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Wood DIY Christmas Tree Stand Tutorial

How to Build A DIY Christmas Tree Box

Did you ever notice how barren and empty the tree looks after Christmas morning?  It never fails to make me feel kind of a let down after all the excitement.  A gorgeous DIY Christmas tree box should really help fill in that void.

A DIY wooden Christmas tree box is a relatively straightforward  project o make.  Hubs and I built this one in a couple of hours and I took another couple of hours to sand and then stain it.

I absolutely love the grain of the wood, it looks so beautiful and cohesive with the Christmas tree.  The beautiful grain of the wood prevented me from painting it, or adding any cross pieces.  It was just too nice to cover up.

Gorgeous DIY Wood Tree Stand

Tutorial for How to Make a Christmas Tree Box


1″ by 2″ lumber – 2 boards

1″ by 3″ lumber – 3  8 ft boards

1/2″ plywood – Total 44 by 26″ so about half a sheet

120, 150 grit sandpaper

A small container of wood stain (espresso)

A small container of matte polyurethane

Start by measuring your tree stand, ours is 26″ wide and the stem is 11″ high.  You can adjust the tree stand to fit the size of your metal tree stand, just adjust the cut lengths and follow the same procedure.

Cut four pieces of plywood  1 inch wider and the same height as your metal tree stand.  So we cut four pieces of plywood 27″ by 11″

Fit and tack the plywood together,  Making sure the top and bottom pieces fit towards the outside, and the other side fits towards the inside. Tack with 1″ nails or using L brackets.

DIY wood tree stand for Christmas tree

Adding Top and Bottom Trim to the DIY Tree Stand

After the plywood box shell is built add the trim to the four sides of your box.  You can measure the distance and cut the 1″ by 3″ lumber to length.  4 pieces 28.5″, and 4 more 26 1/4 ” but I  prefer not to measure and bother with fractions on the measuring tape.

Instead, do it by sight and pencil marks.  Clamp two pieces of 1″ by 3″ on each end of your plywood box.  Then make sure your piece of 1″ by 3″  is flush at one end.  Return to the other end and mark with a pencil where the cut should be. Go to your saw and cut to match the pencil mark.  Easy.

Making sure edges are flush on even while trimming a DIY Christmas tree stand.

Start by working along the top.  Two sides will be longer than the opposite two sides.  After +you make sure each piece is flush, attach the trim to the plywood using glue and 1″ nails.

Measuring trim for a DIY wood Christmas tree stand.

Once you have the four top trim pieces on, do the exact same thing with the bottom trim.

Adding  Side Trim to the DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Stand

Measure the distance between the top and bottom pieces of trim. (6 1/4″ ) and cut 8 pieces. two for each corner.

Alternatively, place one piece of trim and pencil mark where the cuts should be.  Confirm the piece fits and then use that piece as a template for the other 8 pieces.

Glue and attach with one-inch nails, making sure the corners fit neatly.

Place Top Moulding

So that you have a smooth surface looking down from the top of your Christmas tree box, you need to add a final small piece of trim along the top edges.  Hubs decided to do his with a 45-degree angle cut, but you could do it with square cuts if you prefer.

Unfortunately, we neglected to get a picture of this part, but I took some of the trim after it was already stained and under the tree.

Cutting the top trim on a DIY wood Tree stand

Measure the length of one side of your box, (27 3/8″)  and cut.  Fit the four corners together and tack on to the box with glue and nails.

Top trim on DIY Christmas tree box

Finishing the DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Stand

Sand the outside surface of the tree stand with 120, and then 150 grit sandpaper.

Apply to coats of stain,  I used Minwax Espresso stain and one coat of polyurethane.

Our tree isn’t decorated yet,  but I think the stand looks amazing.  Check out the wood grain.

Beautiful one of a kind Christmas tree stand.

I will admit the tree will look more exciting packed with gifts for the munchkins.  But for now I am swooning over this tree stand and the grain patterns in the wood.

Christmas is coming!


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A DIY Tree box for the Christmas tree for cheap.
Rustic DIY Christmas Tree Wood Box Stand for the Christmas tree


    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, I love the rustic look of this tree stand. I will show Hubs your comment.

  1. I like that, might have to give it a try


    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Right on, I absolutely love mine. I am sure you will like it once you make it.

  2. Love this! Now, if I can only get my husband out of the woods to make me one for Christmas! Pinning to share.

  3. Mother of 3 says:

    That is really pretty! Pinned.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thanks, I love the wood base for a tree. I am really enjoying having it.

  4. What a pretty way to add a rustic touch to the tree. It will be pretty all season. Great tutorial, too! Pinning and sharing.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Beverly. I am excited about it, it matches out coffee table etc.

  5. You give such great tutorials. I think these add so much to trees.


  6. It’s beautiful and gives your tree a natural rustic feel. The plastic tree stand is so ugly and I need to convince my husband to make this for us next week, I think this year is to ambitious.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Right on Jenny. Tell him it only takes three hours. Glad you like it.

  7. I totally agree about how barren the tree looks after the presents have been opened. I love the rustic charm of your Christmas tree box – great idea! Pinned

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thanks Marie. For eons, after Christmas, I would redecorate under the tree with teddy bears. This box just seems more mature and classic now that the munchkins are grown.

  8. I don’t have time to do it this year but will pin this for next year. It came out so nice.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Debra. I am really happy with how it turned out, and it wasn’t hard to do at all.

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