20 DIY Doorstopper Ideas with Fabric, Wood, and Concrete

A DIY doorstop is a pretty simple DIY project to complete and I bet you can make one for free, or for a very low cost depending on what type of simple supplies you already have on hand. This post has 40 different doorstop styles of each with complete step-by-step instructions. There are fabric doorstoppers in various shapes and different colors.  Wooden stoppers using scrap wood, crochet doorstops for those who don’t sew, and concrete doorstops as well.  Every one of these doorstops is an easy project that doesn’t take a lot of time to complete.  

Let’s begin by looking at DIY doorstop ideas with fabric as the main material.  To create these handmade doorstops you will need a sewing machine, fabric, something for weight (rice, dry beans, sand), and polyester batting.  A fabric doorstop is the perfect choice for homes with hardwood floors, where scratches could be a concern.

A DIY doorstop is an easy solution for doors you want to hold open.  Whether you want an open door to stay open for a little fresh air, have a door that refuses to stay open, or for us dog lovers who want our pups to be able to come in and out of the yard whenever they want.

16 DIY Fabric Doorstops

I found more fabric door top possibilities than any other type.  These are all pretty simple DIY projects to finish and can be made in endless different shapes and sizes.  A simple homemade doorstop using fabric is a practical solution if you don’t have a wood shop, or enjoy sewing.  

DIY Cottage Doorstop

A fun fabric doorstop DIYidea. You can make this little cottage house doorstop using her free pattern and add any embellishments you like.

Floral Pyramid Doorstop

These simple pyramid doorstops will be so handy snuggled behind every bedroom door for when we need them.

Ikea Hack Doorstopper

This doorstop began as an inexpensive IKEA HAJMAL snack bag. I saw something very similar today at Dollar Tree as well.

Upcycling Socks to Make a Homemade Door Stop

Check out this simple tutorial for turning an old pair of wool socks into a really cute little hoot homemade door stop.

DIY House Doorstop

This doorstop is a gift idea and is designed to resemble a loved one’s home. I think it’s a great house-warming gift idea.

How to Make a Door Draft Stopper

A door draft stopper is one of those easy-to-do sewing crafts that is so practical to have on hand. It prevents drafts from sneaking in under the door and giving us a chilly draft.

Owl DIY Doorstop

This owl doorstop is made out of blue jeans. I think the little animal doorstops are all great for kid’s rooms.

Happy Rock DIY Doorstop

This little smiling face rack is playful and perfect for a kid’s room or the family room.

Contemporary DIY Doorstop

A modern doorstop made out of various coordinated fabrics.

DIY Door Stop That Hangs from Your Door Knob

This simple felt doorstop is so fun with its string accessories. It also hangs from the doorknob when not in use.

Make Doorstops from Old Jeans

Katiliese is a European blog so you need to use Google Translator to read the tutorial. I love the simplicity of this doorstop. Denim is always well wearing and this simple DIY doorstop is easy way to upcycle old blue jeans.

How to Make a Calico Cat Pillow Doorstop

The fabric on this cat pillow doorstop is perfection. The fabric makes it an adorable accessory for any room. So pretty!

4 Crochet DIY Doorstops

For those without a sewing machine. I thought crochet is another great option for those who are worried about wear on hardwood floors.

Crocheted Cat Doorstop

A very simple to crochet DIY doorstop pattern. This pattern is crocheted in one stitch the single crochet.

Boho Crochet Doorstop

This free pattern works for a DIY crocheted doorstop, but it’s pretty enough to be a purse.

Crocheted Doorstop

A simple adorable green cat doorstop with a free crochet pattern.

To make a rope doorstop you’re going to need either heavy jute rope or thick twine and a hot glue gun.  

Jute Rope Doorstop

You will need heavy metal beads and a small hollow ball for this gorgeous jute rope doorstop. The texture of this doorstop is gorgeous, and check out that little leather handle.

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How to Tie a Monkey Fist Doorstop

This Monkey Fist Doorstop is a very inexpensive stylish doorstop, and all you need is this tutorial and rope.

7 DIY Wood Doorstops

Instead of buying an ugly door wedge that we often see in commercial buildings, we can make our own easy DIY doorstop using wood.

Simple DIY Doorstop Makeover 3 Ways

These folk art style bright and cheerful doorstops would be fun to make.

DIY Rustic Bird Doorstop

This is a very unique way to use up leftover scrap wood pieces. This would make a very nice DIY gift for someone.

DIY Dinosaur Doorstop

Here is a second fun and surprisingly special upcycled DIY doorstop project. I love how she upcycled a dinosaur toy into a bronze looking doorstop for her little boy’s bedroom.

6 Concrete DIY Doorstops

If you need to hold back a heavy door, this category of concrete handmade door stoppers is what I would recommend trying.  They are easy to make with simple concrete from the hardware store.  I am wondering if you could use Plaster of Paris as well, but I doubt it would be heavy enough. There are a couple of DIY door stopper projects in this concrete category that will work for heavy doors.

Very Easy Brick Doorstop

A very simple door-stop solution. A very simple solution that matches your other home decor.

Upcycle a Rusty Garden Fork into a concrete Doorstop

Isn’t this doorstop unique? This DIY concrete door stop repurposes an old rusty fork handle. So beautiful for indoors and out.

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A Modern Concrete Doorstop.

Another style of concrete DIY doorstop. This one features a nice rope handle.

DIY Cement Heart Doorstop

This would be a great craft to do with teenage girls for their bedrooms. Don’t you think so?

Little Heart Mosaic DIY Doorstop

This sweet natural rock doorstop features a beautiful mosaic. This is a great solution if you need a gorgeous doorstop for outdoors.

DIY Concrete Doorstopper

A nice cylindrical shaped DIY doorstopper project. This particular doorstop is concrete with attractive black and white paint stripes for contrast.

3 Unique DIY Door Stopper Ideas

It can be fun to go to a junk shop, antique store, or garage sale and see how creative you can be. Here are a couple of DIY door stop ideas that are a little bit unique.

Heavy Vintage Tool DIY Door Stopper Ideas for a Vintage Look

Another unique easy DIY door stopper idea is to check out what heavy vintage items you can locate. A sad iron for a sewing room door or kitchen door. Maybe a shoes cobbler tool for a closet door. Or how about a antique wood planer to hold open a garage door.

I hope you found a style of doorstop you want to make or the inspiration idea to make your own improvided doorstopper, and that you enjoyed checking out this post as much as I did writing it. Finding all these DIY doorstops with step-by-step tutorials took some searching but I am very pleased with all the different solutions I found.

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Four different DIY door stops one made using crochet, another easy sew, a third is wood and the last one is a childs room doorstop.  The text says 30 ways to make a quick and easy door stopper.

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