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Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Ornament Stars

DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Stars

These Dollar Tree DIY Christmas ornament stars are made for my neutral Christmas decor this year. Even in Canada I never considered finding brown ornaments would be so challenging. After spending an entire Friday searching for brown Christmas ornaments, I found … one single brown Christmas tree ball for $32.99. By then I felt like a Grinch so I gave up, went to the Dollar Tree for supplies and the hardware store for a can of dark brown spray paint. Much happier, this girl with a plan, went home. Here is one of the many DIY Christmas ornaments I am putting together for our Christmas tree.

A DIY dollar tree Christmas Ornament craft. The Christmas ornament is a small 3 inch star painted a dark espresso brown, showing lots of texture. It is covered with a metallic gold painted minutes star in the center and a small sprig of greenery. The dollar tree Christmas ornament is hanging on a tree in other neutral colours like, green and brown.

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Ornament Stars Supplies

Whenever I add anything to my Christmas tree I never place less than six of anything on the tree. I was able to find 8 so that is how many I made.

  • Dollar tree star shaped ornaments
  • Dark Brown Spray Paint
  • Dollar tree miniature wood stars
  • Gold metallic paint (craft or spray paint)
  • Hot Glue or E6000 glue
  • small bits of greenery

DIY Spray Paint Cover Supplies (Optional)

  • Medium gauged wire (dollar tree)
  • Old cardboard fruit/vegetable box with hand holes.

If your making a few of these or any other type of spray painted Christmas ornaments I suggest taking the time to check out the video and watch how I used an old tomato box and wire to create a spray paint cover to hang the ornaments in for spray painting. Instead of spray painting one side of the ornament, let it dry. Flipping it over to do the other side, letting it dry again. Then repeating for a second coat I came up with an idea for a DIYfree spray paint box. I was then able to spray paint both sides of the ornaments and let them hang to dry. So much easier. The pictures aren’t pretty. But I promise it’s so worth doing.

A costco tomato box sitting on its side. It has been wired through the handles to act as a paint spray box for painting Christmas ornaments.

Spray Painting the Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Ornaments

After getting the painting boxes made I gave each star two coats of the espresso brown paint, including as much of the hanging strings as possible. Let each coat dry for an hour between.

A dollar tree Christmas ornament star thats been painted with dark chocolate brown paint, Its still hanging and drying and needs a second coat.

While they were drying I went inside and painted some gold stars for embellishments.

Painting the Gold Star Embellishments

I was able to find these little wood star ornaments at Dollar Tree 10 for $1.50. I had some gold spray paint so I used it to paint mine. But any kind of gold metallic paint works for this. If you have gold foil I bet it would work as well. I gave my stars two coats of gold spray paint letting it dry for half an hour between coats.

Small dollar tree wooden stars being spray painted metallic gold for a Christmas ornament,

Putting Together the DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

This was very simple and the picture makes it pretty much self explanatory.

A small gold painted star is being held up by hand. In the Background are the other two pieces for the dollar tree christmas craft. There is a dark brown star and some greenery sitting on the counter.

I had some thrift store greenery, cut the end of the branches off at an inch long. Two branches for each star. Using a bit of hot glue add them to the center of the brown star.

Adding tiny sprigs of greenery to a DIY Christmas ornament.  The Christmas ornament is shaped like a star and is painted a dark brown.  The greenery is light green and white with sparkles.

Next take the little gold star I used e6000 and some hot glue to hold the gold star into place.

Adding a small gold metallic painted wood star to the center of a larger diy christmas ornament star.

Line the small star up so that the point line up in the same direction as the larger brown star.

These stars are very quaint and beautiful on the Christmas tree. They add little bits of dark contrast to the neutral toned Christmas tree. I love them, especially at the price point compared to the one I found. AND I almost have a whole can of espresso brown paint leftover for more ornaments.

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Ornament How to Video

Here is a video tutorial I created for you. I still cannot get over how difficult brown ornaments are to find would love to hear how you think the brown looks on our tree.

A striking and quaint dollar tree christmas ornament in a star shape. The star is painted a dark chocolate brown and features a metallic gold miniature star in its center.

Other Inexpensive DIY Christmas Ornaments

This year I made various types of Christmas tree ornaments in neutral colours. So far I have posted two of the ornaments from this Christmas tree. I will add more as I get them written. Happy Christmas crafting. Leanna.

A closeup of the DIY dollar tree Christmas ornament and garland hanging on the Christmas tree. The image is in all natural colours with green tree, soft green eucalyptus leave, brown pinecones, white sparkling beads and brown Christmas picks.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Ornament Garland

Instead of using ribbon this year, I decorated our tree with a DIY dollar tree Christmas garland, branches, sparkling brown picks, and greenery. It turned out very high-end looking and I am so glad I tried it for a new look this year. I hope you check it out for your tree.

Two giant Christmas ornaments in chocolate brown paint and glitter with twine bows. The two brown Christmas ornaments are sitting in a basket with two soft green painted DIY Christmas ornaments that have been distressed for a soft cottage or farmhouse look.

Painted DIY Christmas Balls Craft

These painted Christmas tree balls are from last year, I loved how they turned out so I used them again this year. The soft green colour is my favorite part, they are warm and calm looking and add a soft bit of colour to the tree.

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  1. Leanna, you did a great job. I found brown balls at Canadian Tire, in a pack of 50. They included a sparkly, matte and shiny brown assortment. I do not use them on my tree, which is full of ornaments from trips and special memories. I added the balls to my garlands on the banister and mantel, with mini lights intermingled. And I really enjoy the elegant look, and the brown blends in nicely with our decor.

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