Easy Front Door Decoration

Upcycled Frame to Door Decoration

Repainting the front door is on the front porch update list and the weather isn’t cooperating. This easy front door decoration can be done inside so I am making it first and will hang it on my freshly painted front door as soon as its a bit warmer and dry.

This picture is taken indoors with one of the buckets and the stand I have for the front porch, I guess its pretty obvious that Tiffany blue and pansies are this year’s theme.  Very easy choice as pansies is both mine and Hubs favorite garden flower.  They appear like happy little joyful faces to me, so pretty.

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Prepare the Frame

This little frame was a thrift store find for $3 dollars last summer for the guest room.  It wasn’t big enough for the spot above the bed, so back on the storage shelf, it went.   You need to find a pretty frame with glass, spray paint the entire frame and glass with white chalk paint.  This one took two light coats, let the paint dry thoroughly between coats.

Stencil and Paint the Pansy

There are three ways to get a pansy stencil; you can purchase one, use a cutting machine or you can make your own using an outside window as a tracing table.  I will describe the third method as the first two are pretty self-explanatory.

Find a picture of a pansy, print it out to the size you want and make two copies.

Cut out one printed pansy outline including any leaves. Place onto a piece of card stock and trace around it.

Cut out the outline on the card stock.  This simple stencil will give you the general idea and proportions for painting.

Now take a second pansy picture,   place it up on the window and trace any other parts that you think will help guide you.   Cut them out, place on your project and trace.  I traced the inner portions of the blossoms.

Using the picture as a guide fill in your pansy in with whatever colours you choose.  Let dry.  Paint a second coat free hand.  This gives your pansy a hand painted texture.

Adding Text

Just like the pansy, you can purchase letter stencils, cut one with a cutting machine, or make your own using Word, your printer, a window, and scissors.   As I have a cutting machine I created a stencil with my silhouette.

Prior to having a cutting machine I created my own stencils this way.  Design Welcome in any font and size you like.  Place it up on the window, place another piece of paper over top and cut it out.

Now that you have your stencil made, place it on the surface and outline with a pencil. Remove the stencil and lightly fill the letters in.  Try and paint in the same direction as you would if you were writing out the letters, the first coat is now done.  Let dry.

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Your all done working with stencils.  Now your paintbrush and paint over the letters freehand.   Once done the second coat you should see some texture in the paint.

It is so wonderful being able to think about being outdoors in the sunshine again.  Spring is most certainly welcome.

I will post this little sign again as part of my front step makeover post.  What month are you usually able to put your outside decor out?  In northern Canada its usually Mother’s day at the latest.


  1. I love pansies too – they are such cheerful little flowers. Your Front Door Decoration is so welcoming and pretty. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely project with us at Hearth and Soul.

  2. That is such a pretty sign Leanna. And I know you are such a talented artist, you can make rusted tin and cardboard look good!

  3. Great idea! And that is one fancy frame. I love it.
    🙂 gwingal

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