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DIY Easter Decorating Ideas using Miniature Carrots

Easy and Fun Easter Decorating Ideas

The DIY miniature carrots I posted last week are a very fun a versatile little accent to add to your Easter decor.  Sewing up a few identical miniature carrots and placing them in various ways around your house can help create a cohesive theme through your home, start with a  DIY bunny lantern in the front foyer to the coffee table the dining room, etc.

Carrot Centerpiece for the Dining Room


The carrot theme continues into the kitchen with this oh so simple and moveable centerpiece.  Its a little less self-explanatory than the other projects so I am providing a little bit of a tutorial.


Large vase filled with carrots and a daisy floral arrangement.  An easy floral centerpiece tutorial.

To make this you will need the carrots and a few simple supplies; a large vase and a smaller vase,  one large bunch of daisies (18 flowers).  You can add battery lights to this arrangement but I chose not

Supplies for making a DIY Easter centerpiece.

Take the inside vase and place it in the center of the exterior vase.  Alternatively, you can use a large clear bowl and a glass,  as long the outer one is much larger and taller.

Place the carrots with the ribbons lining up all around the outside of the vase.   For this vase, I used 10 carrots and purposely kept them from being too crowded together around the inner vase.  Doing it this way makes the individual carrots stand out more.  I figured I made them by hand I may as well show them off a little.

Next, create your flower arrangement.  As the carrots are quite busy looking I really suggest using a very simple floral arrangement.  I chose daisies, but tulips would work the flowers should be monochromatic and I prefer white flowers to match the polka dots.

Easter centerpiece ideas


Cut and divide your florals into three lengths.  I used 3 tall, 7 medium and 8 short flowers.  Starting with the shortest flowers place them evenly around the outside circumference of the inner vase.  Then add the medium, finishing with the tallest ones in the middle.

Once you have your basic arrangement done, add the leaves wherever you think they look nice.

Simple and quick Easter Decor ideas


It’s super easy to take some of your current neutral decor like cement, porcelain or natural rabbit ornaments and update them by adding some colour.  It’s such an inexpensive way to reuse ornaments, vases or lanterns you already have.

Kitchen Easter Arrangement

To create this little vignette take a cookie jar, or other Easter themed ornament and add a large basket or in this case a large grain scoop.

A simple Easter decor vignette about Easter eggs.

Fill the scoop with plain boiled eggs and add the carrots with a bow.   As the grain scoop is obviously farmhouse decor I used some twine to tie the carrots.   This little bunny came from Pier One last year I think, I added a very quick chalkboard as a backdrop for the picture, but I have other plans for this chalkboard.

Use the Carrots to Fill in a Basket

If you’re like me and don’t want to have a huge amount of candy laying around, (as if it would ever just lay there) the carrots work as a  filler in your Easter goodie centerpiece.  Fill up the bulk of your basket with the carrots and then finish with the goodies.

An Easter centerpiece with candy and stuffed carrot decor

Use Carrots to add Contrast

These polka dot bright orange carrots really add contrast to this living room tray.

An Easter decorating idea using painted books and stuffed carrots.


This arrangement is in the back of the room and a bit shadowed by the curtain.  Although the arrangement has lots of pretty aqua pieces the contrast of the orange really makes them pop, and makes the vignette stand out a bit more in the room.

Simple Easter Centerpieces


  1. Those carrots are adorable! Probably won’t make them this year, but have them pinned for next!

  2. I love daisies, they are so fresh and pretty. This is such a lovely idea to use your sweet carrot decorations.

  3. So many cute ideas!!! These carrots are so cute!!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Emily. They brighten up the house, and I really enjoyed coming up with different displays for them.

  4. Oh, your sweet carrots are just adorable Leanna! And you have displayed them so beautifully!! Am going to have to try making some of these!!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, Sam. You can make them literally in a few minutes for each one. Happy to hear you like them.

  5. Your polka dot carrots are the best Leanna, so versatile. Love the way they look around the flowers

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you, Michelle. By making them yourself, they are inexpensive enough to have as many of you like to play with for decorating. I certainly enjoyed an hour of coming up with different uses.

  6. What a great idea. These are the cutest carrots EVER! Nice photos too. They are so fun and colorful.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Michelle. Thank you, I am working hard on improving the photos. It bugs me when the projects look so much nicer in front of me than on the blog lol. I appreciate you mentioning the photos.

  7. The carrots are adorable and I love all the ways you have used them. I particularly love them in the centerpiece –so creative!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Lisa. They are cheerful and don’t use much storage.

  8. I adore these little carrots. It is a good way to use up the scrap material I have from an Easter project I just finished. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      It sure would be Debra. I think they would work in any colour and they take a tiny bit of material.

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