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DIY Bird Feeder Outdoor Decor Idea

Farmhouse DIY Bird Feeder

As were new to the area I am slowly finding favorite stores, I happily report I found a new store, with sadly high prices. The store had an incredibly nice galvanized bird feeder for $85. I’m pretty sure we have all shared the experience of simultaniously falling in love with something at the store, and know we should leave it right there. But sometimes its so hard.

I wandered the store bought a couple of great items trying to talk myself out of buying it. I am always aware that there is a cheaper DIY alternative but I seriously did not care. It took me 15 minutes to rationalize leaving it there. Finally I thought about how much bird seed I could get for $85 and walked away. After all feeding the birds is the real reason I want a bird feeder. . I thought how much bird seed I could pay for with $85 and managed to leave the over priced bird feeder on the shelf.

Since then I bought supplies for this bird feeder, and some suet bird seed feeders I will post really soon, and all together with a huge bag of bird seed I spent $21. Talking cost can be soooo boring, but the birds thank us (wink).

DIY Bird Feeder Supplies

Your going to need a few supplies.

Inexpensive dollar store bird feeder or thrifted bird feeder.

A dollar store metal pie plate.

White spray paint, black marker or paint pen

Dollar store twine

Bird seed

E 6000 Glue and small screws.

A dollar store metal pie plate, and a dollar store green plastic bird house. They cost $5

This dollar store bird feeder is a great size I won’t have to go out and fill it everyday and hopefully some of the bigger birds will be able to use it as well. Unfortunately I disliked the size of the feeders bottom, it didn’t look large enough for the birds to land on. Attaching the metal pie plate should create a large enough bottom for bigger birds to rest on.

Prepping the DIY Bird Feeder

Begin by dismantling the dollar store bird feeder. My bird feeder has four little clips on the bottom which I carefully pried open with a small standard screw driver.

The bottom of a green plastic dollar store bird feeder, being pried open with a small screwdriver.

Next wash and dry the bird feeder and pie plate.

To cover the clear portion I used tin foil, but you can use paper, plastic wrap just as easily.

A dismantled bird feeder in three pieces. The clear plastic piece has been covered with tin foil in preparation for painting.

Painting the DIY Bird Feeder

Make sure to use spray paint that will adhere to both plastic and metal. I boughtt spray paint that said it worked on metal or paint and then applied three light coats letting it dry eally well between coats. Once painted I let it all dry for 24 hours before reassembling.

Little bits of the paint on the last coat crinkled on the inside of the bird feeder. The outside was fine so I stuck with it, but so annoying. If I ever did it again I would definitely start with a primer. Likely Zinsser 123, and Fusion Mineral Paint as its my favorite brand.

DIY Bird Feeder Assembly

Apply e6000 to the underside of the bird feeder. Attach the feeder to the plate. Hold in place while predrilling holes. Hubs drilled one hole on each side of the bird feeder. Predrilling reduces the risk of the plastic cracking because the metal drill bit is much sharper then a purchased screw is.

Drilling the bottom of a white painted plastic bird feeder, through a metal pie plate to be followed with screws.

Once you have the holes drilled on each side attach the bottom of the bird feeder using screws.

The bottom of a DIY bird feeder idea attached to a dollar store pie plate to make the stand larger. Both pieces are painted white and there is a black arrow emphasizing the placement of the screws.

Important Addition Although I had not thought of it a reader suggested drilling holes in the pie plate as well. This prevents the bird seed from getting really wet in the heavy rain. Thank you Martha!

Decorating the DIY Bird Feeder

Now the quick fun part, the final touches.

To give the bird feed some style I drew on a black edge all around the bird feeder top, and the edge of the pie plate. This makes the bird feeder resemble enamel. I used a Sharpie pen as I had some on hand. You can also use a black paint pen.

Using a black Sharpee pen to draw on a black edging to the edges of the DIY bird feeder thats been painted white. This makes it look like old enamel.

The final touch is adding a simple twine bow to the top. I used some twine and left over black macrame cord for mine.

If your wanting a video tutorial I have added one for you.

Our new yard does have a couple of flowering trees in it, but they still have bare branches. The bird feeder will hang in a large pine shrub I have until the blossoms comes out.

A farmhouse style enamel looking DIY bird feeder in white with black edging hanging on a green shrub.

I think its looks fantastic for $5.

A white and black DIY bird feeder hanging on a pine tree.  The bird feeder is white with black trim to look like enamel, and then its filled with bird seeds.


  1. Great idea to extend the feeding area with the pie plate, but drill some tiny holes in that pie plate. Otherwise, when it rains water will collect there and ruin the seeds. They will either freeze in the ice water or sprout. Ask me how I know LOL

    1. Oh my! I hadn’t thought about it at all. With Fall here I will absolutely add the holes. Thank you very much for the suggestion. The birds thank you as well lol.

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