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Fancy Witch Hat for Costume or Decor

Easy Witches Hat to Make at Home

This fancy witch hat can be worn as a fancy addition to a witches costume. Or you can make it as a witch hat decoration. This fancy DIY witch hat is the focal point of our Halloween front foyer. The hat is elegant with roses, sparkles, velvet topped with a cute curl on top. It can be worn as a part of a fabulous witches costume, or attach it to a stand like I did for Halloween decor.

DIY witch hat decoration made with velvet, black velvet roses and sparkly veil. Not scary Haloween decoration idea. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

To make this fancy DIY witch hat at home, start with an inexpensive witch hat, the dollar store has lots of bargain witch hats. Having a fabulous DIY witches hat for a Halloween costume or as decor doesn’t need to involve a sewing machine, sewing pattern, or expensive materials. Grab a cheap witches hat, some fun Halloween embellishments and a glue gun and get started.

This particular witches hat is part of a witches desk vignette so I mounted it onto a Styrofoam witch head and candlestick I found at the thrift store.     I am sharing a step by step tutorial for creating the hat and will post the simple tutorial for the hat stand afterwards.

How to Make a Fancy Witch Hat

Fancy Witch Hat Supplies

A dollar store witches hat

A metre (yard) of sparkly tulle

Glitter embellishments ( I chose a skeleton because it was purple)

Shiny black fabric (Mine is from a coat liner)

Thread, needle and  hot glue gun

Polyester filling

DIY Fancy Witch Hat Tutorial

How to Make a Witch Hat Stand Up

To make a witch hat stand up you need to stuff your hat making sure it is very full. If you plan on wearing the hat,  stuff it as full as you can while still leaving room for your head.  Once you are comfortable with the amount of filling, cut a circle of shiny black material and hot  glue it to the inside of the hat to protect your head from the stuffing.

Attach Tulle to the Fancy Witches Hat

The sparkling tulle surround is what makes this fancy witch hat stand out. I really love the sparkles of course and the dramatic way it sweeps across the front of the witches hat. Take the yard (or metre) of tulle and fold over the long edge of the tulle, and iron creating a hem. 

Using a measuring tape measure the circumference of your hat. For example 23 inches.

Gather the tulle in about one inch gathers.

Fold the tulle in half to find the center.  From the center measure half the distance of the circumference. (ex 11 1/2inches) from center on each side.

Folding the veil on a DIY witches hat for Halloween. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Once gathered loosely sew the gathering together where the half way from the circumference is.

How to fold the veil on a DIY witches hat for Halloween. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Repeat on the other side.

Folding the veil on a DIY witches hat for Halloween. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Take the front center of the tulle and place on the front of the hat and wrap around to the back.  Make a criss cross at the back and tack the tulle to the back of the witches hat,  don’t worry if the stitches show.  There should be enough tulle so it hanging down the back of your hat. That’s why we started with a full yard of fabric.

Adding embellishment to a not scary witches hat for Halloween Decor. DIY Halloween decorating idea.

Fluff  the tulle on the front of the hat.

The front of a DIY witch hat Halloween decoration.

Witches Hat Front Embellishment

To make the small front arrangement gather the tulle along the side and sew to gather it.

Sewing a DIY witch hat for Halloween decor. This witches hat is not scary and more pretty.

Once it is gathered and sewn, hot glue a fun Halloween embellishment on top. I used a sparkly skull, but a spider, feather, pumpkin or miniature caldron are some other ideas.

DIY witch hat on a thrift store stand, for Halloween. , witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Once you have the front arrangement done, finish the larger arrangement on the back of the hat.

Black satin roses and a skull on the back of a DIY witches hat. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

For the large arrangement on the back of the witches hat. You need two pretty flowers for the back and some sort of sparkly embellishment. I made two easy rolled fabric roses using the leftover black coat lining.    Use any kind of florals you like, there no real pattern except a large black flower on each side. Glue the embellishment arrangement shown on the back of the hat where the criss cross tulle is.

Black witches hat for Halloween decor

DIY Witches Hat Decoration Stand

Craft stores have various kinds of styrofoam heads for Halloween, I was super fortunate and found the styrofoam witches head when I was searching for a large candlestick at the thrift store.

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Using some black chalk paint  (Small jar of Martha Stewart brand) paint your witches head and let dry.

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Placing DIY Witches Hat on a Stand

The style of candlestick you have will decide how you can attach the head to the candlestick. If you have a tall thing candlestick use doweling to push down into the candlestick on one end, and then attach the other end of the doweling into the bottom of your candlestick.

Its easier if you have a wide topped candestick because you can simply hot glue the head onto the candlestick and your done. j

Unfortunately mine was a little bit inbetween so I added an extra step.

First I used a small piece of Styrofoam, hot glue and toothpicks to create a small base that fit exactly into the top of my candlestick. Once that was done I used black hot glue to attach this styrofoam base to the candlestick.

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

DIY Witches Hat Halloween Decor Idea

Once the easy DIY witches hat was finished I set it in the front foyer and added other decorations around it. Some of the ornaments were from my stash, but I did purchase some spell books and cut sparkly witch shoes on sale.

DIY witch hat for Halloween decor. , witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

uEvery witch needs a little black cat,  don’t you think?

a cute black Halloween kitten. DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

All girls even witches appreciate fancy party shoes. I would give anything for a Spell to make husbands dance as much as you want them to. Sigh.

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

I found this only too perfect magic potion coffee mug I now carry around with me every morning. So fun.m

DIY witch hat, witch hat decoration ideas, hat witch designs

Keep this Witches Hat Idea and Pin it!

A velvet black DIY witch hat with sparkling black tulle, black fabric roses and a sparkly purple skull for Halloween.

Some Other Fun Halloween Witch Ideas

A DIY Halloween Wreath using dollar store supplies.

A Not so Wicked Witches Wreath

A dollar store basket is the wreath form for this Witches Halloween Wreath. Add some sparkly lights and place on the front door.


  1. Thank you for sharing your fun witches hat! What a fun way to spice up a little black hat.

  2. Leanna that is one gorgeous hat. If it wasn’t on that ugly witches head I’d be tempted to wear it. Love the look with the tulle and the purple flower in the back.

  3. Thanks for sharing your creative and fun halloween hat idea. I love that you were able to same very inexpensive simple items and create something quite unique and spooky!! It’s perfect for the season! I may have to give this a try! xoxo Jodie & Julie

  4. This has got to be the most elegant and eerie witches hat EVER! Pinned

  5. This is awesome! The bigger had made a huge difference! Enjoyed hopping with you! 🙂

  6. Ok, I have to have that hat! It’s so sassy! lol That has to be the cutest witches hat I’ve ever seen! You are so creative and your posts always inspire me!

  7. Oh my goodness!! This is so amazing!! I’m seriously in love with your diy witch hat.. love it all! Thank you so much for share this wicked diy. Happy Halloween!!

  8. You are so clever Leanna! The candle sticks as a hat stand is just genius and I love your witch hat so much! It sure is for a fancy witch! 🙂

  9. What a great post! I love your man and the gorgeous hat! You are so clever and the purple is the perfect accent to the black! Thanks so much for joining us this month with your creative Halloween craft!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Janine. I am really enjoying this group of bloggers, they challenge me to create something different.

  10. Oh, your witches hat turned out awesome Leanna!! Love all of the sparkly touches that you added and the way the tulle falls at the back!! Such a clever idea with the candlestick for a stand for it!!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      The candlestick is really nice Sam. The top can flip over for either a large or tapered candle, which means it comes apart. I am able to separate the head portion off so its easier to store. Glad you like it.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      I have had these hat and some real with brooms for a few years. It was fun to take one of them and give it some glamour.

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