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DIY Christmas Scroll Sign

How to Make a Scroll for Christmas

This DIY Christmas scroll sign is for above the bed in my grand daughters room. Have you ever finished your Christmas decor and think it still needs something? Coming down to the end of your Christmas decor budget? Want something more but don’t want anything that add clutter? It happens to me all too often and this easy to make DIY Christmas sign using a paper scroll fixed the problem.

That’s what happened in my little one’s guest room. With a dollar tree nearby I was able to scoop up some plain scroll paper and a white chalk paint pen to complete the last decoration for my grand daughters special room. If you don’t have a extra curtain rod hanging around, you can grab one for $4 at the dollar store, or use an inexpensive dowel.

Don’t Need Caligraphy

I love caligraphy and have zero talent for it. By necessity I had to come up with a quick way to create scroll signs using a pattern instead of trying to freehand write one.

How to Make a Scroll Sign

A brown paper scroll sign for a kid's bedroom The Christmas scroll sign is hanging above the bed as Christmas decor in a little girl's bedroom. The Christmas sign diy says Santa Claus is coming to town. The remaining decorations include a pink furry pillow, pink horse pillow and a vintage teddy bear sitting on a bed covered with a white fur bedspread.

Christmas Scroll Sign Dollar Store Supplies

To make this simple diy Christmas sign for over the bed you will need.

  • Wide roll of plain brown wrapping paper. Mine is 30″ wide. (dollar store)
  • Small pretty curtain rod
  • Pink ribbon
  • Tape
  • Clean white eraser
  • Chalk, ruler
  • White chalk paint pens
  • Pink pen
  • Rag or paper towel

How to Make the Christmas Scroll Sign Lettering

Want a different saying? No problem, if you don’t want to use the free printable pattern, you can create any saying you like using Canva, its free and has a wide assortment of fonts for you to choose from.  This template was made using two 8.5 by 11″ templates, and Princess Sofia font in size 250. You can also create lettering in Word if your more familiar with it.  To size the font I knew my paper roll was 30″ wide, so doing the math I know I need to use less than 4 widths of 8.5 width paper.

How to Make a Pattern and scroll sign

Tracing the Lettering onto the Brown Paper Scroll

Lay out the roll of brown paper about 36″ long, placing either weights of some sort or tape to keep the bottom two corners from curling.

I have a cutting machine, but simply printing and tracing with chalk is faster, less fussy to do, and almost free so I prefer doing it this way.  Print out the separate Santa Claus is coming to town printable.  Flip over and trace the back side with chalk.  You can place the paper against a window it will help you see the letters.

Chalk transfer on DIY Paper Scroll art for Christmas

Line up the Santa and Claus printables so that the bottom of the a’s are level with each other.  Use small bits of tape to hold the corners and rub the wording with your finger to transfer the chalk.

Lining up the letters for a Scroll sign craft

Check and see how well the chalk transferred, outline any parts your hesitant about tracing with the chalk.  If you mess up the chalk, just wipe off with a cloth and start over. Once your sure about the outline of the lettering colour in the chalk letters with the white chalk paint pen.

I then drew simple snowflakes  white dots and little pink star bursts around the lettering with a pencil.  Once I liked their placement I painted over them with a white chalk pen and a pink pen. Let the lettering  dry well for about an hour.

Once the lettering is dry use a clean white eraser and get rid of any chalk marks or smudges.

Hanging the Christmas Paper Scroll Sign

Cut the paper at least 48″ from the bottom.  Place the curtain rod along the top of the paper, tape it to the curtain rod in middle and both ends.  Roll up the paper around the curtain rod.

How to roll up brown paper into a DIY scroll art for cheap wall art

Roll up the bottom of the paper scroll, tape the ends of the tube to hold it in place.

Tie  pink ribbon to the ends of the curtain rod, and hang it.

A Christmas sign diy craft hanging over a little girl's bed for Christmas. The Christmas scroll is made using brown paper and dollar tree supplies. It is sitting over the head of a little girls bed thats covered with pink furry cushions, a teddy bear and pink bedding.

This Christmas scroll sign is very easy to put together, I have finished wood framed scroll art board that I will share  later on this month. 

Other DIY Christmas Signs to Try

I have made various Christmas signs for the holidays, some are last minute like this scroll sign, others I made for my mantel to help out my Christmas decor budget.

DIY Paper Scroll Hanger

This Joy to the world DIY Christmas sign was hung in the front entrance. The scroll sign is made the same way as this one, but we built a wood hanger to hold the sign. It has since become part of my craft room where we write notes, and use it like a sketch bulletin board. So handy.


  1. This is so adorable Leanna and even more adorable that you have created it for your grandies! I’m sure that they are going to LOVE it!!

  2. Omgosh this is so sweet. I love the reason you’re decorating! These are the best kinds of memories to make and will stay with your granddaughters forever. Pinned.

  3. This is a great idea and it’s such a sweet touch. I love the look of the paper scroll. What a fun way to use it.

  4. There are so many usage possibilities for this sign scroll! What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow! You make it seem so easy. I love the brown paper and how adorable this is for your precious granddaughter’s room. You are creating memories for them!
    I like to decorate our guest room for my daughter and son-in-love to enjoy when they visit for Christmas. I had not decided on a theme this year but now I am thinking I need to make one of these!

  6. Aren’t Grandmothers the best? I love being a grandmother to my three beautiful granddaughters. I love this scroll sign, I have always wanted to try and make one, now I think I will. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. Mother of 3 says:

    That is beautiful! What wonderful memories you are creating for your girls. Pinned.

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