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DIY Lampshade Cover in Buffalo Check

Making a DIY Lampshade in Buffalo Check for Christmas

This year our Christmas decor theme is black and white buffalo check. The fabric is trendy, bright, and fun.  Unfortunately, I don’t have one piece of buffalo check decor.  Time to get busy updating and mixing in things that we do have, starting with this simple buffalo check DIY lampshade makeover.

Over the next few week towards Christmas, I will share several posts of DIY decor elements and upcycles featuring buffalo check, and you can do the same with buffalo check, tartan or any other favorite Christmas fabric you enjoy. In addition, you will finally start seeing some  Amazon affiliate links and recommendations for certain pieces as well.


A pretty lampshade before it receives a new DIY lampshade for Christmas in buffalo check fabric.


The existing lampshade hangs in the granddaughters guest room.   It sweet and has bling and a soft princess feel to it.  Usually perfect for this room, but the room is getting a Christmas makeover so it needs a temporary update.

DIY Lampshade Makeover in Buffalo Check Tutorial

Supplies for the Buffalo Check Lampshade

Buffalo check fabric depending on the size of the lampshade.

String or cording.  I used leftover macrame cord.

Sewing machine and white thread, or hot glue.

Buffalo Check Lampshade Tutorial

This DIY lampshade is very simple to make.  Its designed to be a seasonal temporary change, so it’s super quick to put together.

You can do a no sew or a sewn version.  To recreate it as a no-sew project simply hot glue the seams instead of sewing them.  The rest of the tutorial is the same.

Measuring the Fabric

To determine the width of your fabric, measure the circumference of your lamp and add three inches for seam allowance, and placement.

To determine the height of your fabric, measure the height of the lampshade and add six inches.

This lamp is 57 inches around so I cut my fabric at 60 inches to leave room for seam allowance and slack enough to slide the fabric over the existing lampshade, and 18 inches high.

Make one inch rolled hems are the top and the bottom of your fabric but DO NOT sew them.  Press very well so that you have the crease to guide you.   Its easier to iron and crease the fabric flat first, than to hem it after its a tube of fabric.


A rolled seam on a DIY lampshade in black and white buffalo check.


Sewing Your DIY Lampshade

Once creased unroll the seams and sew the two narrows ends of the fabric together into a tube.  Sew the edges of the seams with a zig zag or serger to prevent fraying

Now we’re going to add adjustable pull cords to the bottom and top of the lampshade.  The cords are simply placed inside the seams before you start sewing.  Cut your cords extra long about two feet longer than your lamp circumference.  Tie a knot in each end.

Place your fabric on the sewing machine,  place the cord inside the seam leaving a long tie as shown.  You start sewing after the cord as you don’t want it attached.   The picture does a better job of explaining.


Sewing a DIY Lampshade in black and white buffalo check for Christmas


Sew along the edge creating a hem.     Sew until you reach the other end, adding cord into the hem as you go.  Stop sewing just before the needle reaches the second cord.

Repeat the process for the bottom.  Adjust your cording so the tails are the same length.


A home made DIY lampshade in black and white buffalo check for Christmas decor.


For the No-sew version.  Press the hems the same way.  Then unroll them and glue along the short seam.  Let set.  Them glue and press along the hems as you add the cording.

Placing the DIY Lampshade on the Lamp

The lamp shade is tight and the easiest way to place it on the lamp is to fit it on edgewise over the existing lamp frame; then adjust the fabric downwards until its on.


DIY lampshade in black and white buffalo check being placed on a lamp for Christmas decor.


The buffalo check makes it really easy to level the fabric around the lamp.  Level the buffalo check all around the lampshade, tie the top tight and tuck in the cords.  Make sure you leave room for the heat from the light bulbs to escape.


DIY lampshade made using buffalo check white and black fabric.


Repeat for the bottom cord and you’re done.

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I can’t actually show you the bedroom yet, as this is the first Christmas themed project I have done in the room this year.   The bed is still white, the walls are bare and I just finished repainting and caulking all the trim, pretty boring stuff.  Once I finish more projects you will get see a better view of the entire room.

I finished the lampshade in about 45 minutes.  How long do you think it would take you to sew one, and have you ever thought about adding Christmas decor to ceiling lampshades?

Thanks for reading and Stay Warm!



  1. Love love love! So crisp and there’s just something about buffalo check! Featuring when my party opens up.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Woo Hoo, glad to know my posts are jumping out and saying pick me, pick me. lol

  2. I love a bit of buffalo check and with the beads from the lampshade that were already there you have a beautiful contrast. Love it!

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Julie. I have just started to decorate with it. I am really enjoying working with it, and plan on using it with red for Christmas.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Julie. I bought a few yards of it to use throughout our house. Not sure exactly what I am going to make with it, this lamp shade was my first project with it.

  3. Now that’s a really cool idea. I would never have thought of doing up a ceiling lampshade for Christmas but it makes so much sense. Can’t wait to see what other Christmassy things you come up with for the girls bedroom

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Michelle. There is so much to get started on and I figured doing DIY versions of linens etc first, makes it less Christmasy than the later full room decor decorating.

  4. Really cute idea for a lampshade, Leanna! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your grand’s sleepover room. Can’t be buffalo check this time of year. Pinned 🙂

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      Thank you Marie. I have lots of ideas for the buffalo check and it’s such a strong pattern a little bit of it goes a long way.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      The red and black buffalo check is very Canadian, but I like the lighter black and white. Thanks for the feedback my friend. Always good to hear.

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