A Broken Mirror becomes a Farmhouse Bulletin Board

Decorative Bulletin Board from a Broken Mirror

This farmhouse bulletin board has been waiting in the garage since last Christmas.  This really nice mirror was placed behind one of my Christmas trees to reflect the light.  Loved it, in a few days later I went to “adjust” it just a tad and knocked it over smashing the glass.

When the Farmhouse hens decided to do a roundup on making something broken new,  I knew it was time to update my broken mirror.  The Farmhouse Hens projects are included at the end  of this post, make sure to check them out.

The frame was still good so I kept it and was sad every single time I saw that empty frame.  This week I repurposed it and am much happier with it. This decorative bulletin board would be very handy in a family office,  or even a kitchen for school artwork etc.


Upcycled broken mirror into Decorative bulletin board


If you don’t have a frame you can build your own using the instructions from this DIY Welcome sign first.   Once the frame is made continue on with this post.

This makeover is very easy to do.  It took about 2 hours to do because I had to let the farmhouse stripes dry.  It cost me nothing to make it, and now if not a mirror at least the good quality frame is being used.



Unwanted Frame

Cotton batting

Drop cloth or thick muslin fabric

1/4 inch plywood, or thick cardboard


Grey chalk paint or craft paint

Pencil and  Ruler

Brush and green Frog Tape

Small paint brush, stapler


Measure the size of your open frame, and cut the plywood or thick cardboard to size.  My frame opening is 48″ by 12″

Add the Batting

Next, cut your quilt batting an inch smaller. (ex. 47″ by 11″) You want your batting to be close to the edge, but it does not wrap around.  Wrapping the quilting around the back would make it hard to fit your frame neatly.

Attach your batting with staples.   You don’t need to place in many staples just enough to hold it in place while you work with the fabric covering.


Adding quilt batting to a DIY bulletin board.


Adding the Stripes to your Decorative Bulletin Board

Cut your fabric to be 5 inches wider and longer than the opening (ex 53″ by 17″) as this will wrap around and needs a finished edge.

To finish the edge of your fabric you need to do a neat folded seam, roll it over 1/4 inch and press, then roll it over half an inch and press.  Do this on all four edges

Iron and lay your fabric out on a flat surface.

Measure the placement of your stripes, I am sharing detail instructions but basically you draw three straight stripes where you like them along one side of the fabric.

The stripes on my board consist of a central 1/4 inch stripe and two 1/8 inch stripes evenly spaced on each side of center.  To replicate measure in 3 1/2″ from the edge of the fabric and make a mark, repeat this a couple of more times along the length of the fabric.  Once done draw the first line.

A clear good quality ruler makes this much easier,  as your able to line up the cross marks along the stripe.  If you do lots of crafts I recommend buying one, you will LOVE it.

Drawing farmhouse grain sack stripes onto a DIY decorative bulletin board.



Repeat the process by measuring 1/8″ in for the other side of the first stripe. Draw the second line for the first stripe.

Then measure in half an inch and do the first side of the second stripe, then 1/4 inch for the other side of the second stripe.

Measure in half an inch from the second stripe and draw a line for the last stripe.  Then measure in 1/8 inch and draw the final line.

If you make an error, no biggie,  use an eraser and remove the lines.  Worst case scenario wash it and start over, that’s why I started by drawing the lines first.

This is what the stripes looked like before painting.


Pencil drawn stripes on drop cloth fabric for a Farmhouse bulletin board makeover


Run tape along the stripes,  make sure that the tape is adhered along the edge being painted.

Load you brush with a tiny bit of paint, dab off any excess and then paint the stripe.  If you have to add a second layer to make the paint as dark as you would like.  Wait until the first layer dries, it only takes ten minutes.   I only used one coat.


Decorative Bulletin Board with how to paint farmhouse stripes.

You may find that your tape is too wide to do all three stripes.  I painted the inside stripe first, removed the tape.  Let it dry and then taped the two outside stripes.

Farmhouse grain sack stripes on the front of a decorative bulletin board.

Finishing the Decorative Bulletin Board

Once your stripes are finished, wrap the fabric around your backboard, place in the frame and staple.

Backside of a DIY decorative bulletin board, showing the placement of the staples.


Attach staples to secure the board to the frame, and to secure the hem of your fabric.


Simple floral arrangement on front of DIY decorative bulletin board.


To make the bulletin board more decorative  I simply pinned some long branches and some sunflowers down one side using sewing pins.


Full length decorative bulletin board using flowers.

This decorative bulletin board can be decorated with flowers, banners, printables, letters etc.  I think the simple farmhouse faux grain sack background gives it just enough decoration to be pretty,  yet neutral enough to fit in with whatever extra decorations you want to put on it.

This month’s posts look wonderful, we have everything from Country Clocks to Architectural Finds.    Enjoy! and thanks for joining us!


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  1. This is just a fantastic way to repurpose the broken mirror! I have a few frames of my own to work with, thanks for the ideas~

  2. This is such a great repurpose Leanna and you have made it so, so farmhouse pretty!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Mary. I recently found an old grain sack at a garage sale, so I am enjoying replicating it and having fun finding different ways to use drop cloth.

  3. Very cool project Leanna! I love the farmhouse stripe and the sunflowers look so pretty. Bring on fall!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      My summer flowers are looking pretty sad, as I didn’t fertilize them properly somehow. I want to replace them with fall decor, but I so don’t want summer to end Michelle. It’s just too darn short.

  4. Awwww Leanna, I love how you added the faux grain sack background to the frame. It’s such a pretty bulletin board now and just perfect for a farmhouse look

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Debra. I will change the sunflowers to white for fall I think, but I do like the flowers on it.

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