DIY Flower Pot Farmhouse Cover

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How to Make a Removable DIY Flower Pot Cover

Beautiful large flower pots can be very pricey and a bit hard to find.  I always have a stash of cotton piping in my sewing stash so I decided to design a DIY flower pot with a farmhouse feel, using the piping scraps.

DIY Flower Pot Supplies

This post has some affiliate links from Amazon Canada.  They are beneficial as references to the materials I used.  If you purchase through these links I receive a small commission, but it does not cost you anything more.


One large 8″ dollar store flower pot

25  yards of cotton piping filler cord

1/2 yard muslin


1/2 yard iron-on heavy interfacing

Parchment or Craft Paper

Needle and thread


Optional Lace Collar Supplies

[one-half-first]1 skein of heavy 50g cotton yarn[/one-half-first]
[one-half]4.00 mm hook[/one-half]


DIY Flower Pot Cover Tutorial

I am sure you have seen all kinds of crafts using rope and hot glue.  For this project I wanted something softer looking, so instead of using rope I used natural cotton piping filler. Its soft cream colour and the homespun look is more feminine.  Light coloured fabric and potting soil don’t pair well so I found a way to create a removable wrapped flower pot.  It takes a few extra steps, but you don’t have to burn your fingers with hot glue (goodness I hate that), and you can add the optional pretty crochet collar if you want to.

Plain DIY Flower Pot Cover

Depending on the style of your farmhouse decor you may prefer the simple flower pot cover.  I will show you how to make that first, and follow with the tutorial on crocheting the collar.


DIY flower pot farmhouse cover


To make the flower pot cover removable, instead of attaching the outer piping directly to the pipe with glue,  the piping is attached together with iron-on fusible interfacing and a thin muslin for the inside.

Making the Base of the DIY Flower Pot Cover

Place the bottom of the flower pot onto a large piece of paper and draw a circle   Fold the pattern in half, cut the outside edge 1/2 inch wider than the pencil pattern.

Place the paper pattern along a fold in the muslin and cut out a circle.  Repeat the process with the interfacing.


Base of Farmhouse Decor handmade flower pot


You made the bottom pieces a bit large to an extra row of cotton piping.

Lay the paper pattern down first.  Starting in the middle wrap the piping around each other until the base is covered.

Wrapping piping cord for making a homespun flower pot cover.

Check that the circular wrapping of the cord is at least a cord width wider than the bottom of your pot.  Once your certain cover the piping circle with the interfacing and then the muslin fabric.  Iron to seal.

Ironing a DIY farmhouse plant pot


Covering the Sides of the DIY Plant Pot Cover

A simple muslin liner prevents the interfacing from getting stuck to the iron, and to the plastic pot.

Start by creating a pattern using the dollar store flower pot.  Lay out a large piece of parchment laying your pot on top. Starting with a pencil at the bottom of your plant pot, roll the pot across the paper marking along the bottom as it arches its way along the parchment paper.


Drawing pattern for a DIY farmhouse flower pot cover.

Repeat the process of rolling the flower pot and make a second line along the top arch of the flower pot.

Lay your fabric town, then a large piece of interfacing (remove the backing).  Pin the pattern into place on top.   You need extra fabric for seams, so once you have the parchment pinned to your fabric, cut the fabric a half inch wider than the pattern on all sides.

Once your fabric and interfacing are cut, wrap them around the dollar store pot with the interfacing on the outside.  Place the fabric around your flower pot folding the top and bottom over the pot.


Adding a fabric liner to a handmade flower pot.

Place the bottom of the flower pot on top of the flower pot, with the fabric side up.  Make a single wrap along the side of the pot.  As you work along sew the first wrap in place making sure that the first wrap is going around the side of the flower pot instead of widening the bottom.

First row of the sides on a DIY flower pot cover

Continue wrapping the cord around the sides of the pot until you reach the top.    I took the needle and thread and ran them through the piping.  It’s a great idea to stitch the piping together but it’s not mandatory.

Once the piping is all the way to the top. Sew the top wrap of the piping to the top of the muslin fabric.

Iron the outside of the piping to the interfacing.  Do this very well, repeat it a few times.  Let cool.


A finished DIY flower pot farmhouse cover made using interfacing

Remove the cover from the flower pot,  turn right side out and iron the inside of the flower pot cover.

Plant the flower before sliding the cover back on the pot.

Simple minimalist dollar store flower pot makeover



Optional Crochet Collar for Flower Pot Cover

The crochet collar pattern is very simple.  It only uses two stitches, double crochet and chain.  Its three simple rows are done in large cotton thread and I love the little bit of extra it adds to the flower pot cover.

It took a little searching to find a heavy cotton thread to match the cotton piping.  I’d never used it before and loved working with it.


Cotton yarn for making a DIY flower pot with crocheted collar.

The first step is to sew blanket stitches along the top of your flower pot cover.  Do the blanket stitches in multiples of 5,  mine had 85 stitches.

Blanket stitches for a crochet flower pot cover


Row One

Do 1 dc in each stitch, until you reach the first stitch.

Double crochet stitches along the top of a handmade farmhouse pot cover

Row Two

Ch 2, dc in first stitch, 1 dc in second stitch,  ch2, skip 2, dc in next 5 stitches, ch 2, skip 2, 5 dc, repeat until you reach the first stitch. Slip stitch to the first stitch


Double crochet stitches on a plant pot makeover.

Row Three

Ch 4,  In the first hole from ch2 of the previous row. do 4 dc, ch 2, 4 dc in same space, ch 1 in next ch 2 space, 4 dc, ch2, 4 dc, ch 1, repeat until you reach the first stitch.  Slip stitch and tie off.


how to make a farmhouse plant pot cover

I found a pretty lavender plant at the local market, and because winters are so harsh I decided to try and grow it inside.  It has blossomed yet, but the scent of the plant itself is wonderful.


Large dollar store pot makeover.


DIY dollar store flower pot makeover with removable cover.


DIY terra cotta lantern with white chalk paint. An easy to do terra cotta craft.


How to Make a Lantern with a Painted Terra Cotta Flower Pot

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  1. This is so pretty, Leanna! I think this is a brilliant idea for covering old flower pots that no longer work with your decor but you don’t want to transplant the plants into a new pot. Excellent tutorial too! Pinned to share 🙂

    1. Thank you Marie. I think I will be able to wash this flower pot cover, but didn’t want to say so until I am able to test it. I am really happy with how it turned out.

  2. Hi Leanna!
    This flower post cover is so pretty! I love how the cover is removable and not glued on. I hope to see you at Homestyle Gathering this week.
    >>> Kim

    1. Thank you Kim, it took extra effort to figure out a way to make it removable, but I am really happy with the final result.

    1. Thank you Sam. I am going to get busy and crochet one as well, but I really wanted to play with the piping cotton.

    1. Thank you Deborah. I wanted to use something other than rope and I am very happy with the homespun look of the piping cotton.

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