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Classy Halloween Decor

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Classy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Classy Halloween decor is pretty easy to put together, the main thing is to keep the Halloween theme fun without being oppressive or creepy. Add some colour and light to your home with elegant Halloween decorations while staying away from anything ugly scary or macraber.

We may not want to have cute Halloween kittens everywhere, but how about spooky black cats?  Skip the black plastic dollar store candle holders and use Grama’s silver ones, or haunt some garage sales for them like I did.  For classy Halloween decorating you don’t even need to polish the candlesticks, let the tarnish stay. Replace plastic caution tape, with bits of velvet.

Pumpkins, candles witches and black cats for Classy Halloween decorating ideas.

Shop at Home

For classy Halloween decorating, the best place to start is with what you already have have. With Christmas approaching very few of us have a budget to run to the store and buy a bunch of new stuff for Halloween. From past Christmas holidays I have loads of sparkly white Christmas decor, I brought out all the metallic candlesticks from the Christmas boxes. In the neutral Fall decor boxes I grabbed some metallic pumpkins. Any kind of pottery or glass pumpkin could be brought in and used for Halloween, orange pumpkins are especially suited for Halloween decor. If you haven’t put your Fall decor away, bonus, its a great place to start. Look around you house for anything black, black cushions, throws, rugs, black decor items are fantastic for layering.

Of all the holidays decor don’t you find Halloween needs a little more “pretty”? If so, come along my pretties this blog post is written for you.

The Classy Halloween Mantel

Classy Halloween mantel decor with a DIY owl chalkboard, metallic candlesticks with red candles, sparkly black cats and a homemade Spooky Halloween banner.

Our main floor fireplace has a large alcove where I consistently keep a large piece of artwork to avoid Hubs placing a TV up there. My first plan was to make a large black chandelier painting but I ran out of time, so I created a Halloween simple owl chalkboard instead.

A Halloween chalkboard of an owl set over a Halloween fireplace mantel with silver candlesticks.


A red velvet and black handmade Halloween banner that spells out spooky.

The inexpensive spooky banner is a Halloween craft project I made using scrapbook supplies and velvet. If I had purchased more velvet I think nice long dramatic tails on the bows would have been a pretty addition. d

A fireplace decorated for Halloween in black, white and burgundy, with classy Halloween decorations.

The ends of the banner are held in place with two sparkly black cats.  One is sitting calmly and the other one is more of a rascal.  At this age I think black cats may be my favorite Halloween character?  But I am pretty fond of sparkly witch accessories as well.  a

A sparkly black cat for classy Halloween decor ideas. Make Halloween elegant and pretty using glittery themed decorations.

The Halloween Coffee Table

The coffee table is decorated with a purchased runner from Home Sense,  and the only silver candlestick I was able to find garage saling all summer.  I really would love to have many more.

A coffee table decorated for Halloween with pretty witch in the moon table runner, real silver candlestick with black candles, a white pumpkin glowing in lights and a candy dish full of eyeballs.

You may have seen my Fall home tour with a very easy to do pumpkin centerpiece with lights.  I created another Halloween version using a white plate, white pumpkin, battery pack lights and a black sprig.  This black and white Halloween centerpiece only takes about ten minutes to put together.  Most of the time is spent gathering the supplies, and its especially nice in the evenings.

A white sparkling Halloween pumpkin glowing with lights while sitting on a bed of black sparkling beads.

If you choose to do a classy Halloween decor theme in black and white,add some bowls of bright red candies. I unfortunately am deadly allergic to food colouring, in particular red food colouring, so no in our home, but it would look fantastic! On the other end of the coffee table I put a pretty candy jar full of foil covered eyeballs.  I liked the metallic shine they had for my Halloween theme and chocolate is always a good idea.

A pretty jar filled with Halloween candy sitting on a coffee table..


A coffee table decorated for Halloween with pretty Halloween decorations. Pretty Halloween, Elegant Halloween, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor

The remainder of the living room is decorated with some red cushions left over from Christmas, a black cushion cover I had long before I started blogging and dark burgundy throws.

Assorted DIY Classy Halloween Accessory Ideas

Finally the last coffee table I filled with some DIY artwork.  The printables are in the Pretty DIY library.

Pretty Halloween printables for Halloween decorations. , Elegant Halloween, DIY Halloween Decorations, Halloween Decor, DIY Halloween Decor

These frames are both shiny, the one for the owl is metallic silver and the little white one is a dollar store find from eons ago.  It has little rhinestones all around it.  If you have a frame you want to use here is the free Owl’s hoot printable for you.

Over the next week or so I have a few more Halloween posts for you.  Please comment and let me know if you are enjoying my classy Halloween decor series.

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A collection of classy Halloween decor in a livingroom including metalic pumpkins,red velvet banner, chalkbaord art and silver candlesticks.


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  1. I love the pretty Halloween theme! I’m so tired of being sickened at the sight of rotting, slimy, skeletal stuff. I know it’s all in fun, etc, and I’m being the equivalent of Scrooge at Christmas, but I don’t WANT to look at icky stuff for a month! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Your Halloween Decor is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve given me some great ideas for mine, lol.

  3. Cute! Pinned a bunch because they are sooo cute! Love your mantel-scape. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy eyeball eating… Lol! The kids in our Special Ed class loved those. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love that you give your fall decorations so much thought and attention. I think you have a very welcoming home! Also, you have a storage room for all your decore?! I am a tad bit jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Now this is my kind of Halloween decorating! Love all the pretty bling and black & white elements with those fabulous pops of red. The way you decorated your chalkboard is fabulous too!

  6. Such a fun home for the Halloween season. You have the perfect, love the owl! The white pumpkin
    with the black garland has that scary feel.

  7. I absolutely love that chalkboard – what an amazing idea! I’m going to get my hubby to try that…

  8. Everything looks so beautiful, Leanna. I love the mantel and the pumpkin centerpiece. That glass jar with the eyeballs is hysterical. I need to get me one of them!

  9. Wow, Leanna! Impressive Halloween displays! I love the chalkboard owl! Love the banner & your coffee table display. Girl, you nailed it. Love the look!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for letting me know as I decided to challenge myself this Halloween. Have a great week.

  10. You have some very creative and pretty Halloween decorations. I really like the mantel. Very pretty.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you for commenting Debra. Its a different look for Halloween, but it turned out close to how I wanted.

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