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12 Halloween Treat Ideas

A Collection of Halloween Treat Ideas with all your Favorite Fun Characters

For today’s Halloween treat ideas post I have included a Halloween recipe to every fun Halloween character I could think of.   There are mummy’s, bats, vampires, ghosts and more.  There was only one character that I couldn’t find a related halloween treat for, see if you can figure out which one it is.

Halloween Treats for Kids

The Halloween treat recipes vary from elegant and artistic to simple four ingredient recipes where you simply assemble purchased goodies.   Grab a coffee and enjoy a selection of really adorable fun Halloween treat ideas.

Pumpkin Patch Candy

This candy is easy, festive and pretty.  Little ones will love how cheerful and fun this candy is.  Sweet and oh so perfect for Halloween, or any fall gathering.

Pumpkin Candy Halloween Treat for kids.

Pumpkin Patch Candy  |  Oh My Creative

Witch Cauldron Cupcakes

Let’s start with Witches,  These witch cauldron cupcakes are so cute.  Bright and cheerful and so unique.  They are easy to make once you purchase silicone cauldrons.

Halloween Treats for kids that look like Witches Cauldrons

Cauldron Cupcakes   |  A Pumpkin and a Princess

Spider Donuts

Spiders creep me out,  these little chocolate ones are perfect for Halloween, and you can purchase everything to make them.

Easy Mini Donut Halloweem Treats for Kid

Halloween Mini Donuts for Kids | It’s Always Autumn

Mummy Oreos

These Mommy Oreo ‘s are adorable and being made out of Oreos you know they will be popular.  I think these are great for kids Halloween parties.  They are the perfect size for children.

Oreo Mummy Halloween treats for kids

Easy Oreo Mummy Pops  | Suburban Simplicity

Monster Pudding Cups

These little monster pudding cups are easy for children to make, and of course, the pumpkin flavor is perfect for Halloween.

Halloween treat for kids Monster Pumpkin Pudding


Monster Pumpkin Pie Pudding  |  Parenting Chaos

Ghost Cake

Isn’t this ghost adorable?  This cake would be awesome for a Halloween party and it’s surprisingly easy to make.  Decorate a cake simply and add a fondant ghost.  To make the ghost glow she added an LED light. Brilliant idea that I need to try.

Naked cake with large fondant glowing ghost on top for a Halloween treat.

Glowing Ghost Cake Tutorial  |  I Scream for Buttercream

Bat Candies

This little treat can be put together in minutes, using Oreos and peanut butter cups.  So fast, easy, and cute for a school Halloween party.  I bet you could make a whole tray of these in 15 minutes, perfect for last minute invites.

Easy to Make Bat Treats Halloween Treat for Kids

Easy 4-Ingredient Bat Treats    |  Suburban Simplicity

Graveyard Cheesecake Dip

This chocolate cheesecake dip with Milano cookie headstones is fun.  Whoever thought a graveyard could be more cute than scary.  Great idea and easy to make with the purchased cookies and candied pumpkins.

Halloween treats for kids. A cute graveyard chocolate dip

Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip  |  Well Plated

Vampire Cookies

Vampires are often portraited as well groomed, perfectionist, good-looking creatures.  These cookies are elegant and more detailed to make, just like they should be.  I think vampires would approve.

Vampire Bat Cookies on a Stick a cute Halloween treat for kids.

Vampire Bat Cookies on a Stick   | The Barefoot Baker

Black Cat Moon Silhouette Brownies

These Black Cat Brownies are easy to make with molded chocolate and your favorite brownie recipe.  These brownies are part of this years Halloween theme on the blog.  There is a Black  Cat Countdown Sign, a Hiss and Scratch Inn Poster for your front porch, and a Black Cat Table Runner    on the blog as well.

Halloween snack idea a black cat on a chocolate brownie.

Black Cat Brownies  | Faeries and Fauna

Missing Character

In spite of my best efforts, I was not able to locate a quality werewolf Halloween treat for kids that I was allowed to share.   A werewolf would be easy to make in chocolate, but the fur effect may be a bit tricky to do.

Can you think of a Halloween character that I missed?

Let me know your ideas in the comments.

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Happy Halloween Everyone!



    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      I had fun searching for treats based on all the Halloween characters. I think its wonderful how creative Moms are making all of these goodies.

  1. I see the cauldrons but where is the witch? These are all super cute although they all look like they have a high sugar content. Added to the Trick or Treat candy just one of them could make for a bunch of hyper kids.

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      So very true. All that candy has little ones flying…I don’t hold back for parties and gatherings though. I figure its kind of the kids holiday…although Christmas is a close second for the munchkins.

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