Charming and Chic DIY Outdoor Tables

Spring will eventually arrive in Alberta and when it does were going to be busy building a fence for our dog, but I need a gorgeous DIY outdoor table for the deck. We downsized our previous outdoor set to Hubs son, and you can’t enjoy the outdoors without furniture, so somehow a gorgeous table has to happen as well.

For now I am oohing and aahing over some gorgeous plans I found on Pinterest.

This Sawhorse Table from Shanty 2 Chic is sturdy enough for outdoors, and beautiful enough to be in the dining room. It comes with complete how to and plans.

A DIY outdoor wood table made with light wood top and dark wood legs. A strong and sturdy table sitting outside on a covered patio.
image credit: Shanty 2 Chic/ Ana White

This DIY outdoor table is so sturdy and strong, I love the two tone colours.

This DIY Concrete Outdoor Table from Life is a Party features a modern concrete top. Concrete would be so durable for outdoor use. I think its a fabulous idea. This table just makes me daydream of an invite, what a cozy patio. Your going to love the step by step instructions.

A handmade outdoor table with concrete top.  The outdoor table has golden wood legs and a grey concrete table top.  There are grey chairs and a white bench beside it.  The table is on a patio with fun globe shaped lights.
image credit: Life is a Party

This pretty DIY Tile Tabletop from Seekling Lavender land uses the base from their old set. Its then updated with a wood top featuring gorgeous swanky Merola tiles. What a great upcycle project, and the tiles would be very durable for outdoor use.

A DIY outdoor tabletop made with tiles and wood.  The tabletop has black and white tiles with pretty copper lanterns on top.
image credit: Seeking Lavender Lane

I am in awe of all these gorgeous tables, and the backyard settings. All these beautiful green lawns and large trees are mesmerizing. Nothing more beautiful in my opinion.

The Effie Row blog is very proud of this West Elm Inspired DIY Patio Table, and I would be as well. They did such a gorgeous job on their DIY outdoor table, and the sleek modern lines suit any decor style.

A large wooden outdoor table project stained dark golden oak. The table has sleek modern lines, square legs and the top is all slats. It is sitting outside on a back yard patio with the family dog in the background.
image credit: Effie Row

I love the looks of this table And the budget. Arin Solange at Home made this Easy DIY Outdoor Table with a $45 budget. The tutorial for the table is included And there is a link to the gorgeous matching bench. I think this DIY outdoor table would make a wonderful gift as well.

A gorgeous DIY outdoor table and bench made out of wood. The table has black stained legs and a natural wood top, with matching bench. The table is sitting outdoor on a patio and there are nice white chairs as well.
image credit: Arin Solange

This very unique, stable and square table is from Ana White. No DIY furniture roundup would be complete without one of her DIY projects. I really enjoy the shape of this table and the attached benches. If your deck is smaller or square shaped, I think this is the perfect solution. You can find the tutorial and plans here. Square Picnic Table by Ana White

A square wood picnic table with solid attached benches on all four sides.

This Chunky X Farmhouse trestle table from Pretty Handy Girl is a farmhouse lovers dream. I have a weakness with the natural wood, paired with soft green in the background. It just looks so cozy and nice for any season.

A solid wood outdoor table made out of light wood. The table and bench match and both have trestle legs. The table is sitting on a rustic rock patio.
image credit: Pretty Handy Girl

If you want a really fancy dining table for outdoor this DIY Farmhouse Table from the Navage Patch is for you. Its obviously a little bit more work, but the table top is just incredible. There are very specific step by step instructions including how to weatherproof the table. With patience and effort I think its totally dooable. I cannot imagine what this table would cost to buy, yowsa its nice.

A wood farmhouse table in dark brown, with six deck chairs. The table is sitting beside a swimming pool with a large dark green lawn in the background. A pretty summer backyard.
image credit: The Navage Patch

This DIY Outdoor Farmhouse Table from Katie Lamb has such clean and classic lines. My favorite part is the beautiful finish. What’s yours?

A DIY outdoor patio table made out of wood with a bench and black chairs. There is a brown patio wall behind the table, and gorgeous set of lights hanging above the table.
image credit: Katie Lamb

This DIY outdoor table is so fun. colourful and unique. I Should Be Mopping the Floor creates the Old Door Table, with an old door, and piping. The indentions in the door work well with the table settings, no glass cover needed.

A bright blue DIY patio table made with a door top and metal piping legs. The table is surrounded by white metal chairs and there are polka dot planters in bright colours on top for decor.
image credit: I Should be Mopping the Floor

Another budget saving DIY Outdoor Farm Table. This table from Unexpected Elegance has a rustic white paint (my personal fav), Its large, sturdy, and once again easy on the budget.

A simple to build wood outdoor dining table in white with natural wood top. The table is in a farmhouse style and the background has chairs, plants, and a fence.
image credit: Unexpected Elegance

This Ana White Truss Beam Table is built by This Rustic Soul. Starting with Ana White’s table plan Stephanie shows what to look for when purchasing the wood, and sanding advice. Another gorgeous table for outdoor, that is beautiful enough to be inside.

A large cedar farmhouse table in golden oak stain. The table is made using 4 by 4 legs and has 4 large 2 by 12 planks for the top. The table is suiting on a stone patio and there are beautiful green trees and yard plants in the background.
image credit: This Rustic Soul

Check out the impressive table legs on this H Leg Dining Table from the Rogue Engineer. The structure is so impressive, and he provides material lists, drawings, and tutorial for how to make one yourself.

A very long handmade outdoor patio table. The table is in natural wood, and is sitting on a brick patio floor.
image credit: The Rogue Engineer

Take a peek at the farmhouse finish on this DIY Outdoor Farm Table from Unexpected Elegance. It’s easy to build, inexpensive and pretty and did I mention the white farmhouse finish!

A DIY outdoor wood table with white painted legs and a stained top. The table is sitting on a wood patio with chairs, a planter and flowers in the background.

This entire setting is so nice with the lights above and the patterned rug floor from Simply Beautiful by Angela. Even so, the DIY Outdoor Table remains the focal point. Black legs and a dark stained stop really show off this table. I love every choice they made. He shares the step by step tutorial for how to build the table yourself.

A DIY patio table with black legs and a stained top. The table is sitting on a patio with an outdoor rug and has a canopy with lights hanging from it.
image credit: Simply Beautiful by Angela

Remodelaholic shares this Table with Built in Drink Coolers project. I know this will be Hubs favorite design, you can use it for beverages, or imagine it with popsicles, or even ice cream cones at a birthday party. So many fun times could be had around this outdoor table.

A large homemade outdoor table with cooler fit into the center. The table is stained dark brown and the coolers down the middle are filled with ice and drinks.
image credit: remodalaholic

DIY Picnic Tables for Children

Much too long ago my boys had a child’s picnic table given to them. They used it for years and it was nothing short of fantastic for playtime, and it was small so it could be used indoor as well. If you have never owned a child’s picnic table I recommend them. If your new to building it could be a great way to start.

The shape of this table is perfect, I love how balanced this little Modern Kids Picnic Table would be. No tipping to worry about.

A little girl sitting on her handmade child picnic table for outdoors. The table is chocolate brown, and its sitting in her back yard with lots of grass and trees around her.
image credit: Lovely Indeed

This fun and playful Sandbox Picnic Table for Kids comes with free plans. So many nice things to say about this table, the cheerful colours and of course that it turns into a sandbox. If Only April did a fantastic job designing and sharing her design with us.

Two images of a childs picnic table. The table has a removable lid comes off to reveal a sandbox. The table is painted in all sorts of bright colours oranges, pink, gold, white, and tangerine.
image credit: If Only April

This Chalkboard Picnic Table by Thinking with My Heart is made adult sized but I think its fantastic for children. The tutorial is for painting only. Place this table in the shade and pass the kids each a box of coloured chalk. Once the kids are done wash it and it looks fantastic in the dark matte black. So nice.

A full sized large picnic table painted black using chalkboard paint. The table has a small building behind it as well as lots of trees and grass.
Image Credit: Thinking with my Heart

This Nautical Picnic Table for Bigger Kids from Houseful of Homemade is so fun. It reminds me of child adventure playgrounds. I can see kids playing pirate already.

A DIY picnic table for kids that looks like a small boat. The table is blue and white with a window hole on the side and a logo of a fish
image credit: house of handmade

This long and Low Boho Picnic Table by Connie and Luna is so unique. I saw several other posts about how to decorate and set up this Boho table, but this post from Connie and Luna actually shows us how to build one. Grab some cushions and your set.

A long low table loaded with food in a boho style. Everything on the table is peach and golds and peach coloured. Very dramatic and elaborate.
Image Credit: Connie and Luna

How to Build a Squirrel Picnic Table from Run for Cookies. I laughed when I saw this little squirrel feeder and knew right away I had to include it. Our new home is gloriously surrounded by trees and I have spotted squirrels. I love this little scrap wood project, and hope you do as well.

A squirrel picnic table made out of scrap wood. Its in a natural colour and is hung to a tree.
image credit: Run for Cookies

If your like me and not quite sure what table you want to create, pin it for inspiration.

25 Outdoor Patio Tables with How Tos

Other DIY Outdoor Projects

I have made my own DIY outdoor table thankfully, but I lost the tutorial images (long techie story), I have created a small easy to make table and refurbished an outdoor table I thought you may enjoy checking out.

A small DIY Front Porch Table pained white with yellow pansies and the word hello.

Small DIY Table for Patio or Porch

This is a very simple to make DIY outdoor table I made myself. An easy build perfect for beginners. It’s been very handy for our front porch and has done double duty as a herb garden holder as well.

Ombre Patio Chair Chalk Paint Makeover

A very old dining table and chairs got a modern update DIY Table Makeover using chalk paint. Refinishing this table gave us three more years of service. It was well worth the time.

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