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DIY Christmas Cushions of Many Kinds

Christmas Cushions Everywhere

Most of you already know how much I enjoy cushions.  My family teases me about my cushion cover collection.  They can tease, I like cushions even more at Christmas time.

Handmade DIY Christmas Cushions


Cushions are extra valuable to me as Christmas decor.   Cushions add comfort and a pop colour and they do it without adding clutter.

Cushions don’t Add Clutter

Eventually, I will get to very simple applique and cushion tutorials, just bear with me on the clutter topic.  Christmas has got to be the very worst time of year for clutter. Seriously, all the stored decorations are out. You may have guests and all their stuff is out. The gorgeous Christmas packages are wrapped all pretty and are out; the good china is out and the family heirloom dishes are out.

The appetizers are all made and ready, the fridge is full, the freezer is full, the cupboards are full, the boot closet is full.  Then on top of all that stuff, we choose to add decor.  The mantel, the front foyer, the bedroom dressers, the bathrooms, maybe even the bedroom dressers are all covered with beautiful stuff.  All this extra stuff makes my head spin sometimes, thank goodness for replacing cushion covers causes no more clutter.

In order to add red to the decor this year, I bought several yards of red tartan and got busy figuring out different ways to use it including cushions.

Create an Applique Cushion Pattern

You can refresh a plain cushion by adding an applique.  It doesn’t matter if you purchase an inexpensive plain cushion to dress up, cover an existing cushion with applique,  or sew a brand new cushion cover.

You will also need a pattern for your applique, coordinating material and some interfacing.

Find your applique inspiration on the internet. Download a simple pattern on your computer (Pixabay), or draw a pattern of a star, Christmas ornament.  Maybe use the computer design a short word like Joy or Noel. (Picmonkey, or Canva also offer free online resources for this)

DIY Christmas cushions wit comfy and cozy applique in red tartan. How to sew Christmas cushion covers or Christmas Pillows. DIY cushions, Christmas cushions, Christmas Cushion Covers, Christmas decorating,


Cut out the material and interfacing an inch or two larger than your applique pattern. Place the underside of the material onto the interfacing and iron really well.

Once the interfacing is attached to the material, pin on the pattern and cut out.  With a little patience and small scissors, you can do some pretty intricate lettering.

Remove the paper backing from the interfacing.

Place the applique interfacing side down, onto the cushion cover and iron.

That’s it, your done.

If you own a sewing machine you can add an applique stitch or zigzag stitch around all the edges of the applique but it is optional.

How to Make a No-Sew Cushion Cover

This is a ridiculously easy way to update a seasonal cushion you already own with a new cover. Or create a brand new cushion that is large enough.  I want my cushions to be no less than 20″,   I usually have to make my own cushions to get them large enough to suit me for the price I want.

DIY Christmas pillow with a large applique star for Christmas bedroom. How to sew Christmas cushions, tartan Christmas cushions, DIY cushion covers, Christmas cushions, Christmas Cushion Covers, Christmas decorating,

You will need:

An existing cushion, or cushion form

Material to recover the cushion

Material to recover the cushion

Heat and Bond hemming strips and an iron

Velcro, needle and thread (optional)

Cut out your material 1″ larger than your cushion on each side.   This is to allow for seams.  (If your cushion is 20″ square cut your material 22″ square.)

Place one piece of material good side UP, add two strips of heat and bond hemming tape 3/4″ and 1 ” in from the edge.  Place the second piece of material on top good side Down. Iron really well to create the seam.  Make sure all the glue has melted.  Repeat on two more sides.

To seal the open side:

Make a hem, fold the material over 1/2″ and 1/2″ again.   Place the Heat and Bond in the hem and iron.  Turn over and do the other side.

Turn your cushion right side out, use your fingers to push out the corners.  Once turned iron.

To make the cover permanent place the cushion inside and close using 2 lengths of heat and bond hemming, iron really well.

For a Removable Cover

Turn your cushion right side out, use your fingers to push out the corners.  Once turned iron.

 Hand sew in bits of Velcro along the open seam.

To make a Sewn Cushion Cover

Depending on your cushion size sew an envelope cushion cover.  I make all my cushions using this method as it requires no zipper or fasteners.  You can find a complete tutorial here.

Small red velvet cushion for Christmas decor. How to sew cushions, making DIY cushion covers, Christmas cushions, Christmas Cushion Covers, Christmas decorating,

These red cushions are all envelope cushion covers in different sizes and materials.  I added pom poms to the larger cushion covers to match the afghan I made for another post.

Safety Cushions

You can make little safety cushions for your younger overnight guests in just a few minutes.  They are shown covered in the plain red felt.

Buy small cushion forms.  Fold in half and sew the edges together.  Cover with a small envelope cover.

When young guests come over to sleep,  place these cushions between the fitted sheet and the mattress cover (or mattress).  They act as a little edging to help prevent little ones from falling out of bed.

A bed decorated for Christmas with hand made DIY Christmas Cushions. DIY Christmas Cushion Covers, sewing, diy cushions, Christmas cushions, Christmas Cushion Covers, Christmas decorating,

This post illustrates the various ways I make and use cushions;  I hope I shared a  tutorial method you can use.

My Silhouette refuses to cut the tartan I purchased.  Determined I went to my tried and true method of the paper pattern, pins and scissors.  You may want to try using your cutting machine on different material.

Think about reduced clutter this Christmas.

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  1. Ms Harrison says:

    Love your cushions. I too am a pillow crazy and am encouraged by your post. I also love the throw at the end of the bed. Did you make it? Did you do a blog on it? Merry Christmas to you and yours !!!!

  2. These are lovely, I especially like the comfy & cozy one, can’t beat a bit of tartan!

  3. Loving your collection of cushion covers there Leanna!! I am also a cushion cover hoarder and couldn’t agree more with changing the overs out throughout the seasons! Love your tartan no sew pillows!

  4. I’ve never heard of safety cushions!!! Brilliant. And all your cushions are lovely…love that red tartan. Thanks Leanna

  5. I love throw pillows. Recently, I have gotten really into changing them with each season.

  6. Love how you call them cushions and not pillows like us Brits. I’m loving the plaid/tartan too but I think that’s because I have a Scottish mother.

  7. This is adorable!! I always love to see what you do around the holidays Leanna. Hope you are having a good week!

  8. Okay I’ll admit it – I’m a scatter cushion hoarder. There I said it. Love, love, love your cushions Leanna. I want every single one of them, they’re beautiful.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Michelle: My family had to celebrate Christmas a week early so that I could have them home. I have not read the latest blog posts yet. I look forward to seeing what you have created with your home decor. I will be stopping by the Crafty Mix Blog soon.

  9. Naomi Shelton says:

    Yes, I am dying to make pillows and pillow covers! My sewing machine has been in storage for several years and I just have to get it dug out. The idea of having several different pillow covers for a small number of pillows is great. And they are so much easier to store than the whole pillow..

    Wish me luck. I am going to attempt to make four little pillows for my four grandsons for Christmas! We got them all sleeping bags to go with.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Naomi: What a great Christmas idea for your grand sons. Being surrounded by a rough a tumble bunch of boys is so much fun. Just imagine them all lying under the Christmas tree in their new sleeping bags. Such a pretty Christmas image.

      Let me know how they turn out. Merry Christmas and enjoy your family. Leanna

  10. I love everyone you showed. And I agree that it is an easy way to change the look and they don’t take up valuable storage space. I really do like the Christmas pillows, they are so festive.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Debra: Thank you. The pillows make a big difference, and they are relatively inexpensive to put together when you do them yourself and keep the pillow forms you already have.

      Thank you for commenting. Merry Christmas, Leanna

  11. I so hear you about the clutter, Leanna! I like you, love making special holiday covers for my existing cushions. Light and compact to store the rest of the year and a great way to repurpose what is already in the room. I love all the pretty holiday pillows you’ve shared with us throughout your house. Pinning to share your helpful pillow tips today.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Marie: I had a large closet full of cushions in so many different sizes and shapes. I needed the storage room for other items. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with Stuff. Updating the cushions instead of purchasing all new ones saved me money and time. Bought the material, sat and sewed. So much easier than trying to find things that match. Merry Christmas Marie,

      Although I love reading your blog, I hope you take some time to chillax over the holidays. Leanna

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