20 Minute Farmhouse Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Garland with Twine and White Wood Stars

This time of year is so busy with concerts, shopping, blecky cleaning, holiday planning and all the rest.  This time of year activities are fun but all the juggling and cost can make Christmas decorating a challenge. This farmhouse Christmas garland is a snap to make, super inexpensive, kids can help, and it has a clean minimalist look.

A DIY farmhouse Christmas garland with white wooden stars, red berries, and white bells.

The hardest part of making this farmhouse Christmas garland was deciding where to hang it.  Its so versatile and can hang off of a shelf like this, or a window, fireplace mantel, or server.  Its simple, bright, and adds just a little bit of rustic Christmas joy to your decor.

I also think this is a great idea for a DIY teachers gift. A teacher could use it in the classroom or there home, the price it right, and the kids can participate in making it for them. I am sure the teacher would appreciate something thats a bit unique and hand made.

Farmhouse Christmas Garland Supplies

To make a his farmhouse Christmas galrand you will need a few simple supplies.

Twine or string

5 wood stars


Hot glue gun

Simple plain stars from the dollar store work as well.  The wooden stars I used came from Michael’s prepainted white and cost $1.50 each. I thought it was worth the little extra cost.

Making a Farmhouse Christmas Garland

Decide how wide your garland needs to be, then add a foot to the length for swag. For a four foot shelf I needed my Christmas garland to be 5 feet long.

The main swag for the Christmas garland is made from a double strand of twine. So cut a piece of twine/string 10 feet long. Fold the twine in half, twist the two threads around each other loosely and then tie a bow in both ends.

Now lets attach the wooden stars.

Cut five 10″ pieces of twine, one for each wood star.

Start by attaching the 10″ pieces of twine to the long double twisted twine.

Using loop knots, attach a 10″ twine at each end of the double twisted twine. Once the end twines are added, place a third twine in the middle.

To place the last two 10″ twine pieces, measure the distance between the center and end twines. Then place the middle twine half way between.  Repeat for the other side. You will have 5 short twines strung evenly along the long double twisted twine.

Attaching the Wood Stars

The wood stars are attached to the twine using wood glue. Glue the stars onto the strings with hot glue.  Make sure the star is facing good side front, and that each star has 1″ of twine along the back.

Let the hot glue cool and harden before hanging.

A farmhouse shelf decorated with greenery and a pretty DIY wooden star Christmas garland.

That’s all there is to it.   Mine took 20 minutes to put together, and you can make a longer one for the tree, or a shorter one for over a door.

A wooden star garland in white with red berries, white bells and twine.

Some Other Christmas Garlands and Banner

Here is another super easy print and cut banner for children. They just need to print and cut out the buffalo check banner pieces and string them.

DIY farmhouse cinnamon stick garland with neutral farmhouse Christmas decorations..

DIY Christmas Garland with Cinnamon Sticks

I really enjoy creating Christmas decorations using cinnamon sticks. They smell so nice, especially on a Christmas tree. This simple DIY Christmas garland for the tree is made with cinnamon sticks and dollar store buttons. Perfect for either a farmhouse Christmas tree, or a rustic style Christmas tree.

White mittens and pom poms for a DIY Christmas Garland.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations Banner

Some dollar store mittens, with homemade pom poms and white strings, make a simple, and bright Christmas garland for the holidays.

Handmade wooden Farmhouse Bead Garland for Christmas with a teddy bear, vintage boxes and a rocking horse.

Farmhouse Wooden Bead Christmas Garland

Farmhouse bead Christmas garlands are very easy to make. Personally I can’t have too many of them. I think this farmhouse wooden bead Christmas garland would also make a fantastic Christmas gift.


  1. I missed seeing your posts Leanna. Welcome back from your trip. Hope all went okay.

    Love this adorable little garland. Just the right touch to get into a festive mood

  2. Nice to see you posting again, Leanna! Your Christmas garland has such lovely farmhouse charm. Pinned 🙂

  3. This craft is so easy to do. I love it!

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