DIY Ironing Board Hanger for Pretty Laundry Room Organization

DIY Ironing Board Hanger for the Laundry Room

A couple of weeks ago  I finally made a pretty DIY wire laundry basket, so today’s post is about a matching DIY Ironing Board Hanger that matches it.  I was actually willing to purchase a simple ironing board hanger but they wouldn’t mount on our walls correctly, this is my workaround.

When we bought our home the basement was totally unfinished with just plastic covered insulation.  The studs in the original walls are spaced 18 inches apart.   Eighteen inches is much wider than an ironing board hanger so I came up with this simple solution.

DIY Ironing Board Cover, with directions on how to hangan ironing board cover.

Supplies to Make a DIY Ironing Board

You will need a frame at least  20″ wide, old or new.

Coordinating lighter fabric (really heavy fabric may not fit in the frame)

Either the back of the original frame or a piece of wood the same size.

Light wire, small clothespins

Sewing pins

A staple gun, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, stud finder and a hammer.

Two hangars, and a screwdriver.

Dismantle the Frame

Start by tearing apart your frame to remove the backing.

Make a Clothesline Out of Wire

Bending the wire of a miniature clothesline on a DIY ironing board holder

The clothesline is optional, but I thought it would be fun to have a little clothesline on the front of the ironing board holder.    It takes about two feet of wire and ten minutes to add one.

Cut a piece of wire an inch wider than your frame.  Bend the end of the wire and place it inside the frame.  Staple it well and with a small hammer flatten both the staples and the wire.

Straightening a clothesline for a DIY ironing board holder.

Using a small piece of wood as a straight edge, straighten your wire.  Pull the wire along the edge of the wood and hammer it straight as needed.  Once your wire is as straight as possible fold the other end of the wire to fit inside the frame and staple in place.  Cut off any excess and flatten the staples and the wire with the small hammer.

How to attach wire to a DIY Ironing board Holder

Make a Pretty Fabric Background

Once the backing is removed, use it as a template for your fabric.  Cut your fabric about 1 1/2 inches wider on all sides than the backing.

With the good side of the fabric facing down, turn the edges of your fabric about 1/4 inch and iron.  Do this on all four sides.

Center the backing onto the fabric.   Starting with the short sides, fold the fabric over the edge of the backing and iron.  Repeat with the top and the bottom edges.

Folding and ironing fabric for a DIY Ironing board holder on a budget.

Fold the corners, overlapping the fabric and pin securely into place.

Pinning a corner neatly on a fabric covered DIY ironing board hanger.


Place the backing into the frame and staple into place.


Adding a fabric cover to a frame for a DIY fabric covered ironing board holder.

Placement of Hanging Hooks

The background of the DIY ironing board hanger is complete.  We now need to decide the placement of the hooks the ironing board will hang from.    The style of the ironing board legs varies quite a bit,  some are a simple T shape, ours is a bit curved.    The picture shows the maximum width for hanging the ironing board, (8″) and the measurement I used for the distance between the hangars. (7″).

Measuring the placement of your hooks on a DIY ironing board hangar.

Once you have the hangars where you want them, make a mark on the fabric where the screws will be.  Then partially attach the screws so that they go through the back of the hangar.

My fabric did not tear or twist while placing the screws.

Partially placing the screws into the DIY ironing board holder, and marks for placement.

How to Hang an Ironing Board Hanger

Our ironing board is an extra wide version and quite heavy.  I don’t believe it will stay attached to the wall unless it’s firmly screwed into the studs.   Having the large flat surface of the fabric covered ironing board holder should help distribute the weight better.

Use a stud finder to locate the first stud and make a small mark.

To find the height, lean your ironing board against the wall and measure two to three inches above it. That way when you hang your ironing board, you will have just enough room to sweep under it  Making sure the drilling mark is on the stud, at the right height, make a mark.

Grab your DIY ironing board hanger. Line up the screw you partially drilled through the back of the holder to the mark on the wall.  Hold it in place and then screw it in.

Use a level make sure your holder is level and then attach the other screws.

Using the backdrop gives you much more surface area to find a stud.  If I had just attached the hangers themselves I would only have one of the two attached to the stud.  Doing it this way one is attached to the stud in the wall and the other is attached to the gyproc and the holder.  This should be adequate to hold my ironing board in place.  If it isn’t I can add more screws in the corner of the holder if I want.

Decorate the Mini Clothes Line

For right now I simply hung two faux gerbera daisies on my hanger.  Some other ideas include barbie clothes or a paper t-shirt with a funny saying.

I hope your week went well.  Mine was productive and Spring arrived!  Enjoy your weekend.

DIY Ironing board holder with fabric and directions how to hang.

Along with the ironing board hangar I also made a matching wire laundry basket with fabric liner.  I have had the wire hamper for awhile now and I love it.  I hope you enjoy seeing all of them.

DIY Wire Laundry Hamper

How to Make a DIY Hamper Liner


  1. This is a fun idea, I might have to try this in my laundry room. Right now the ironing board is just shoved behind my dryer. Thanks for the inspriation.

  2. What an ingenious idea Leanna. Most of the homes here in South Africa are made entirely of bricks so I never even though of how difficult it must be sometimes to find a “solid” hanging space for something. Love how your ironing board hanger workaround turned out

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      That’s fun to know. I guess with the weather you don’t need insulation in the walls to help keep the cold out.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Michelle. I have little bits of that fabric in the craft room. It’s been working well.

  3. That is so pretty. It ALMOST makes me want to have an ironing board 🙂 hahahaha

  4. Leanna, even if you didn’t have the 18-inch stud challenge, this is such a pretty way to hang an ironing board. Paired with the matching laundry basket and pretty ironing board cover, it reads more like laundry room art than a utilitarian ironing board hook. Love it – pinned it!

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