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DIY Waterproof Pet Feeding Mat

DIY Waterproof Mat or Large Placemat for Pets

This DIY waterproof pet feeding mat is also a great wipe able surface for under high chairs, in front of the stove or sink, it doesn’t need to be used for pets. But if you have a large dog like do I made ours for the specific purpose of protecting our hardwood floors from my big boys rather elaborate eating habits.  I have several rugs that I keep under his dishes so that I can swap them out for clean ones regularly, but they are all more functional than pretty, and none of them are large enough.

A neatly arranged dog pet food area, but the floor can get damaged by water from a pet bowl.

My lovely pup turns out from the water bowl and its hard to notice every time and wipe the floor.  The worst spots are within the blue dots, eventually, it will damage the hardwood so I needed a solution.

This DIY floor cloth was needed for a very long time, I just couldn’t think of the right underlay material.  It had to be waterproof so I couldn’t use canvas or carpet mesh.  A friend solved the issue for me and suggested linoleum.

I found a small piece of linoleum at Habitat for Humanity,  I could have used it as it was, but pup’s dishes are out in the main living area so I needed it to be pretty.

DIY Pet Food Mat Supplies

A piece of linoleum

Heavy duty industrial spray on adhesive

Heavy fabric, I used outdoor upholstery fabric, but canvas or heavy drop cloth would work

Clear drying polyurethane

Long Straight edge and utility knife.

Decide on the size you want for your cloth mine is 2.5  feet by 5 feet.   The fabric needs to be five inches longer and 5 inches wider than the linoleum.

A large waterproof homemade dog feeding area placemat. The fabric is a pretty green and bright blue, and there are two large dog bowls on top.

Cutting the Linoleum for the DIY Pet Placemat

Roll out the linoleum on a hard surface so that it’s flat as possible.   Using a long straight edge like a square or long level,  cut the linoleum to size.  Make sure the edges are as straight as possible.  Wash and let the linoleum dry to make sure it’s clean so the glue can adhere to it.

Working the Fabric

Cut your fabric so that it is five inches wider and 5 inches longer than the linoleum.

Place the linoleum good side up and cover it with your fabric also good side is up.  Center the fabric over the linoleum making sure the pattern of your fabric is straight.

Fold half of your fabric back exposing half of the linoleum.

Attaching fpretty fabric to thrifted linoleum to make a DIY waterproof pet placemat in any size. You can see the lineoleum, the spray on adhesive and pretty blue and green

Spray the industrial glue to the six inches in front of the fold.

Roll the fabric on top of the glue starting with the middle six inches work your way out to the edge.  Once done smooth the fabric with your hands to help the glue to adhere.  Add the next width of glue, roll the fabric and press with your hand until smooth.

Once one side is done, start on the other side and repeat the steps.  Once the entire fabric is attached set aside for at least half an hour giving the glue time to dry.

Sealing the Seams of the Pet Feeding Mat

Flip your DIY fabric cloth good side down.  Cut out the corners of your fabric to reduce bulk.    Cut a square out of each section, practice to see how the fabric folds, and cut more if needed.

Cutting the corners on a DIY floor cloth

Check out all the edges of your fabric and remove any loose threads and fraying.

Starting with one long edge spray the glue onto one long edge of the DIY fabric cloth.  Starting from the middle, fold the fabric over the edge.  Work your way towards the ends making sure the fabric is tight.  Press smooth with your hand.

Folding over fabric on a DIY floor mat

Sealing the DIY Waterproof Pet Feeding Mat

The final step is sealing the DIY floor cloth with polyurethane.  As my floor cloth will be working hard, all the fabric has to be well sealed with polyurethane so it’s easy to clean.  Make sure to purchase poly that dries clear, so it doesn’t change the colour of your fabric.

Place at least two coats of poly on all the back seams, using a sponge brush.  Let each coat dry for half an hour before adding another coat.

Once the layers of poly are dry,  flip the floor cloth over and apply three separate layers of poly to the front.  Again allow it to dry between each coat.

A DIY waterproof feeding mat for pets, The pet placemat is very large, covered in pretty blue, green, and teal fabric, with two large pet food bowls and a small fabric bone cloth placemat for snacks.

I really love this floor cloth for the pup, its bright and clean and hopefully big enough to protect the floor.  I purchased a little bone shaped placemat at the dollar store for fun, and to use for the unending snacks he eats throughout the day.

A large dog feeding area with waterproof DIY placemat to protect wood floors.  The mat is bright green and blue, and there are two very large pet bowls on top.


  1. Aca Baranton says:

    I love how you found a practical and creative solution to protect your hardwood floors from your big dog’s eating habits. The DIY waterproof pet feeding mat made from linoleum and pretty fabric is not only functional but also visually appealing. The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it accessible for anyone who wants to create their own pet feeding mat. It’s impressive how you considered every detail, from cutting the linoleum to size to sealing the seams with polyurethane for easy cleaning. I appreciate the tip about using a clear-drying polyurethane to maintain the fabric’s color. Overall, your DIY project is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Well done!

    1. We have had it for a couple of weeks now Sam, and it really worked. No more wet hardwood.

  2. Great idea Leanna!!! They sure can be messy can’t they.

  3. Leanna this is a great solution to the pet problem. My dog also slobbers and splashes all his water all over the place.

    1. Hi Mary. Your pup is so cute. I thought of making one with dropcloth and then stenciling a large dog bone on top of it. I already bleached all the dropcloth I have on hand, so it was cheaper to get a small piece of fabric.

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