DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Art

Vintage Wood and Flowers  –  Perfect for Farmhouse Decor

All of our beds have tall headboards as I prefer them that way, but I find it challenging to decorate the wall around the headboard.  It either looks bare or too full.  I knew I wanted a frame that would be wide and short so that it was symmetrical to the wall space above the bed.   I had tried a 36 by 48-inch artwork and it looked too large, I also thought of a piece of metal art like in my master bedroom or a DIY farmhouse sign that’s in the girl’s guest room.  When in doubt I often just wait and see what I will come across.

Hubs and I went on a day trip and found this old broken piece of a sideboard maybe.  I am not sure what it originally was,  but I knew it was the right size.

Salvaged wood becomes DIY farmhouse art


Isn’t this wooden piece exactly the right size and shape?  Not to mention the pretty detail work. The wood is in good shape and there are no slivers or cracks.   I knew it would be perfect for the little space above the bed between the headboard and the ceiling.a

DIY farmhouse wall art project for above the headboard. How to make DIY bedroom art for cheap, using thrifted materials



The piece still had the original attachment hardware and nails all along the back.  They were removed with a screwdriver and needle nose pliers.

Repairing salvaged wood for creating DIY farmhouse decor

As the wood was very dusty I washed the piece in soap and water and let it dry thoroughly.  That was followed with a very light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper.  This particular piece did not require much sanding,  I just wanted to make it smooth and to make sure all the icky greeblies were off of it.


Instead of covering the wood completely and sanding off the excess I used a dry brush method. Then I applied one coat of interior white paint.  It took less than ten minutes.  I was very shocked at how fast it was to paint.

Refurbished antique wood frame with vines and flowers for above the bed.

It’s super easy to do, dip the very end of the bristles in the paint.  Wipe off most of the paint before applying any to the wood.  Lightly stroke the bristles along the wood, building up the paint as you like.  If you have to get too much paint on the wood, remove some with your fingertip inside a wet cloth.  No sanding required, none, nada.  How easy is that?

Floral Vine

This little frame will make a nice background to the various seasonal decor.  I started with blues and greys that match the rooms existing decor.

My original plan was to make a floral felt vine to drape onto the frame.  I started making a few flowers but when shopping for vine materials I came across a floral vine at Michaels that I really liked.  I used the 40% off coupon and managed to leave the store with just the vine.

If you choose to buy an embellishment for the artwork you can skip the flower tutorial.  I ended up adding three felt flowers to the vine so thought I should include how I did it.

Felt Flower Tutorial

I hand drew a general petal shape onto graph paper to get the petals as symmetrical as possible.  Then I folded the petals in half, before cutting them out, so that both halves were the same.

How to make felt flowers for DIY artwork

Once I had the general petal shapes done I traced them onto plain white paper.  You can do this with any kind of petal you want to design.

To shorten the process for you I have given you the felt flower template.   Each felt flower takes 5 of each kind of petal.  The smaller flowers need the small and medium-sized pedals, while the larger flowers need the medium and large pedals.

Other than the template you will need craft felt and a needle and thread.

The center is made by cutting a strip of felt 4 inches by 1 inch.  Fold the material in half and cut little strips along the length of the felt. making sure not to cut all the way through. Once your felt is cut roll it up and sew the bottom together.

Putting together felt flowers for decorating salvaged wood. How to update a broken dresser into farmhouse wall art

Fold the bottom of each petal and sew to hold.  Repeat with each petal until you have five in a circle.

For each flower make one with large petals and a second one with the smaller petals.

Putting together felt flowers for DIY bedroom art in a Farmhouse style

Place one on top of the other and sew together with the center on top.

Vintage Wood and Flowers Farmhouse Decor for Above the Bed

Putting the DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Wall Art Together

I then placed the felt flower on the existing purchased vine by simply sewing the flowers around the plastic vine and snuggled in between leaves.

Wrap the vine around the frame starting at the center with your focal flower ( the largest blue flower) and working towards the ends.  Once you have the fine like you want it secure it to frame with florist wire.

DIY farmhouse wall art project for above the headboard. pretty with salvaged wood, and felt flowers
Use a free printable to make inexpensive bedroom art

Romantic Free Printable in DIY Floating Frame

A part of a dresser gets a makeover to farmhouse art.



  1. This is gorgeous! Is it possible for you to share a close up of the felt flowers? I want to try to replicate something similar and want to get a better look at the felt flowers.

  2. What a lucky find Leanna, it’s perfect for above the headboard. Just the right touch of farmhouse without looking too cluttered and fussy.

  3. That is gorgeous!!!

    And thanks again for linking to Waste not Wednesday!

  4. So creative! I love the little felt flowers sprinkled in among the leaves of the vine. Thanks for the tutorial about the painting technique, too. The piece is perfect above your bed. Thank you for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’m sharing your link on social media.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Hi Carol. I appreciate the sharing. I am really happy with the little frame something just the right size is hard to find. I personally love it.

  5. Leanna, as you knew it would be, that was the perfect sized frame for the top of your bed! I’m like you…it can either look too full or not enough. Totally understandable. I wonder what that was? It looks too long to have been a mirror. I bet that was some kind of frame over a sideboard at one time. Ha, well, we’ll never know. Anyway, I like your dry brush technique…really makes those details pop. The flowers just enhance it too. What willpower to emerge from Michael’s with just that!!! Thanks for sharing it at Sweet Inspiration this week!

  6. Like it? I love it!! I pinned it – twice! It looks absolutely awesome. I love how you found this piece; it has history and character, and now it has a new life! Beautifully done!!!

  7. JaneEllen says:

    This is so pretty you have given me an idea for bit of wire form I have had but not used. Color is wrong for our bed room so will spray paint it white to be used in multi rooms.
    Love how you wound the strand of flowers around the form and added couple of your own felt flowers, had to really look to see which are which. You sure have inspired me how you made such wonderful use of wood frame.

  8. This farmhouse bedroom wall art is so cool. Everything is simple except that flower making step. It will need little bit practice.

  9. Absolutely beautiful! What a treasure that mantle is. I love the Farmhouse Bedroom idea.

  10. Leanna this is so pretty. Just the right amount of rustic. That frame is beautiful and the flowers are the perfect touch to coordinate with the rest of the room. The felt flowers also add something special to the whole look. And of course now you can change it out whenever you want.

  11. Nice find and a perfect fit for over the bed. What a fun idea to change out the flowers for the season. Which BTW, I love the flowers you made.

  12. That is really lovely, Leanna and the perfect scale for above the bed. Love your idea of changing out the decor for the seasons. Really nice find! Pinned

  13. Excellent idea! Do you have any for above a 60” tv on a stand? I don’t want to make it too busy but bare doesn’t work either.

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