so many old books lying around the house that need to be repurposed before they fall apart completely and this is perfect.

  4. I agree with Marie, perfect stay at home craft and I really love the book page look and black background! You can never have too many wreaths!!

  5. I love how the pretty book page wreath pops against the black frame! This is a great project to make right now, we all have old books around the house and probably an old picture frame. Easy to follow tutorial too – thank you 🙂

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