DIY Ladybug and Butterfly Bean Bags and Toss Game

An Easy DIY Bean Bag To Make and Play with Kids

Summer is finally starting here, the deck doors are open its time to start thinking about outdoor summer games with the grandchildren. My eldest loves anything outdoors, and the youngest anything craft, so this is a great way to satisfy both of them. I created these free patterns for a bean bag toss game. One day we will sew the diy bean bags, the next day we will play the DIY bean bag toss.  

This game can be played indoors, but preferably outdoors with the butterflies, ladybugs and some sparkly hula hoops for targets.

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DIY Bean Bag Supplies

For the butterfly and ladybug bean bag toss game you will need:

2 hula hoops

dollar store felt in assorted colours  ( 2 sheets per bean bag)

Sewing machine, needle, and thread.

8 plastic bags

Dollar store beans, lentils, popcorn kernels or rice

Bean bag shape pattern

How to Make Butterfly Bean Bags using Dollar Store Felt

Butterly Shaped DIY Bean Bags

Felt pieces made using a free pattern for bean bag toss game.

Print out the free bean bag patterns. You will need two full bean bag patterns, one body and two of each of the wing patterns.   Cut out all the felt pieces, the cutting is simple enough that children can do it with you.

Applique the detail pieces to the front of the butterfly.  (You can hot glue the details on instead of sewing but they may not last as long).

Place the right sides together and sew around the outside the butterfly with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Leave a 2 ” gap for adding the stuffing.

Once the outside seam is sewn, turn your butterfly bean bag right side out.

Stuff a small plastic bag inside the butterfly in the unlikely change that the bean bag rips, you won’t have a spill.

Fill the plastic lined beanbag with dry beans (popcorn, rice, lentils) until just full (not overstuffed.  Tie the plastic bag closed with a tight knot.

How to line a bean bag with a plastic bag. toss game, DIY bean bag, how to make a bean bag, handmade bean bags, fun outdoor activities for kids.

Once you have the bean bag stuffed and tied, sew the 2 inch opening closed with a needle and thread.

Repeat for the number of bean bags you want.  If your playing the game, make at least four of each style of bean bag.

Lady Bug Bean Bag

The ladybug bean bag follows the same basic process as the butterfly bean bag.  As my grand children are all girls, I was able to use girly colours.  If your making them for both boys and girls I suggest doing the “bugs” in more masculine respectfully boy colours.

Cut out all the pattern pieces, you will need 2 bodies, 2 wings, 4 antennas, 1 heart, and 9 spots.

Cut out felt for ladybug shaped bean bags for a children's outdoor summer toss game. toss game, DIY bean bag, how to make a bean bag, handmade bean bags, fun outdoor activities for kids.

Start by sewing the antenna into double layers, this will make them thicker and much less likely to tear. Lay the two pieces of antenna together and sew around the outside.  Repeat for the second set of antenna.  Sew two of the antennas together, repeat with the other two.

Applique (or glue) the heart and spots to the wings.

Applique the wings to the body.

Pin the antenna to the right side of the main body.

The front side of a DIY ladybug bean bag. toss game, DIY bean bag, how to make a bean bag, handmade bean bags, fun outdoor activities for kids.

Pin the right sides together and sew 1/2 inch seam, leaving a 2″ gap for stuffing.

Turn right side out and insert a plastic bag.  Fill with beans and tie with a knot.

Sew the gap closed with a needle and thread.

You will need a minimum of four butterflies and four ladybugs.  Place the two hula hoops several feet apart, depending on the age of the children.   Standing beside the opposite hula hoop toss the bean bags.  Whoever gets the most bugs in the hoop wins.

Enjoy the Summer

A handmade bean bag that looks like a pretty lady bug.

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