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DIY Easter Mason Jar Gift for Tweens

Simple DIY Easter Mason Jar Gift idea for Older Kids, Teens, and Tweens

Are you like me with older children or grandchildren? This age is always hard to buy for especially when you don’t live nearby and the budget is tight. This year instead of spending a fortune on Lindt chocolates I chose to make these simple and easy DIY Easter mason jar gift for tweens. AND I am 100% sure they are going to love it because I hid a carefully bolded cash gift inside.

Three DIY Easter gifts for older kids that contains hidden cash and layers of cheerfully coloured candy.

The idea for these little Easter mason jar gifts came from Michael’s, I saw these great jars with checkered lids and thought they would be perfect for Easter gift giving, I didn’t even have to paint them. I picked up the last four jars they had, then off to grab some Easter candy.

The supplies needed for making a DIY E gift for tweens or older kids, including money, mini chocolate eggs, a small jar and mason jar.

Beside mason jars your going to need

Edible Easter grass

Miniature chocolate eggs

Small Easter bunny

Cash gift

Plastic wrap

When buying the Easter bunny make sure its small enough to fit inside a mason jar. Take a jar ring with you to check. These smartie Easter bunnies with bright cheerful ears work really well.

A small chocolate foiled wrapped Easter bunny with paper ears, being placed inside the rim of a mason jar. The image is to illustrate awareness of the Easter bunnies size when purchasing.

Filling the Easter Mason Jar

Begin by folding and wrapping the cash gift, of course you use whatever amount you like. Fold the bill into a small square then wrap in a small piece of plastic wrap as shown.

Little packages of folded money wrapped in saran wrap for inserting into a DIY Easter gift for tweens.

After handling the money I was my hands and started stuffing the jars with candy. Place a small amount of edible grass in the bottom of each jar so that its about 2 inches high. You may need to use a thin spatula, or spoon to flatten and arrange the grass.

Pushing down edible grass insid a mason jar using a small spatula.

Once the grass is arranged place a wrapped packet of money in the middle of the jar.

Next comes the mini chocolate Easter eggs, if your munchkins are like mine they will intuitively notice if the jars don’t have equal amounts of candy. Using a half cup measure, place 1.5 cups of miniature chocolate eggs in each jar.

Finally add the little Easter bunny to the top and seal the lid.

A single DIY Easter Mason jar gift idea with cash and layers of colourful candy, including a small chocolate Easter bunny.

I think these little DIY Easter mason jars for older kids are the perfect blend of still getting candy, and giving then something more in there age group. I found this especially handy for the little ones that live away. The jars should transport really well, and without close contact I am not aware of exactly what toys or games or activities they are craving.

An Easter mason jar filled with chocolate Easter eggs, edible Easter grass and a chocolate Easter bunny in layers. There is a cash gift hidden inside.


  1. These are so stinking cute! I’m totally with you – when the littles hit teen and tween status it’s hard to know what to buy them. This is such a great idea and cash is always appreciated. Love that you can transition this idea into multiple seasons and holidays too. It’s totally genius! Hugs, CoCo

  2. The jars are so cute! These would make great gifts for anyone. I never knew edible Easter grass was a thing!

  3. Rebecca Payne says:

    Thank you for sharing. Happy Good Friday!

  4. Oh goodness – those sweet faces on the candy!! What a cute gift idea.

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