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Crochet Flowers for Beginners with Free Patterns

You’re going to love these crochet flowers for beginners with free crochet patterns because they crochet quickly and every one of these easy crochet flowers is done in one piece.

Why are these patterns good for beginners?  

Crochet flowers can be quite intricate to make and will expand your crochet skills. But they don’t use very much wool and they crochet together very quickly. Pretty flowers are the perfect way to practice several different stitches in a small project. As they use very little material if you get lost, pull it apart and start again.  No stress about wasted time, or ruining materials like you can get with a bigger project.  You can make these flowers with scrap yarn, dollar store yarn, or crochet cotton. Crochet cotton is the smallest to work with and the hardest to see, but I am using 4 wt cotton yarn weight for the flowers, but thin yarn works well too.

If choosing the simplest flower to make,  the forget-me-knots and the small roses are the easiest crochet flowers to make and have simple flower patterns.  Each flower is listed separately, with its free pattern.  But I am including a very detailed tutorial with step-by-step instructions plus a video tutorial.

Every easy crochet pattern is worked in the same G-6 or 4 mm hook size. You can also choose to crochet with a thicker-weight yarn and a larger crochet hook to practice the flowers. Check your yarn label for the yarn weight and the recommended crochet hook size. Remember that your blossoms will end up much larger than the ones I am doing.

How to Use Crocheted Flowers

Although crocheted flowers are making a comeback along with granny squares, we don’t see them everywhere like we used to. I think it’s because most women don’t have the free time to make large elaborate crochet projects.  Small little touches of crochet flowers make beautiful flower embellishments for home decor, especially for Spring decor.  It’s easy to whip up some little flowers using basic stitches. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes happily crafting.  The largest of the flowers in this post took me half an hour to make. Attach some to your curtain tie-backs, pin them to the corner of a valance, sew them to a shopping bag, or put them in a little girl’s headband, hair clips, or hair scrunchie.  I am making several to embellish a birch bark Easter bunny I will publish soon.  

Crochet Abbreviations used in all the patterns in US Terms

Chain Stitch – ch

Slip stitch –  sl st

Single Crochet – sc

Half-double Crochet – hdc

Double Crochet – dc

Treble crochet – tr

In crochet patterns, an asterisk (*)  indicates that you must repeat the instructions immediately following it.  You will see in some patterns I tell you how often to repeat with a number.  Or I will tell you to repeat what’s in the asterisk until the end of the round.  

If you have never crocheted before I recently created a very thorough step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to become confident with crochet. If you find thus blog post confusing you can check out this Beginners Guide to Crochet – How to Get Started.

Free Crochet Patterns for Roses, Two Coloured Flowers, Forget-Me-Nots,

First Pattern – Tiny Roses Crochet Pattern

These small flowers are crocheted in a long round and then wrapped and sewn together to form the rose. It is only one row, so you can make several of these little flowers in a few minutes.

Three tiny crochet roses.  One is pink, one is white and one is pink  They are accessorized with spring green coloured crocheted leave.  The background is white wood.

Supplies Needed

4 wt cotton yarn, size G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook, and a large eye yarn needle.

Crochet Mini Rose Pattern

Begin with a slip knot, and attach it to the hook. Chain 26.

Row 1 -Skip the first 3 crochet stitches, make 4dc in 4th chain from hook.

Skip 1st, *sc, skip 1st, 5dc, skip 1st, repeat from*

You will end up with 2 stitches at the end, sc into the last stitch. Pull through. Make sure to cut a longer tail, as you will use it to sew the flower together.

Thread the yarn onto the large-eyed yarn needle. Stitch into the first single crochet. front to back, then stitch through the dc stitch front to back. The rose will start rolling. Repeat into the next SC, pull tight, sew into the next dc, and continue. Twist the row and roll it into a flower. Fiddle with it to make the shape and keep stitching to hold it together.

Easy Small Crochet Flowers and Forget-me-nots

This is a very easy to crochet flower pattern with just one round. You can use this pattern in different ways for an endless variety of flowers. In dark blue, it’s a forget-me-knot. Use white or pink yarn and it’s a cherry blossom. This marvelous flower pattern adds contrast and little pops of color to a collection of crocheted flowers.

Supplies Needed

Medium Size 4 crochet cotton, G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook, large eyed yarn needle, coordinating thread, yarn, buttons, and beads (optional)

This is a small very quick to crochet flower. Each flower consists of a magic ring center, and 5 petals all crocheted in one round. Then you sew the center of the flower in a coordinating color and decorate it with a button or bead.

Several crocheted flowers for beginners in different colorsincluding pink dark blue yellow and white and styles all using the same easy crochet flower pattern.

Easy Small Crochet Flower Pattern

Begin with a magic center. Then work the stitches in the center of the ring.

Round 1. *ch3, 1tr,ch1,1tr,ch3, slst into ring* repeat from *5 times. Pull through and tie off.

Pull the magic ring tight in the middle.

Stitch a yellow or white center in the middle.

Simple Two Color Crochet Flower

This simple two color crochet flower is crocheted with two different yarns. It’s still very easy to do, with only three rounds of crochet, and perfect for beginners. This is a larger flower than the tiny rose, and the forget-me-knot crochet flowers, but uses just the basic crochet stitches.

White and blue crocheted flowers with six petals.  The outside of the pattern is white petals and the inside section is purple or blue.  The flowers have soft green crocheted leaves.

Supplies Needed

4 wt cotton yard in two colors, size G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook, large eyed yarn needle.

Begin with the yarn you want to make the flower center.

Two Color Flower Pattern

Make a magic circle.

Round 1- Crochet 6 sc into the ring. Sl st in 1st sc.

Once done pull the magic ring tight. Make sure you have six stitches.

Round 2 – 2 sc in each stitch of the previous round. Sl St in 1st sc. Make sure you have 12 stitches. Chain 1 pull yarn through, cut yarn.

To start the second color. Place the hook in 1st sc of the previous row.

Hint – While crocheting the next row we will crochet around both tails to weave them into the flower. That way we won’t need to weave them in with a needle at the end.

Round 3 – * Chain 3, then 2 tr in same stitch, tr in next stitch, ch3 and slst in same stitch. Sl st in next stitch.* (1st petal done). Repeat from *

Larger Leaf Crocheted Pattern

You will need 4 wt cotton wool and a size G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook, large eyed needle.

Round 1: Start with a Slip Knot on your crochet hook and Chain 11.

Round 2:- 1 Single Crochet in the second chain from the hook, hdc in next stitch 1dc in next stitch, 1 tr in the next 4 stitches, 1dc in next stitch, 1 hdc in next stitch, 1 sc in next stitch 1 sl st in same stitch.

Now we will make a small stem.

1 Picot Stitch (i.e. Chain 3 and make a Slip stitch into the First Chain).
1 Single Crochet in the same stitch.

Pull through tie-off weave-in ends.

Tiny Leaves Crochet Pattern

This leaf pattern is a bit smaller and works with smaller flowers

Slip knot on hook, ch10, skip 1st, sl st, sc, hdc, hdc, dc,dc you can slip stitch it to the first stitch to use it as one leaf.

The latest on Youtube:

Crochet in One Piece Large Rose Pattern

This rose pattern is crocheted in one piece, with the next row or loops crocheted on the back side I enjoy how the petals fold in over the previous ones. It is a large flower and a more complicated crochet flower than the small ones, but it’s still a great pattern for beginning crocheters. It uses basic stitches, but you need to know where to insert the hook. I have included extra images to show you, and it is included in the video how to.

Three large crocheted roses with free patterns.  There are two cream colored rosess and one white rose.  The roses all have soft green crocheted leaves.

Supplies Needed

4wt cotton yarn, size G-6 or 4 mm crochet hook, large eyed yarn needle.

Large Rose Pattern

Begin with a magic ring.

Round 1 – ch 2, 15dc in magic ring, join with sl st. Pull the magic ring closed.

Round 2 – We will make a series of chain loops for the next row of petals.

ch 1, sc in first st, *ch3, skip 1 st, sc in next stitch, repeat from * sl st into ch 1.

You will have 8 loops.

Round 3 – To make each petal, crochet the following into each loop.

ch 1, sc in the first loop *8dc in the next loop, sc in the next loop, repeat from * sl st into ch1.

You will have four petals. The first round of petals is done. We will create the second set. The next round is worked

Round 4 – Chain 4. Flip the rose over and working on the back of the flower do *1 sc around the single in the previous row (between the loops before refer to image).

A crochet rose pattern being made, with arrows showing the stitch locations for a SC in the previous row.

Chain 4* repeat from *. Sl st in the first ch 1.

You will have 8 loops.

Round 5 – ch 1, sc in first loop. ch1. TURNOVER back to the top side of the rose.

10 dc in first loop, * sc in next loop, 10 dc in next loop. repeat * sl st in first sc. You will have four petals.

Round 6 – (Repeat of round 2) Crochet final round of loops.

ch 1, sc in first st, *ch3, skip 1 st, sc in next stitch, repeat from * sl st into ch 1.

You will have 8 loops

Round 7 – ( repeat of round 5) Make the last row of petals crochet the following into the loops.

ch 1, sc in first loop. ch1. TURNOVER back to the top side of the rose.

10 dc in first loop, * sc in next loop, 10 dc in next loop. repeat * sl st in first sc. You will have four petals.

Four different easy crocheted flowers with free patterns.  The caption says beginner crochet flowers free patterns and video tutorials

Happy Crocheting, Leanna

Other Crochet Patterns

Along with these new crochet flowers for beginners, I have finally created a very thorough step-by-step tutorial for all the basic crochet stitches. If you’re new to crochet it will help you do all the specific stitches you see while making the flowers. I am just finishing it up and it will be my next post.

Crocheted Heart Bookmark

You can make this simple DIY crochet gift bookmark for a book lover in your life. Or enjoy it yourself.

Crocheted DIY Tree Collar

This DIY Tree Collar is easy enough for beginners and has the advantage of being made with large wool.

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