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DIY Farmhouse Wooden Frame Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial

How to Create a Shiplap Backdrop for Easy Easter Wall Art

Lovely farmhouse shiplap, do I ever love it. It ranks right up there with chalkboard on my got to have list.  If you love DIY farmhouse decor its a really good idea to create a shiplap backdrop.  I have a couple of them, and really enjoy using them throughout the year.  I keep the backdrops plain and then add a simple decoration to the front. The backdrop adds size to a small purchased item and I love that it isn’t a permanent change like a shiplap wall.

I am going to show you how to create the backdrop and then temporarily hang a Easter bunny wreath to it for Easter decor. 

DIY Shiplap Backdrop Tutorial for Easter Decor

Backdrop Materials

3 – 8′ lengths of prefinished narrow shiplap

2-  8′ lengths of 1″ by 2″ lumber

Good quality wood glue

Air nailer with  1 1/4″ nails or finishing nails.


Cut your shiplap into 30″ lengths.   You will end up with six lengths

Run wood glue down the narrowest slat of the pieces of shiplap. then fit into the first piece.

Gluing shiplap together to make a shiplap backdrop for farmhouse Easter decor.


Repeat with the other 5 pieces until they are six across. Using a square make sure the strips of shiplap line up squarely.   This helps the outer frame to fit properly and prevent gaps.  Add weight like granite samples , books, a toolbox etc. 


Using a square to line up shiplap for a farmhouse backdrop for decorating.

Once you have all six pieces of shiplap glued and lined up squarely let dry overnight.  

Measure the height of your boards (ours was 30″)  Cut two pieces of 1″ by 2″ for the sides of the frame and place next to the shiplap boards.

Then measure the width of your shiplap when glued together. Ours measured 20 3/4″ yours may differ depending on the width of your shiplap.  

This will leave the sides of your frame covered at the ends by the sides of the frame, and ensure your corners fittings are identical.

Identical frame point on a DIY farmhouse backdrop for Easter decorating.

Paint the frame of your farmhouse backdrop and your done.  

DIY Easter decor using shiplap and Easter bunny wreath to cover the front of a fireplace.

DIY Easter Bunny Wreath Wall Art

Now that I have a pretty farmhouse backdrop, I want to keep it as free from holes, glue marks etc as I can so its easy to reuse multiple times. 

To do this instead of hanging the Easter bunny wreath from a hook I suspend it using clear fishing line.

Supplies for making a Easter farmhouse wreath and shiplap backdrop.

Fishing twine is remarkably slippery.  I fold about a six foot length of twine in half, and then make several knots together and the end.  I find one or two knots typically pulls out, so annoying. 

Once I have the knot done, I pierce it with the tack and then push it into the back of the frame.

Using tacks to attach fishing line to the back of a DIY Farmhouse shiplap backdrop for Easter decorating


Next flip the wire over the top of the backdrop.  Wrap it around the top of the wreath.  If your using a bunny wreath I wrapped it along the top of one ear, then transferred it to the other ear behind the ribbon.  Then gave it a couple of more wraps to the top of the second ear.

Hanging an Easter bunny wreath from a DIY shiplap backdrop for easy DIY Easter decorating.

Pass the   fishing line over the top of the frame, tie the second end with a few knots and attach it using another tack.  

DIY Easter decor hanging a pretty Easter Bunny wreath from a farmhouse backdrop for Easter decor.


Easy to make Easter wall art using a farmhouse wooden frame and Easter bunny wreath.

I thought you may like the tutorial for the little embroidered burlap bunny craft from last year I placed with this years farmhouse Easter bunny and frame.  

This little Easter bunny wall art is done in burlap with embroidery an the frame was purchased.  I love how one of a kind both of them are.  

A Easter craft Easter Bunny Sign

Burlap Easter Bunny Wall Art





  1. The bunny wreath looks so nice against the shiplap frame! Great idea using fishing wire. Maybe a command hook would work, also, depending on what you want to hang. Pinned.

  2. I wanna know about that cutie carrot garland! Is that tutorial coming soon? 😉 Love your bunny artwork!

  3. I love your bunny wreath, Leanna. The wood frame is great and the bunny is so cute!

  4. That has got to be the cutest bunny wreath I have ever seen! I just love the backdrop you made for it and such a clever tip on how to hang it with the fishing line!!

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