DIY Cushion Cover made with Gorgeous Washable Paper

It’s time for the August Pin Challenge! The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate us to not just pin, but to make it happen! This month’s challenge is all about Fall projects. The pin I chose was Button Closure Lunch Bag

This pin inspired me to make the button closure and turn my cushion cover into a clutch version.

Have you ever seen the Uashmama washable paper bags? I came across some in BC and am obsessed with them. The texture is gorgeous, it reminds me of leather without the horrible smell. I bought a real Uashmama bag ($52 each) and then went online to see what I could find to create a much cheaper DIY version and discovered Kraft Tex Washable Paper.

Uashmama bag and three types of kraft tex washable paper for DIY faux leather bags, and crafts

Kraft Tex Washable Paper

This is not a sponsored post although I would be honest if it was.  I purchased some small sheets and two large rolls of Kraft Tex washable paper through Amazon and absolutely love this stuff.  The directions say to wash it first, so I tested it.  I washed and dried it with a load of dark clothes and it came out fine.  I also ironed it, and that worked as well. 

Kraft tex is like working with a thick canvas fabric.  Its thick and stiff but my machine had no problem sewing it.  The package comes with lots of helpful information that I read and followed. I have sewn both this DIY cushion cover that I left smooth, and a crinkled DIY paper bag that I crumpled. I love it in both textures, and since it irons well, you can have it either way.

Folding the Kraft Tex

Kraft tex is very strong so it requires some extra steps to fold it neatly.

Measure and mark like you do for regular paper. Then fold and crease as usual.

Once folded, take an alligator clip or a wood dowel and press firmly along the folded edge really well.

Once its folded and pressed with a dowel or alligator clip, open up the fold, use a long ruler lined up to the crease and run a pointed edge along the crease. 

I had wood skewers, but if you don’t have those, use a knitting needle.  Creasing the paper on both sides gives it a nice firm fold that holds well.

The package warns you not to pin kraft tex instead they suggest holding it in place using alligator clips.  I found this worked very well.

DIY Cushion Cover Tutorial

A roll of Kraft Tex washable paper fabric comes in rolls 19″ wide and 1.5 yards (54″ ) long. 

Use the 19″ width of the roll of paper and cut the length to 30 inches.

You will make three folds with creases across the 19″ width of the washable paper.

Make the first fold 2 inches from the edge (19″ side). Fold, press, open and crease. This will become the front edge of your cushion.

Folding over front edge on a DIY cushion cover using a faux leather washable paper.

Make the second fold 9 inches from the first fold. Again fold, press, open and crease. This will be the top edge of your cushion.

Starting at the opposite end of your paper (still at the 19″ side) make the third fold 6.5 inches from the end. Fold, press, open and crease this last fold.

Sewing Faux Leather DIY Cushion Cover

As this is washable paper you don’t want to put extra holes in it. For this reason I was very cautious when sewing my cushion. You can pick out a seam if you need to, but it shows and it would likely rip your paper fabric if you pulled too hard on it. Instead I double checked every seam before I began sewing, and turned the speed down on my machine. This washable paper is so gorgeous I didn’t mind taking the extra caution and the cushion cover sewed up in just a few minutes.

Start by sewing a seam 1/4″ from the edge of the first fold. This creates the front of your cushion cover.

Sewing the very edge of a seam with washable paper. It has a small alligator clip holding the washable paper together.

Using alligator clips hold the two edges of the cushion together, and sew 1 inch seams.

Since the washable paper is stiff, instead of trying to twist the paper around inside the open part of the sewing machine. I flipped my sewing over and sewed in the opposite direction starting at the top, and sewing towards the bottom thereby keeping the narrow side on the right.

Making a DIY cushion cover using washable paper, showing the seam

Sewing the “seams” along the top flap of the cushion cover , creates a matching finish along the front of the cushion. Make sure the seam is straight and that it starts and ends aligned with the seam for the bottom of the cushion.

To add the silver button front sew the first button on the top flap of your cushion cover. As you are sewing washable fabric make sure to pierce the thread through the same hole repeatedly.

Sewing a button onto a DIY envelope cushion with a needle and thread.

Once that is done line up the bottom button, sew in place and then tie the two together with a small strip of leather.

Sewing a second silver button onto the front of a faux leather DIY pillow cover.

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Stone coloured washable paper DIY cushion cover for Fall


  1. I just returned from Italy and i saw Ushema store with beautiful paper products. The bread bag was 39 euro (size of ~6″x4-5″) which i could not justify spending. I am excited to find this blog to try DIY!

  2. Interesting. I’ve never heard of this textile…thanks for the info on it.

    1. Your very welcome Erlene. I really enjoy working with it. Let me know if you make something with it.

  3. I went down a YouTube rabbit hole watching Kraft Tex videos about a year ago. I haven’t had a chance to work with it, but I’d love to give it a try. Your project looks like a great place to start!

    1. There are so many things you can make with this stuff. Enjoy playing with it Lydia and thank you for the feedback.

    1. Hi Michelle. I am so in love with this product. I made a bag that I haven’t posted yet, and some leaves, and and and lol.

  4. This is such a unique idea! I had never heard of anything like this before, but now I’m anxious to try it!

  5. That waterproof paper is SO cool! I bet it would work fantastically for outdoor pillows as well. Your pillow turned out so pretty, love the little silver button.

  6. I love your diy cushion cover! What a great idea to look for a less expensive way to make something you love. I’ve never heard of Kraft Tex washable paper. It seems like a good item to have for crafts. Imagine what other things we can make with it! Thanks for sharing this wonderful material!

  7. These are so cute! I did not know about the washable paper. Great tutorial.

  8. Leanna, your cushion coverup is so cute and functional. I love the idea you can wash it.

  9. It looks great! What a good idea to make something washable and easy to care for.

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