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DIY Halloween Wreath an easy Dollar Store Craft

A DIY Halloween Wreath that Lights Up

This DIY Halloween wreath goes together really quickly and cost me $4, which is perfect as my Halloween budget is basically non existent.  I saw this colourful stick on the wall witch ornament at the dollar store and thought it was the perfect size to add to a wreath.  As luck would have it I found a little Halloween basket to go with it.   I took the lights I had used on my Fall mantel, and moved them to the wreath.

A DIY Halloween Wreath using dollar store supplies.

I am not sure if the batteries will work in cold weather, so I won’t put any batteries into the battery pack until Halloween night.  It should be super cute flashing on the front door for the Trick and Treaters.

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath Tutorial

To make the wreath you need a large centerpiece that is Halloween themed and something round for a wreath form.  Some sort of lights, hot glue and wire.

Begin by adding the lights to the wreath, just wrapping them around the outside.   Attach the battery pack off center on the wreath form and wire it in place.

Using wire to attach battery pack lights to a Dollar store wreath form.

Placing the battery pack to the side a little bit makes the switch more accessible, but keeps the pack hid behind the center ornament. Place the central ornament into the wreath, and attach it to wreath backdrop with hot glue.  If you find your central piece is too small use wire to attach it to the wreath form.

Where to use glue to attach a flat ornament to a DIY Halloween wreath, with a fun witch, bats and stars.

For my wreath I was able to fit the witch between the slats of the basket.  Once the feet were fit into the slat they were attached with hot glue.

How to glue a flat ornament to a basket to make a dollar store DIY Halloween wreath.

Let the hot glue harden.

My dollar store ornament had several little stars and bats as accessories to the witch.  I strung them from the wreath form with fishing wire letting them dangle in front.

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A DIY Halloween wreath an easy dollar store craft for Halloween

We are very fortunate to get up to 200 trick and treaters every Halloween.  Our neighbourhood has a large well known Halloween house the kids love.  Unfortunately it is on the other side of the street.  Lots of the little munchkins don’t cross to our side of the street.  Along with my other Halloween decorations I am hopeful this little sparkling wreath encourages more of the little guys to knock on our door.


  1. Leanna this is such a neat idea!! And such a cost-effective way to make a fun Halloween Wreath! We too have a tonne of Trick or Treaters in our neighbourhood too and we can’t wait for Halloween.

  2. Your wreath is so cute and budget friendly. I love the Dollar Store. I can always find a bargain or two. Please share your post on my Sunday’s Best Linkup. Our theme this week is The Witching Hour. We’re live, but it starts every Saturday at 8:00 PM EST.

  3. This is super cute, Leanna and can’t complain about that price. Gotta love the dollar store! How fun that it will be lit up on Halloween night to welcome trick or treaters. Pinned 🙂

  4. So cute and simple, cheap and fun! . Love it! It sounds like your neighborhood has lots of Trick or Treaters! That would be such fun on Halloween night. Our house is up a steep hill so we set up at the end of our driveway on the sidewalk and give out candy. It is always fun!

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