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DIY European Style Cushion Covers and Bolster Cushion

Buffalo Check DIY Cushion Covers

Large comfy European Cushions look fantastic on the bed, and so comfortable if you love to sit in bed and read or watch TV.  I made the little bolster cushion just for fun, as I have never owned one before, but I love how it adds interest to the guest bed. In this post, I show you how to make these DIY buffalo check European cushion covers with the replaceable buffalo check wraps and the link to the matching “hit the hay” bolster cushion is at the end of this post.

How to make your own European Cushion covers with buffalo check trim.

Supplies for Just the DIY European Cushions

Four yards of plain fabric (mine was 36″ wide)

1.5 yards buffalo check

Sewing Machine and coordinating thread.

Cut the Fabric

To make a matching set of European cushions you will need to cut:

2 pieces -27 by 27 inches.

4 pieces – 20 by 27 inches.

2 pieces of buffalo check fabric 12″ by 56″

I chose a plain white fabric, but you could use black fabric.

Finishing the DIY Cushion Seams

To finish the edges and prevent fraying, sew along all the edges of your cut fabric using a zig-zag stitch.  Its always tempting to skip sealing the fabric edges, but very much worth the time.  Sewing the straight edges goes very quickly and the neat thread free finish will make the cushion seams last longer.  I have to tell myself this every time I sew anything, so tempting to just get it done.

How to finish a seam with zig-zag stitching.

Sewing the European Envelope Cushions

Envelope cushions are perfect for those of us who hate putting in zippers.  As an added bonus it saves the cost of purchasing a long zipper.

Start by making a one-inch hem on the 20″ by 27″  fabric pieces, these will form the back portion of your cushion.  With the good side of the fabric down, fold the 27″ inch side over half an inch and press.

How to make a fabric hem for a envelope style DIY cushion cover.

Fold it over again at one inch and press.  Stitch along the hem edge with a straight stitch.  Repeat for the other back panels.

Next, take the square front panel and one of the hemmed back panels.

Working with the two good sides together, pin the top edge of the large cushion piece to the non-hemmed 27″ side of your small piece.

Sew in place along the top seam.

How to Sew seams on a DIY^ European Sized Cushion

Attach and sew the second panel and sew in place.

Pin the side seams making sure the entire cushion is square and even.  Then sew the two side seams.

Folding the side panels of a envelope cushion cover together

Repeat the process for the other edges of your cushion.  Pin the non-hemmed 27″ side of another small piece to the bottom side of the large piece.  Sew together and all three sides.

Your first cushion is done. Turn the cushion cover right side out and place on your insert.

Repeat for the second cushion.

Sewing the Buffalo Check Cushion Banners

Right now I am goofy in love in buffalo check, but doubt I will be two years from now.  So instead of attaching the buffalo check to the DIY European cushion cover, I made small buffalo check banners that I slipped over the covers.  It makes the European Cushion covers super easy to update.

Large DIY cushion covers with and without buffalo check banners

Take one of your 12″ by 56″ pieces of buffalo check fabric and zig zag stitch along both 12″ edges to prevent fraying.

Now make two small seams along the full length of the buffalo check fabric.  Fold each of the long seams over 1/4 inch, and press.

Fold the pressed edge over at 1/2″ and press.  Sew along the edge creating a small seam.  Press flat.

Pin the two 12″ ends together, the good side of the fabric facing.  Sew a 1″ seam.

How to sew a cushion banner with buffalo check fabric.

Turn the banner good side out and slip onto the European cushion.

Hand made DIY European cushions on a farmhouse style bed.

Variation:  You can make the centre a ruffle.  Cut your fabric 84″ by 12″ and gather the middle before sewing the edges.  I really wanted to try this but I was using up the last of my Christmas buffalo check fabric and didn’t quite have enough material.

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My first intention was to place both these DIY Farmhouse European Cushion Covers and the matching DIY bolster cushion on the same post.  Unfortunately, it made for a post that was much too long and may be hard for some computers to upload.  So I am including links for both the DIY bolster cushion and the DIY cushion inserts for you.  I hope you enjoy making them, and that the reduced cost is worth the effort it takes to make your own.

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  1. I have always wanted to make some of these and been too put off by it! Now I won’t be! LOVE the idea of the buffalo wraps too that can be changed out to suit the season or if you feel like a change. Thank you for an awesome tutorial!

  2. Such a brilliant idea to make buffalo check banners that can just be slipped over the pillows. I’ve got to remember that. I have this thing for scatter pillows and that’s going make it so much easier to change out when the mood takes me. And I tend to change my mind often 😀

  3. I love this – what a smart idea to make temporary ’embellishments” to pillows…. so when you fall out of love with buffalo check, you can sew up a pretty chintz, or pillow ticking cover. (I doubt you will fall out of love with buffalo check…it’s just so right!) You’re so right to finished edges; I cheat and just use pinking shears. One day I will take your advice!!!

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