DIY Loaf Pan Boxes

DIY Paper Loaf Pans for Picnics or Gift Giving

These mini paper loaf pans work really well to wrap and store quick breads.  These particular loaf pans are made to wrap up banana bread with lime glaze and coconut recipe, the recipe is special enough for simple gift giving.   It is my favorite banana bread recipe, (yes even better than chocolate chips ) If your making quick bread loaves for yourself, the little DIY paper loaf pans are a fantastic way to prevent your loaves from being crushed in a picnic basket.

My favorite kitchen supply store has mini loaf pan liners at $6.00 for 4 pans, so I kept moving along.  There isn’t much point in spending more on the gift box then the gift, at least I don’t think so. As per usual when I can’t find something that fit my cheapskate budget that’s pretty enough and available, I made some of my own.

These simple little boxes don’t require a fancy cutting machine,  the first one took a few minutes to figure out a sized template for my particular loaf pans.  After that it took me a couple of minutes for each paper liners.

DIY paper loaf pans for gift giving or picnics. An easy way to carry quick bread on a picnic

You can make these on your silhouette machine, but not everyone has one, so this time I decided to go traditional.

Basic Supplies for Making a DIY  Disposable Loaf Pan


paper for the template

card stock paper






measuring tape

hole punch


Creating the Paper Loaf Pan Template

Measure the dimensions inside your pan.   My mini loaf pans are 8″ long by 5 1/2″ wide, and 1 5/8″ deep.

Measuring for custom sized DIY paper loaf pans for picnics or gift giving.

Measure and mark out the loaf pans dimensions onto plain paper.  If you happen to have graph paper that makes it even easier.  Cut out the outside dimensions.

Fold and form creases along all the markings.

The corners are made with little slots.  In the following picture I have marked the cut marks with a little X  for you.

How to make a custom sized template for DIY Disposable Loaf Pans

Fold the end pieces outside the longer side pieces and tape in place. This leaves you the little square end as shown.

Folding back the corners of a DIY paper loaf pan for packaging quick breads.

Now that we have the paper template done we simply trace it out onto the back side of pretty cardstock paper.

Mark out the corner squares (as shown above).

Make fancy cuts along outside edges. (optional)

Punching Holes in the Mini Loaf Paper Liners

Fold paper in half lengthwise being careful not to crease, cut the first 2 punch holes.

Unfold and use placement to make the four remaining punch holes.

Punching holes in the corner of craft paper for making DIY paper loaf pans for quick breads

Your box will look something like this.

Handmade paper loaf pans

Starting from the front left hole,  weave the string front to back.  You will end with the string going back to front in the right front hole.

A pretty loaf of banana bread for gift giving.

Place your loaf into a box, tie the string tightly with a little bow.

I hope you think they are as pretty as I do.

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How to make Disposable paper gift boxes for loaves.


  1. Heather Mclennan says:

    They will work and look awesome

    1. LeannaForsythe says:

      They are pretty easy to put together as well. I find them useful because these days no one is here to inhale a full loaf.

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