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DIY Christmas Paper Scroll Sign

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DIY Christmas Scroll Sign with Lettering

I know that it is extremely early to be posting a Christmas project, but with all the things I want to make I need to get started early.  This DIY Christmas scroll sign is for above the bed in my grand daughters room.

Welcome to this month’s Pinterest challenge,  hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures!  In the challenge, held once a month, bloggers like myself tackle a project we’ve pinned I fell in love with this pin and knew I could find a way to create a scroll sign using a pattern instead of calligraphy.

My tradition is to decorate the girl’s guest room as much as I can for the Christmas holidays.  I do it for two reasons, to build special memories for little ones and to honour my Grama. My own grandparents were all gone before I was born, but this amazing couple told me as a toddler that they would be my Grama and Grampa and they always were.  I was so very blessed. Do you have a special memory from childhood about your Grama?

I took the bus for 12 hours ever year from the time I was eight to visit my grandparents every summer. She had this huge guest room that was all mine, with a nightlight, a makeup dresser, and hand crocheted bedspread and all the G rated Harlequin romance books a teen could read.  I loved that room, oh how I loved that room.

Now each year my little ones arrive and run straight upstairs to see their bedroom, its beautiful to watch, but takes planning and time to create, so this Grama has to start early.

Their room has been Santa themed,  winter wonderland themed, reindeer themed, but this year I decided on something a bit different.  This year there room is girly girl pink Christmas.

How to make a brown paper scroll sign using a printable pattern for Christmas.

Christmas Paper Scroll Sign Supplies:

To make this simple Christmas sign for over the bed you will need.

Wide roll of plain brown wrapping paper. Mine is 30″ wide.

Small pretty curtain rod

Pink ribbon


Clean white eraser

Chalk, ruler

White chalk paint pens

Pink pen

Rag or paper towel

Creating  the Lettering

You can create any saying you like using Canva, its free and has a wide assortment of fonts for you to choose from.  This template was made using two 8.5 by 11″ templates, and Princess Sofia font in size 250. You can also create lettering in Word if your more familiar with it.  To size the font I knew my paper roll was 30″ wide, so doing the math I know I need to use less than 4 widths of 8.5 width paper.

How to Make a Pattern and scroll sign

Tracing the Lettering onto the Brown Paper Scroll

Lay out the roll of brown paper about 36″ long, placing either weights of some sort or tape to keep the bottom two corners from curling.

I have a cutting machine, but simply printing and tracing with chalk is faster, less fussy to do, and almost free so I prefer doing it this way.  Print out the separate Santa Claus is coming to town printable.  Flip over and trace the back side with chalk.  You can place the paper against a window it will help you see the letters.

Chalk transfer on DIY Paper Scroll art for Christmas

Line up the Santa and Claus printables so that the bottom of the a’s are level with each other.  Use small bits of tape to hold the corners and rub the wording with your finger to transfer the chalk.

Lining up the letters for a Scroll sign craft

Check and see how well the chalk transferred, outline any parts your hesitant about tracing with the chalk.  If you mess up the chalk, just wipe off with a cloth and start over. Once your sure about the outline of the lettering colour in the chalk letters with the white chalk paint pen.

I then drew simple snowflakes  white dots and little pink star bursts around the lettering with a pencil.  Once I liked their placement I painted over them with a white chalk pen and a pink pen. Let the lettering  dry well for about an hour.

Once the lettering is dry use a clean white eraser and get rid of any chalk marks or smudges.

Hanging the Christmas Paper Scroll Sign

Cut the paper at least 48″ from the bottom.  Place the curtain rod along the top of the paper, tape it to the curtain rod in middle and both ends.  Roll up the paper around the curtain rod.

How to roll up brown paper into a DIY scroll art for cheap wall art

Roll up the bottom of the paper scroll, tape the ends of the tube to hold it in place.

Tie  pink ribbon to the ends of the curtain rod, and hang it.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas sign with lettering on a brown paper scroll.

This Christmas paper scroll sign is very easy to put together, I have finished wood framed scroll art board that I will share  later on this month.  Here are all the other Pinterest Challenge posts.  Enjoy, I am sure there are lots of great ideas for us.


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  1. Omgosh this is so sweet. I love the reason you’re decorating! These are the best kinds of memories to make and will stay with your granddaughters forever. Pinned.

  2. This is a great idea and it’s such a sweet touch. I love the look of the paper scroll. What a fun way to use it.

  3. There are so many usage possibilities for this sign scroll! What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh wow! You make it seem so easy. I love the brown paper and how adorable this is for your precious granddaughter’s room. You are creating memories for them!
    I like to decorate our guest room for my daughter and son-in-love to enjoy when they visit for Christmas. I had not decided on a theme this year but now I am thinking I need to make one of these!
    Shirley Wood recently posted…Make Your Own Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin Using Washi TapeMy Profile

  5. Aren’t Grandmothers the best? I love being a grandmother to my three beautiful granddaughters. I love this scroll sign, I have always wanted to try and make one, now I think I will. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Mother of 3 says:

    That is beautiful! What wonderful memories you are creating for your girls. Pinned.

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